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All Gun Stats Up to Ray Gun | Roblox Giant Survival Remastered

All Gun Stats Up to Ray Gun | Roblox Giant Survival Remastered

What’s up attacker squad it’s CaptainJackAttack! We’ll be going through all the guns all the
way to up the Ray Gun and I can show you guys the stats
and rate of fire for these guns. In general the money you get, you can buy
better guns and the better the gun is, the more you’ll get back so it’s
a good investment to buy better guns as you go. Don’t forget to smack a like in the video,
lets see if we can get a ton of likes because I didn’t
buy robux for this video, just pure grinding and also don’t forget to subscribe and hit
that bell so you can keep up with my awesome Roblox Content! Let’s go through the guns! First we got the standard crossbow. It’s the first free gun you’ll get and it
does 1 damage and sometimes you can get a 2 critical shot. You’ll get
in between 1-2$ per shot so it’s the standard starting gun. Next we have the slingshot and it’s a bit
better than the crossbow. The slingshot costs $250 and it still does
1-2 damage but the fire rate is a bit faster and you can get more cash per minute. Also the base damage is 1 and sometimes you
can get a critical shot of 2. Third the Revolver! The revolver is $475 and it can do a base
damage of 2 per shot with a critial damage of 4. The increase in money and damage
helps and you’ll get more money as well between $2-4 per shot. Banana Gun! It costs $1,250 to buy it and you’ll want
to go bananas after getting it. With an even faster fire rate, you can do
3-5 damage per shot on the giant and you can get $3-5 as well. Make that giant go bananas! Patato Gun! It costs $3,500 to buy the patato launcher
and it does a base damage of 7 while a critical hit of 14. It does have a slower fire rate
but the increased damage and money output of $7-14 makes the gun better than the banana
gun. This looks familiar. The paintball Gun! It costs $7,250 to buy this beaut and this
one does a base damage of 4 and a critical hit of 8 so you’ll
get between $4-8. The fire rate is much faster than the potato
gun so you’ll get more cash per minute with this one. It also does a really cool effect when you
fire at the giant so yea paintballs for life! Who doesn’t like Fireworks? The Fireworks Launcher also costs $7,250 and
you can fire some exploding Firecrackers at the giant! It does a base damage
of either 9 or 10 and a critical hit of 18. The fire rate is a tad slower but the money
increase is worth it and you’ll get a really cool explosion
effect when you hit the giant. Oh nice a double barrel shotgun! This one costs $11,500 and it doesn’t just
fire one shot, but it fires two shotgun shells at the same time and yes
they both count as damage. The shotgun shells each do between 6-7 damage
and a critical hit of 13-14. Essentially you’ll be getting anywhere
between $12-28 per shot so that ain’t bad at all. Finally our first automatic weapon. The SMG costs $18,500 and it’s also an automatic
so you don’t have to spam your mouse or screen. It has a really
fast firerate and it does a base damage of 11-12 and a critical hit of 22. Just keep spam away! Do you like throwing plungers? Then you got the Plunger Rifle for sale at
$24,000! If you time your shots right you can shoot
really fast and it does a base damage of 14-15 with a critical hit
between 28-30. Treat that giant like a big toilet! Better bring TF2 Heavy because we got the
Minigun! It costs $39,000 to lug this bad boy and the
firerate is insane! With a base damage between 14-15
and critical shots between 28-30, it’s like the plunger rifle but it shoots 3 times faster. Nice my favorite. The Sniper Rifle! It costs $85,000 to lug this rifle and it
does a lot of damage per shot at the expense of the fire rate. Expect a base damage anywhere between 118-129
and a critical shot between 241-251. Great from far range and a reliable money
maker if you can land your shots. This one was expensive! The Lava Pistol! It costs a whopping $99,999 to be able to
play with this hot gun and it’s pretty intense. The fire rate
is crazy if you can time your shots right and with a base damage between 34-38 and critical
hits between 69-71, it’s no joke. You can take this
giant down really quick with this gun. Yea, I actually was crazy enough to keep playing
and get the SCAR. It costs $175,000 and it acts like a legit
SCAR. Base damage between 49-53 with
critical hits between 100-103 makes this gun pretty lethal. The fire rate is automatic so it will save
your hands from spamming so much and it’s a really amazing gun to go with at this level. I’d highly recommend it over the Lava Pistol
so you don’t have to spam that button as much Oh snap what we got next? THE RAY GUN! 600,000 freaking dollars wow. It’s automatic and it does smilar damage to
the SCAR but it shoots twice as fast. Base damage between 49-53 and critical hits
between 100-103 makes this gun out of this world. It’s like the gun is from Area 51 and it’s
pretty insane. Like I said, the ray gun is basically the
SCAR but it shoots literally twice as fast if not faster so you can make
a ton of money with this gun really fast. I’ll go over the other gears and higher tier
guns in a future video since they take a while to get up to them but after about 2 and half
hours of hardcore grinding, I was able to achieve these
guns and make this video to help you guys out so I’d appreciate it if you could smack
a like in the video and subscribe so others can see what
the guns are like and hopefully it was helpful for you!

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