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Alone in the Woods: Harmony Korine’s The Legend of Cambo (Full Length)

Alone in the Woods: Harmony Korine’s The Legend of Cambo (Full Length)

[Music] I’m fighting for the woods I don’t know what I did did a lot of times they’ve they’ve got me out of a lot of when it hits the fan and it all goes south I know where to go I come out here cuz ain’t no doubt in my mind don’t matter what happens come on out here [Music] we’re gonna start a story you start at the inner right long time ago and the land not too far far away I’ve born into broke-ass family with absolutely nothing than her name well mama worked for jobs well she’s working as much as she is eyeliner not a shoot shotguns I learned how to climb trees on time chased down rabbits I learn how to smoke out squirrels I learned the woods well I don’t really know how to describe why I can’t live in a city thank you can’t deal with a bunch of people traffic and everything else just drives me nuts I gotta be outside and this Rob pretty much become me bit lot to lots of amazing experiences out here I lost my virginity in this bottle body of water or own it over a lays the pier and that’s where please fishing and you know how that goes [Music] my mama hates red smell the way only kind of my daddy’s right now and when they got a divorce I feel like this let them took off [Applause] that’s that’s how I got away you know they I didn’t my hated that they’re miserable I just I couldn’t get alone with them no matter how hard I tried I hate the woods and I never look back [Music] [Applause] I’ve never been big on time and if you keep track of time time will keep track to Eve so I just forget you know love that I didn’t I didn’t know how old I was after you live in the woods for two years I think you kind of gained a certain appreciation for the world of a21 what month is it in life experience a more old [Music] I’ll live doctor for as long as I possibly could the plan was live out there till I was old enough or they couldn’t tell me I had to go back to mom and kittens she’s built Lin too and I mean I was happy out there you know I ain’t good I eat better than the average American I want two years I ain’t hardly no vegetables why I mean mostly this right here just good old-fashioned lean meat pure 100% me Treacher I never was scared to sleep out in the woods and never was scared to be out there by myself because it’s it felt safer and being at my parents house I had dreams about my mama smother me with a pillow she was holding a pillow that’s how I love you put it down smother me I didn’t understand it I still really don’t but just like every good story there’s a plot twist I met a girl and this girl was something else I first I’d been first time I laid eyes on her she was standing in the water about bellybutton deep she had a camo bikini top on and she had a boner hey go back though how that’s kind of sexy just that I’m gonna go talk to her bullshitted for a while well she wound up coming out there nearly every day with it hanging out blowing up needless to say we fell in love and started having sex well she got pregnant and that’s when I decided it was time to come out of the woods I got a job with my uncle and I worked for a while up until March of this year great years she decided she didn’t want to be married no more then she laughed and took him with her she says it’s because she hates me he won’t never know who his daddy is plus she told my mama they’re gone I’m alone and did all I noted it I hit the woods again [Music] I’ve got more ammunition than I even really know be honest with you I’m preparing for World War three cuz if it don’t come that’s when I’ll be surprised so if was hit the fan and all these sumbitches start dropping from the sky like an Red Dawn I’d be laying that ain’t poppin when I was a little kid I discovered this hole and I crawled down just to check it out that’s when I realized that if I hide – I could live down here and it wouldn’t be it wouldn’t be all that bad but how many of you feel safe down here you know you feel like painting nothing gets you only kind of ain’t but one way in and one way out the walls are solid it takes something crazy to get through these walls [Music] I can’t tell you what stock market looks like right now I can’t even really tell you what the the stock market is I tell you this when it hits the fan and you’re all in the houses with no power and you miserable I’ll be out here a smile on my face [Music]

49 thoughts on “Alone in the Woods: Harmony Korine’s The Legend of Cambo (Full Length)”

  1. Little Fallout Cave-neat!!
    Powder he surely knows how to make. What he doin in the last pic at end? Clean his gun or lite a pipe? I wish him the best but comment section will prolly stomp him and those are City folks who lnow nuthin how hard that life is. I can only imagine.
    He living with nature,not depleting all natural resources and moving on like parasites. If we all lived with nature not bending it to our will then destroying it once it stops giving (Monsanto Shell Style💀)
    and follow Gods 10 easy commandments this earth a good place not end times 5G HAARP style. Well,too late now. Noone stood up and united…😖

  2. 99% of the negative comments are from yankees who are prejudice against southerners because they dare to have their own culture. It's that superiority complex that shows a lack of morals.

  3. He needs to use and learn the benefits of a small caliber to large bore rifle. Shotguns have a limited use other than putting birds and fish on the table or extreme close up protection. Learn and practice the triad of self defense, sporting and military weaponry. You don't have to be a crazy survivalist to know how to use the correct weapon for the job at hand, lol.

  4. People like Cambo always say that they'll be alright in the event that the shit hits the fan, but if the shit hits the fan, the first place a lot of hungry people are going to turn (after the supermarkets have been raided) is the woods. So he'd have 10,000 percent more competition to survive on what the woods offer. I think the best thing for Cambo is that society keeps on ticking over like normal, so he can be left in peace.

    Same thing with WWIII. Could you go to the woods in WWIII? Well, it really depends on what kind of weapons they're using. Tanks and bombs? Perhaps. Nukes? No. Nuclear blasts and radioactive fallout don't exactly respect the woods, if they come within touching distance.

  5. Spent 2 years alone in the forest and you still don't know how to fillet a fish or properly clean that shit

  6. “I can’t even really tell you what the stock market is”
    People that spend 4 years in college for economics can’t tell you the stock market is buddy.

  7. I’m pretty interested by this young guy definitely jealous in some ways But part of me cannot help but to wonder if this is just really truly how he is or if he puts on a little bit of this backwoods country thing for the camera or Like acting a
    But. Like he really does talk and act like he’s a 75-year-old war veteran on a front porch. Like the whole oh I don’t know what year is it dude you’re 21. Now don’t get me wrong I can definitely get the what day of the week and what month is it shit

  8. The reason I'm the way i am today is because of this man. I used to feel boxed in. When I seen this video it changed me. I am free now and my anxiety has gone away. I'm proud of the way i have become today and I never give up anymore.

  9. I understand the comedy, the shock value, etc.
    But as I age, I understand this man. I want to live with him in that hole..waiting for red dawn.

  10. Послушайте этого идиота, он забрался в пещеру и чувствует себя безопасно, тупой. Где второй и третий выъхо из пещеры дурачек?

  11. Harmony Korines stuff is like a car accident happening in front of you..your not sure what your seeing,all u know is u cant look away..

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