Annoying Orange – Top 5 Ways to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

-Hey, hey there, fruit-lovers. We’re counting down
the Top 5 ways to survive… A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Number five: As boring as
it might be at times, always try to hang
around smart people. -Dude, I’m pretty sure
we shouldn’t be out here. I’ve heard there’s zombies
all over the place. -[rehearsed]: My, what a
smart thing to say, Pear. -Why do you keep yelling
about how smart I– [yelling] -Brains…
-Pear gets straight-A’s! His brain is huge!
-Nuh-uh! I get straight-F’s!
-[mutters in confusion] -A’s and F’s. Oh, come on.
You see, it’s a grading system in which A is the best
and F is the worst. -And, might I add, herp-a-derp. -No, wait. That’s what I meant! [Orange and Pear scream] -Number four:
If the zombies see you, just “make up” a story
and “make up” your face. [laughs] -Rahh!
-Well, “rahh” yourself. -Uhh?
-Uhhhh. -Rrraaahhh!
-Raaaaaaaahh… -Agh.
[boing-boing-boing-boing-boing] -Nahh. You didn’t even
let me get to the punchline. Number three:
If all else fails, fight off the zombies
with your massive guns! [laughs] -I don’t know about this, dude.
I mean, I am a pacifist. -Oh, well, in that case, RUN!!! [gun screaming] Number two:
No brains? No problem! -BWAINS! -Sorry, dead dude.
I got nothing going on upstairs. [record scratches] See? No brains. -[growls in disappointment] -Yeah. Sad story. Want to make stupid
noises for 20 minutes? -Okay.
-[trilling tongue] -[tries to keep up
with stupid noises] -And the number-one way to
survive a zombie apocalypse is a boom box! -Brains.
-No brains. We already covered that.
All I’ve got instead is… Chiller on repeat.
[laughs] [music playing] Yes. Survived it. Like I always say,
if you can’t beat the beat, then move your feet!
[laughs] [Pear growls, Orange screams] Captioned by [laughs]

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