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Amazing wilderness journeys – backpacking & day hiking in the Rocky Mountains

Amazing wilderness journeys – backpacking & day hiking in the Rocky Mountains

Miserable day. Boots are soaking wet. Pants are wet. Oh well. Another day in the bush. Come here Tikka. Let’s go see if we can find a road somewhere
around here. Not a road, a trail. There has to be a trail somewhere around here.

26 thoughts on “Amazing wilderness journeys – backpacking & day hiking in the Rocky Mountains”

  1. That's always the hope in life, that "there's gotta be a trail around here somewhere." What grand territory you travel afoot. My knees were aching in sympathy watching a couple of those climb/descent scenes with that full pack. Nice selection of scenes for this video. Best of luck for your 2016 backpacking adventures.

  2. Thank you. I wait for your next adventure. I have to say that I like the ones where you take us along and it feels like we are sitting beside you around the fire, cooking food, setting up the tent, or hiking along.

  3. Great video marty, awesome scenery, love the dog carrying his own gear, new to your channel and loving the video's, truly inspired, cheers craig

  4. Very nice and I like the end part: "…gotta be trail somewhere around here." Looking forward to more videos.

  5. Another excellent video Marty. I'm looking forward the the snow in the local mountains to melt so I can go enjoy another adventure. Keep up the good work.

  6. .

    A great, thought provoking hike with a four legged companion by your side

    Everyday with a good dog close by is a gift to be cherished

    miss those days…

    Rest easy Polo


  7. I newly found your channel, love the videos so far. I have a week off at the end of April and hope to plan a backpacking trip for me and a friend around the Banff area (coming from sask). I know Aprils pretty early but do you have any suggestions for trails that are most likely to be open? I'm thinking about a 2 night, 3 day trip. I was thinking about Egypt lake or some of the trails around the lower kananaskis lake, but don't really know if those are options that early. Thanks.

  8. I love watching you with Tika she is your loyal companion .i think that she needs a warmer bed.when it's cold.
    Thanks you are very interesting..

  9. Hey, Marty…Eric Coleman sent us over so we can watch your collab. GREAT channel, so glad we found you! Looking forward to getting acquainted with your work…ATB 🙋‍♀️Lisa and Rick🙋‍♂️ Have FUN, you two!

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