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Animal traps around the hut, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 67

Animal traps around the hut, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 67

The mountain mice, they usually move around here However, squirrels’ meat is better Squirrels often follow the birds to find foods There are traces of fruits eating squirrels It isn’t always as wishes A strange mushroom This will be an ideal place to set small traps up It will work effectively if it rains Nice and sudden rain drops Crunchy in the mouth Familiar taste It is really delicious Wild meat – It’s flavorful and hard to describe the taste It doesn’t matter even if we don’t have salt to add to Continue to go hunting…

86 thoughts on “Animal traps around the hut, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 67”

  1. Great video. Curious if they demonetized this video since it shows trapping and killing, because they played a commercial on it so you should get paid

  2. I really love living in the forest, but oh no I can't emagine that I can eat that kind of food.. but u're still amazing though.. love from Indonesia..

  3. That last rat said; 🐀 you got 2 already how bout I be ur pet?🤔😕🥴😳👉you're in Asia, Charlie (da rat) everything is on the menu‼🙈🙉🙊🤷‍♂️sorry Charlie! Snap, crackle, pop!

  4. Can u show us little bit clean about your trap i want to know how u do make a traps. Maybe other want to know too. U know the camera little bit far so it hard to tell how u doing. I SUBSCRIBED.

  5. Enjoy your BBQ rats 🐀, i don't think i can eat that but in order for you to survive in the tropical rainforest u have to eat. Brave man.

  6. Betul bro.tikus hutan
    Jga2 dgn tikus rumah yg kotor kerana memakan segala jenis kotoran dpd buangan sampah termasuk maduk tandas memakam giuk..
    Sedap tu tikus bakar apabila lapar2.

  7. Wow! Excellent video! Fantastic traps! Your house in the rainforest is really nice! I would love to spend some time out there!

  8. Love this channel. If you need to know how America lost the Vietnam war; give this guy an AK47 and watch him grind a superpower into submission…

  9. Where is your luggage? Backpack, cam and accessories? How many batteries do you have??? Where do you charge them? Do not you ever have to shave? How far is it to your hostel? 😉

  10. nice video it helps to survived when you are in that situation no food but you are still alive and most important eat only edibile not a poison one


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  12. i like this kind of adventure in a forest ..survival in tropical forest..hoping someday i do in my personal life someday..

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