100 thoughts on “Alaska Man Rescued After More Than 20 Days Stranded In The Wilderness | NBC Nightly News”

  1. Dogs typically bark when there is a fire and smoke to alert their owners. It’s so sad that the dog perished in the fire despite his owners best efforts to save him. I have a funny feeling about this one. Something is off. 🤔

  2. If he survived WTF happened to his dog? My dog never leaves my side and if something like a fire was occurring, and I made it out safely, she would too!

  3. So Lemme get this straight, dude is allergic to pineapples, but that's all he had?? Why he had them then? How did the fire start?

  4. Maybe not an Alaskan by birth, but definitely in his heart!! So sorry about the dog tho!! Material things can be replaced. And as someone else mentioned – why did he even have pineapples if he's allergic? What would be have done it he'd had a life-threatening reaction?!?!

    Standing at the Pearly Gates, "Wait ✋ – so you survived a fire in the middle of the night in freezing Alaskan winter weather in your jammies, lost your beloved companion, and waited for 20 days to be rescued, but it was the pineapples that got ya? Huh😕…. (scratches head) Ok well then come on in"

  5. What was the hippie loser doing out there in the first place? With a dog no less. Was there a free weed dispensary out there in the wilderness?

  6. I'm not buying his story that his dog was killed in the fire. Just use your brain and think about it for a second and you'll come to the same conclusion. He ate the dog when he reached the point where he thought he'd never be rescued.

  7. This is the ish I can't stand with some WHITE people, stranded on a mountain for 20 days, still wants to return, bitten by a shark still goes to the beach, attacked by wolves still goes hiking. Sees a Black or Hispanic child under age 13 selling water, immediately calls the police fearing for their life!!! I think your fear priorities are NOT in the correct order…..just saying.

  8. I don't understand why he had pineapples in the first place if he was allergic to them. Unless his dog liked pineapples. Beans would be a better choice.

  9. Sad how people take domesticated animals and put them in harsh environments just for self pleasure. But can't get dumber than stocking up on pinnacle cans when you are allergic.

  10. Wow. We all were just living life while this dude was out there in the cold. I wonder who's out there missing rn as I type this.

  11. More disasters more accidents and more of a mistaken so don't do me like this guy Baby safety of I sent it it is your own home especially Apartments as well

  12. 'no socks in boots' why??, 'pajama and t-shirt' only again why? , 'allergic to pineapple' still you have it and you ate it and lived in Alaska's sub zero temperature – something is wrong here. Well sorry for your lost dog …

  13. A man who just wants to left alone, but even that isolation is no guarantee of that happening. A gutsy survivor indeed. Kudos, Sir.

  14. The dog should have lived and the man should have died because the man chose to stupidly live in the wilderness while the dog didn’t

  15. Thank god this man is okay, quick thinking by him and awesome work by State police. Poor dog, I hope things turn up for this man

  16. This was a drug lab. Find some honest news people. SMDH. Rip. Doggo 🙁 He had to be on a meth bender. Doesnt make sense that the dog isnt alive. Dog would have alerted him of smoke and fire. Dude didnt stock meat all year for winter season? So odd.

  17. Based on the coordinates at the lower left corner of the helicopters monitor, his cabin location is south of Denali National Park along Mill Creek. Reporter said his nearest neighbor is 20 miles, most likely true as it appears there is a cabin on the banks of the Yentna River with that distance. There appears to be a single structure 10 miles away on Donkey Creek Lake, probably a hunting cabin though. Still, that’s some balls being in the middle of nowhere living on freezing temperatures.

  18. Man kills roommate then burns the house down to destroy evidence how is this not a crime. he pulled out a life insurance claim jus a week ago on him. Clearly lieing. He said he's was allergic to the one thing he had stock piled & what essentially kept him alive..weird…not buyin it ur a murderer

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