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ARK // How to grow PLANT X TURRETS in ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK // How to grow PLANT X TURRETS in ARK: Survival Evolved

Hey there YouTube, this is Octo and today
I’m going show you how to get the Plant X turret. Now you’re going to want to go to the swamps
and look around for a specific kind of bush — it’s this one right here — and you just
walk up to it, press ‘E’ to pick it. One bush should do you for as many seeds as
you could ever need. Just be careful of the deadly dinos like Titanboas. So I suggest you take a boat so you can get
back to protection very easily. Now what you’re going to need to do first
after you get the seed is to make a large crop plot. The large crop plot takes a few of those resources
right there — perfect — and once you’ve made it, you’re also going to need a compost
bin so you can produce the fertilizer needed to feed the plant. Now, to do compost, you’re going to need three
feces [of any] types — there you go, doesn’t matter what kind — as well as 50 thatch per
three [poops]. Give it 50 minutes to cook in the compost
bin and you’ll have your fertilizer. Alright, and there you go, that’s the large
crop plot. What we’re going to do is go ahead and put
the seed in here and we’re going to go ahead and also grab a little bit of poop — perfect. This provides a little bit of fertilizer while
our fertilizer is cooking in the compost bin. And finally the last piece is going to be
the water. I’m going to use the water skin here with
the water in it; you click it, and remote use in the inventory — just like that — and
you’ll be able to put water in, you can put as much water in as you want that way, or
you could wait for rain (that’s also a good way) or you could use irrigation tanks and
tap to feed the water into it, that also works. Just know that you can’t put pipes on boats. So this is what it looks like in the first
stage here. This is the seedling — and this is when it’s
grown here. This is a full grown plant and these guys
are perfect for attacking. Once it’s at this stage, it will use fertilizer
to attack each time it shoots out one of those little green, uh, ball things, you’ll see
here… So I’m trying to set it here by pressing ‘E’,
holding down ‘E’ on the plant, and I can change targeting to only players, as well as changing
the targeting to wild dinos. There you go — perfect — and you can see
it fires. It only takes a few shots even against an
Argentavis, it’s surprisingly strong, and this is on a No-Tame Server so these are higher
level than they appear. See, it doesn’t take much between me and the
plant to take them out. So it’s a great defense. And that’s all there is to making a Plant
X turret. They can be really simple if you just check
on them every so often; make sure they’ve got fertilizer and water [it takes 12 hours
to grow on official servers]. If they do lose their fertilizer, the plants
will totally decompose so keep that in mind: attackers who are smart enough to get close
can disarm you completely. And that’s about all there is to them. Hope
you enjoyed this tutorial, and if you have any questions, just let me know in the comments. Have a good one!

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