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Annoying Orange Plays – Roblox: Natural Disaster Survival #2

Annoying Orange Plays – Roblox: Natural Disaster Survival #2

(electronic music) (host laughs) – [Annoying Orange Hey,
yo, it’s A to the O back again with another game video. Back in ROBLOX once again. Running, runnin’ and gunnin’ I don’t even know what we’re doing. We’re playing. You know what it is:
natural disaster survivor. (babbles) OK, I’m done. I went a little crazy there for a second. Natural disaster survivor. Or survival. I’m not sure, I forgot already. Oh, man, the lag is real. It’s so real. Why you guys laggin’? Is it because you have a
lag up on the competition? What’s it gonna be? Disaster, oh, acid rain. Ew, get inside, get inside. Ooh, that was close. The rain did hit me once
but it didn’t kill me. Good. I’m OK, guys, I’m OK. I know you were all really
worried about the Orange but I’m all good. Don’t worry, I know it’s raining outside but I won’t run off. Ugh, esplodie, what happened to you? Was it an exploding pickle? Tell us, please!
We need to know. I’m gonna go up.
Up, up, up. Gonna go on top and see
what’s happenin’ up there. See if I can get a bird’s eye view of what’s going on. Whoa, whoa, whoa!
You broke the elevator. What’d you do?
What button did you press? Wow, wow, hey! Uh oh, we gotta get out of here. The acid raid is making
everything fall apart. I didn’t know it was going to do that. We gotta get down, let’s
take the quick way down. Oh, no, aw, I jumped from too high up. I’ve splodied into a billion pieces. Aw, I really got the drop on my friends. (cackles) I really want to get on that leaderboard. I’m not gonna be able to
do that if I keep dying. Excuse me, stop touching my behind. You know what time it is. It’s ROBLOX totem pole time. Good job, thank you very much. Hello. Ooh, friend request. OK, hello, you are not my friend. Friends til the end. Back to Fort Indestructible. I played this one the first time. I think this is the one with the tanks. Yes, it is. Please, please, leave a tank for me, guys. Not everybody take a tank,
I want a tank. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon. Yeah, tanks a lot, buddy! OK, how do you drive this thing? How are you driving? I can’t, it’s not doing anything. I’m pressing it but nothing’s happening. Excuse me, this is my tank.
Tanks a lot. It’s not going. It’s making me very can-TANK-erous. (giggles) How are you guys driv-
Oh, it’s not driving, I see. I can sit in it, but I can’t drive it. Maybe I can, I don’t know. That one was moving over there,
but there’s nobody in it. I think it was just the wind. It’s another sand storm. Ew, grody, sand! Sand makes me have a really rough time. Get it, rough? I am not moving. I am not moving from this tank. It’s my tank, I have
claimed it, it is mine. Uh oh, it’s falling apart. Well, now might be a great
time to get out of the tank because it seems to be falling apart. I was not being literal when I was saying that it was my tank and that
I was gonna keep the tank and never get out of the tank. Yes, sandstorm versus
ROBLOX totem pole, yeah! Who’s gonna win? Yeah, don’t move, buddy. No, no, no. Hey, we were doin’ a totem pole thing. It was great, then you ruined it. Wait, I think I figured it out. See the lines up in the sky? They kinda tell you which
way the wind is blowing so if you go on the
other side of the island from where it’s blowing, you’ll be safe. See, everything’s getting
blown that direction so I’m here dancing in the safe zone. ♫ Exploding pickles are my friend. Yeah. Another survival. Am I on the leaderboard yet? Nah, not on the leaderboard yet, bummer. Woo, the party palace. Woo, circus music. Where’s it coming from?
OK, there we go. Oh, check this place out. It’s an amusement park, I love it! Check it out, there’s one of
those ship things over here. Who rocked the boat?
Don’t rock the boat. The Orange rocks the boat. Can I sit here too?
I wanna sit here too, please! Please!
Yay! Another person on board?
What are you talkin’ a-boat? (cackles) If anybody else wants on this thing, we’re gonna have to keep ’em at bay. (cackles) Michael Bay, that is, right? I guess that’s only if explodies. C’mon, buddy, whatever floats your boat. Yeah, everybody’s on the ride. Earthquake! Get outside and stay away
from tall structures, OK. Time to get off the boat.
Get off the boat, OK. Ugh, shake ‘n’ bake.
Ooh, shake ‘n’ bake. It’s shake ‘n’ bake, and I helped. You’re so lucky you have a balloon. (babbles) OK, I’m still alive.
I’m still alive. Man, buddy, when it comes to earthquakes, it’s all your fault. (giggles) Ooh, get it?
Fault. It’s a joke. (giggles) Ooh, check it out, this platform. It looks pretty stable, actually. Oh, OK, still shakin’ and bakin’. (giggles) Platform, why won’t you work with me? OK, I think I found a safe spot, guys. Right over here. Oh, that guy, he got
crushed by a giant cylinder. He’s really having a ball. (giggles) Ah, the puns are eternal. Yeah, come on up here, guys. It’s a platform party. I found the safe spot.
I found the safe spot. Woop woop! Yay, no more shakin’ and bakin’. Here we go. Oh, survivor, that’s me. (babbles) Am I on the leaderboard yet?
Please! Aw, nah.
OK, back to the party palace. I like that place. It’s a party palace,
party, yo, what’s up woop woop (giggles) I think I’m gonna go up
to the top of the tower on this one. Ooh, there’s a carousel.
That looks like fun too. (stutters) I made a decision, just
go with it, Orange. Aw, no, I touched your butt, ew, grody. Get your black-y butt outta my way, sir. (giggles) Yeah, goin’ all the way to the top. Hopefully, there’s not gonna
be something that happens that knocks me off. Uh oh, buddy! Aww, he splodied. Didn’t have to fall to pieces. Uh oh, ooh.
He splodied too. Two splodies and it
hasn’t even started yet. (giggles) That’s good math right there. Uh oh, fire! Keep distance from the fire. Ooh, let’s hope it doesn’t start up here. (giggles) Remember, if you start a fire,
stop, block and roll. Excuse me, buddy, I wouldn’t
jump up and down right there. Look at this guy.
Look at the guy on the ship. It’s on fire, and he’s
still sitting on it. Oh, no, buddy, this is not
gonna end well for you. Dude, get off the ship. Get off the ship! Oh, no, no one’s going to help him. Oh, no. (cackles) He got splodie. That was a crushing defeat. He’s still sitting- Oh, he got out.
(cackles) I can’t believe he survived. Listen, it really wasn’t impressive that I stayed alive this entire time. It was impressive that
that guy stayed alive. That was awesome. He’s like, so what? I sit on
boats when they’re on fire. Whatever floats my boat, yo. All right, back to surf central. Ooh, yeah. Uh, oh, wow, what happened? I didn’t do it, seriously.
I didn’t do it. He was explodied when I got here, OK? (giggles) I mean, seriously, I can
actually say that this time. He was splodied when I got here. I didn’t do it, it wasn’t me. Hang out on the deck, do a
little grillin’ and chillin’. OK, maybe no grillin’ because I don’t like to be grilled, OK? Please, no grilling. I’m sorry I suggested it.
It was a terrible idea. OK, what is going to happen now? I feel like I’m gonna test my luck. I’m gonna go up the stairs. Let’s see what happens. Just hangin’ on the roof, roof party. Uh oh, meteor shower! Watch the skies and find shelter. OK, I’m out, I’m out, I’m out. No, no. Oh, yep, those are meteors. I heard this is how the earth gets clean: meteor shower, get it? Ooh, you dirty birdie, get
out of the street, buddy. Oh, splodies! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! The entire house just splodied, oh no! When I said I wanted
more protein in my diet, I didn’t mean to make it more meteor. (cackles) Oh, boy, oh, boy, I think I’m gonna be OK. I think it’s gonna be all right. We’re OK, we’re OK. Ooh, that was a close one. Ooh, that was a spicy a-meat-ball. They do kinda look like
falling meatballs, don’t they? Oh, maybe that’s why
they call ’em meteors. (cackles) They look like falling meatballs. Is that why they call them that? I think I just stumbled
onto something here. Ooh, yeah. Winner winner chicken dinner once again. Let’s see if I finally made
it on to the leaderboard. Yes, there I am!
I’m on the leaderboard. Eight survivals. Ooh, trailer park. I don’t think I’ve been
to the trailer park yet. But I’m so happy I’m on the leaderboard. Hello, sir, you don’t mind if I use your head as leverage, do ya? There we go. (cackles) Great, now I have a better vantage point. Now that’s how you get ahead. Uh oh, another sandstorm.
Oh no! My buddies are trying to get up here. (cackles) You gotta use that dude’s head over there. He’s sitting on the bench. You gotta go jump on his head. Oh, hey, you listened. Good job, buddy, you got up here. It’s too sandy, though.
I can’t see what your name is. Man, I’ve just hung out
here the whole time, I didn’t even have to move. Pretty, pretty good. Pretty, pretty good. Uh oh. I think it’s starting to move. I think it’s starting to move. OK, maybe not.
I think we’re OK. Nope, definitely starting to move. (cackles) That was close.
That was close, yeah! Winner winner chicken dinner once again. All right, let’s do one more round. Back at the coastal quick stop. Looks like a pretty good place. Woo, hey, what you got in there, buddy? Looks like you got a little
fire coming out of there. I like my buns toasted. (cackles) Toasty buns. You don’t like toasty buns, huh? I’m going over here. OK, I’m gonna go up this ladder, see if I can get a good vantage point, see what’s going on in the world of this crazy- Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait. Was that volcano there before? I don’t think that
volcano was there before. That definitely looks like a volcano. I think there’s a 90- OK, yep, yep, yep, that’s
definitely a volcano eruption. Wow! Guys, do you know what this means? Do you know? Can you say it out loud? Hot lava! Yeah! Ain’t no party like a hot lava party Got a hot lava party, never stops. It also never stops burning your butt. (cackles) Hey, buddy, how’s it going? There’s plenty of room up here. Uh oh, you fell off. Get back up here. Wait a second, there’s actually somebody on the volcano. They’re having a hot
lava party on volcano. I wanna have a hot lava party- I gotta go. Wait for me! Owie! My knees. OK, wait for me,
I gotta get on the volcano. It’s a volcano par-tay
in the house, yeah. Hot lava!
How do you get over there? Oh, well, I won. (giggles) All right, well, thank you
guys so much for watching. This was another fun episode. I like this game. All right, guys. Make sure to do everything you can to make this the most
popular video on the Internet because it’s so good. Until next time, later, ROBLOX! (electronic music)

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