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don’t get stuck in the tree yeah hello everyone my name is Fresonis and
welcome to ARK Survival Evolved the battlegrounds well this time I’m
going to fight the dragon boss with this Dragon and the dragon boss you see over
there in the air so it’s the first time i got to fight
dragons with the Dragon so let’s see how do is fight will go well there’s the
dragon boss let’s see it’s level its level 6 time
for so it’s a really high level it’s almost level 7 on road and this is the
well dragon i spawned in and let’s see the steps of that one should continue
the steps over here and now I’m gonna give it to me so I’m going to use the
command gift to me and as you can see that the steps has
been changed so I’m cues to see how this fight will
go and this one is level five hundred so it’s a little bit lower than the dragon
boss so I put it on aggressive and yeah hopefully it will kill everything but
we’ll have to wait and see so I hope you’re ready for the fight I’m
ready for the fide and I don’t know who’s going to win i think the dragon
boss is going to win because it is yeah – what levels higher than this one
dragon but yeah let’s see how it goes let the fight begin and why don’t you
fly come on well we can fly now but you’re getting attacked come on do something back up oh no no no what are you stuck on
something come on getting bitten even with serious you really don’t care why aren’t you fighting come on wrong stock just don’t know I really
don’t understand why it’s not finding them on the drag marks on the ground you
can find it now on neutral it’s not safe I can bite I can do I can fight so it doesn’t this dragon
fight on his own to fight on the yeah ok let’s go in the air and let’s see if
it pays for itself come on you have to part come on you’re
getting killed fine okay this isn’t working I have to figure out something else okay so that didn’t work and i couldn’t
find a way to get a dragon attack the dragon boss and i spawned in other
dragons ideas for steam and all the kind of stuff but yet a apparently the dragon
won’t fight in the break-in arena I don’t know what’s up with that so maybe you have an explanation for
that I don’t know but I didn’t well there’s a dragon but again the bus
so I don’t know what is going on and yet we’re going to find the
dragon boss now with the dodorex i spawned in the level 1 dodorex as you can see
and the dragonboss it’s the same level as the previous one the previous one so let’s see how this
goes I hope we can against the second bus but
we will have to you know wait and see how this will go and yeah i think the
dog work Oh Dex doesn’t win I i don’t think so i
don’t think and I don’t think so i don’t think the daughter of X again stand up
against the level almost level seven hundred the wagon bus but we will have
to wait and see so to fight again come on where you can
let the way to fill the record was in town oh you have to fight again oh no oh no oh no oh yeah cause it is
still cold this angry note oh that’s nice so you don’t need to
follow me again just have to fight yeah ok let’s eat one bite one bite of tears
and evolves until the right bus down there is best Drake about the right bus
hope up there ok oh it’s us come down I want to see you fight
against is over what level of Heroes all that’s a high
level ok levels 1648 ok come on fight like mom kill the dragon bus that organized 00 it is getting bloody the dough it is getting bloody the donor X is
getting bloody Oh direct but it’s also a little bit the daughter is count no the door access
to the week for this because it is getting so . email self this because it is so low it’s
almost killed it a lvl 1 dodorex almost killed a 700 level dragon boss that’s insane so I guess the pier us and
kind of soft just killed the dog wakes so that’s a shame okay I’ll be right
back with another direction and another to make the bus ok n roll back well there’s a direct bus
again and let’s see let’s born in the level life Delta X so i think a level five can beat
this one because the level one almost killed the dragon bus so a level five should do the trick get
the fight started come on so that’s better but at least I hope
that’s better don’t look at me who oh yeah it’s angry built it for me but don’t get it oh don’t get the next month with the
fireballs ok there they are you’re coming now so us to fight come on you can feel the
same results as you can these at least I hope you can we should be
able to kill them so come on is a direct bus I want to make the most
of you run almost killed break us it was a
level one white belt level 7 after swapping again still it you should be able to do it yeah don’t know the direction already getting
blood the right bus is ok . well fight fight fight mommy went to kill no it’s flying away and you and black but it’s still burning but it
was funny okay that didn’t work I guess and yeah so I get ok i guess that didn’t work him with the
level 10 daughter Rex killed the dragon yeah i think a little attention to the
trick at least I also I level 10 can kill this wagon just in
time because it yes the daughter risk can’t stand to
fight against the pier us so it’s the same but yet it’s how it works so let’s see let’s move around a little
bit let’s touch the fireballs at least i hope i can touch them a little bit and
when the dragon bass pond in the appearance and the kind of stuff I want
you to jump up and like a bus hit the daughter x have its own fight so once the dragon responds in the trip
before it go away again there’s more damage fight my bike hold themselves sounds are nice yeah not quite even with the fear was going
out with the Dragon buses full of what’s happening we have left oh it’s flying away get
some leg ok now we have to wait computers down
again Oh 45 love you there you will have to look out for
those fireballs follow me get stuck there ok ok now you have to fight yes don’t get
stuck in the tree oh no no oh no this is bad I don’t oh it’s coming down no it’s not gonna go the ball come up here to read directly drinking yes it’s
coming out ok it’s your time out . oh come on it oh it’s stuck in appearance at all right
buddy so bloody Oh in the director Rex is all so bloody know what what what
happened dragon budget that how did that happen oh wait the direction of course the
damage over time with its fire so the dog tracks got killed and the
node X also killed the dragon bus so that’s nice ok we have a wind up a level how did
that happen all wait the direction of course the
damage over time with its fire so the dog tracks got killed and the
daughter X also killed the dragon bus so that’s nice we’re back with one last
slide before we go I could want to see how to get dragon boss heads up against the wardens so i
spawned in the wardens and i did a combined gift to me and you can see the
result so let’s see how to fight at least I hope to fight the trophy
nation nothing yeah ok applied don’t fight me blowing up notify the children something is happening my first time I fought them in this getting a little bit leg yeah come on rest the Dragon has to live I don’t know what all those purple
things are it’s the first time I I spot them in for me this is all new oh ok i somehow they
killed it well it was up in the air so well I guess that’s it that’s it for
this episode i hope you enjoyed it I hope you like it and yeah the the the
wardens are too powerful for the dragon boss so that was a little bit too much and if
you enjoy to leave like in a few if you have any questions or suggestions what fight you want to see leave it in a
comment below and if you haven’t already and you want to see more of me in the
future then smash that subscribe button like a maniac and i’ll see you all in
the next video bye

19 thoughts on “ARK Survival Evolved | DRAGON BOSS Arena VS DRAGON / DODOREX & WARDENS”

  1. i think because you Dragon was biger and spit flames and the other 1 spit meteor stuf so i think its like you spawnt in te Old dragon

  2. Maybe it's just my player that bugs out, but I think there's something wrong with the audio layers. Anyhow, I love the dragon Arena 🙂

  3. Dammm apparently the sound got somehow messed up, during editing/producing and checking it was fine. Sorry that the sound is messed up from around 6:51 till the end of the lvl 10 dodorex fight….. Really sorry sorry for this !!

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