American musical Still Standing to share secrets of survival to people in Seoul

the musical still-standing features an
American actress who tells about her secrets to surviving whatever life
throws at her including losing her leg the critically acclaimed musical has
been performed at the White House and this month people in South Korea will be
able to watch the show Eagleman reports American actress Anita
Hollander has been through a lot in our life in 1977 Hollander was diagnosed
with cancer went through chemotherapy and radiotherapy and is just 26 years
old she had a leg amputated as a theatrical performer she decided to talk
about her struggles through acting challenging misconceptions about actors
with disabilities in her solo musical still standing a musical Survival Guide
for life’s catastrophes Poland er conveys the secrets of her persistence
through original songs and she does to be humor which makes her a powerful
disability activist as well as life coach message is getting much easier
when you’re laughing they laugh they learn and I think that
that’s how we we get through stuff by humor a great message for people with
disabilities but everybody’s got something from December 5th to the 7th
Hollander were performed a musical at the Korea disability Arts and Culture
Center am located in seoul’s theatrical hub town all this local foreign
collaboration is expected to offer a rare chance for people to experience a
critically acclaimed overseas performance while taking away valuable
life lessons the organizer has also invited prominent disability arts
activists from other countries will exchange views on ways to strengthen the
industry there’s a misperception that disability means charity or less
professional push down that stereotype and break through those walls to say we
have disabilities but we are just as professional and incredible and
hardworking as anyone else and South Korea also gives too much inspiration to
take home leadership here allows people with disabilities to speak for
themselves and represent themselves and often that doesn’t happen yet in
United States the two-week international showcase were also future Australia
musical forget to remember to forget from December 11th to the 14th this kind
of event gives artists from different backgrounds a chance to showcase their
talent while changing people’s conception of disabilities through the
art jung-in arirang news

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