ARK: Artifact of the HUNTER, QUICKEST WAY, using PTERA and RAPTOR, walkthrough

hey guys welcome back my name is fresonis and
in this video I gonna show you how to get the artifact of the HUNTER the quickest way
the location you can see it on my GPS what’s in front of all sizes and from
social Kaif it in on rushing so let’s go in effect one wit my ripped off and one
with Patera also jumped back out in the journal editor mutating that when you’re
falling like now ok so that can happen before day didn’t
have it so it was a little bit it’s fine to entrance again little bit leggy now did what I meant to say the walls back
out again teleported out i mean so once you’re in full of the ball down and I
always go down near left to go to dry and then your comment
intersection go right or left and we go left to the yellow crystals in a little
bit down just following the yellow crystals guideline scorpions spiders
snakes in dung beetles here also and after this corner artifact yesterday’s its bite us so
let’s see how we can do with it so just keep going and go to the right
when you can go to left following the yellow crystals again keep ride a little
bit up and flying solo no so you guys can follow it up in the video just keep
right and go to write and then pulling up to the exits you can teleport oh ok well that was way
with Tara so let’s do it now with wrapped up and just entrance

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