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Acorn Cap Survival Whistle – Saved My Life!

Acorn Cap Survival Whistle – Saved My Life!

did you know you could whistle with an
acorn oops I just dropped it we got some mud boots for Taylor
so we’re with our friends Jose and Sarah we’re going for a little walk today go
in there so this is Sarah this is her husband Jose this is where they live
middle no we’re not in the marshes we’re on a boardwalk about a mile long super
peaceful we got a little bit of wind beautiful beautiful day this is why we
need the muck boots this is sassy and she’s done a lot of
hunting in her life okay watch your step this is awesome you come here in the morning you’ll see them
trading back and forth all the ducks geese and tundra swans later in the
season oh so right now chief is really excited
and he wants to run out ahead and I’m trying to keep him next to me
this boardwalk is only big enough one person though there’s not enough room
for him to walk around me he could obviously jump off and go around me put
him behind me on the boardwalk Jose and Sarah and Taylor they’re way up ahead of
us and he’s just like dying to go up there now we just stepped off the
boardwalk come here and as we walk he’s just like inching
ahead a little bit more every time chief coming so instead of letting him just go
out ahead whenever he gets in front of me I stop and then I call him back still
going still going on the boardwalk did it flip over or follow the tree
while the treat did fall down it looks like maybe this tree here cuz I
swear you’ve walked right under it it might have been this guy
this is a giant Eagle’s Nest that was way up in a tree probably this tree
right here that fell down knots in the middle of the marsh I bet it was pretty
heavy oh yeah see any feathers yeah they’ll have to build a new one there’s
a lot of bald eagles here right there’s actually two bald eagles flying up there
way up there all right Taylor good thing you got some boots find the shed chief
find them we sent chief out looking for sheds because they have white-tailed
deer here and they also have Sika deer I’ll try to get some footage of them
while we’re staying here for you guys so Jose you’ve lived here for three years
two years two years do you like living in this type of environment a little
different change of pace but it’s definitely awesome has its perks the
fall/winter here beautiful summers pretty brutal oh we made it back to the
road we did not get lost that’s a good time so they take the top of an acorn
and you can turn it into a whistle small ones are louder it’s a little acorn chop
all right let’s see if I can do this ACORN whistle so like bend them out like
that yep back to back to find the sweet spot yeah that’s so
awesome did you know you could whistle with an
acorn oops I just dropped it so if you’re lost in the wilderness you find
the Acorn so you want to make a whi with your
thumbs like that back-to-back and then the Acorn sits right at the base of the
why think about blowing right inside of the Acorn that’s how what you think
about it yeah just like that okay I’m lost in the wilderness and I need
something from nature to help me survive save my life oh look at this I have an
acorn and I turn into a whistle I didn’t work anyway
oh my whistle and they came to save me okay you lost okay we’re back on the
road now everyone’s safe ACORN saved my life let the dogs swim for a little bit
do a little bit of training now I know and you know how to save your life with
the top of an acorn if you have to if you’re near the channel push the
subscribe button all the way in click the bell so you get notified when we
post new videos this is chief we’ll see in the next one
hats off to you

12 thoughts on “Acorn Cap Survival Whistle – Saved My Life!”

  1. You can do the same with a blade of grass. Hold thumbs upright, anchor the blade between the knuckles and the base of the thumbs and blow on the blade in the gap between the two anchor points.

  2. Hi Cody, what is a tundra swan? Never heard tell of it before. There is a mated pair of bald eagles that live in my front yard (I live next to a river) and their nest gets bigger every year and soon I’m sure I could move in with them!! I have seen some fantastic things that they do. Your videos of your experiences are so interesting so I never miss one. Love to the turtles πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ’•πŸ’πŸ’•πŸ’

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