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let’s see what happens I take two there
young lady you know we’re sitting you know content
the audience will see them get ready it looks like we’re back live again sorry
for that for anyone that’s was there before and joining again more that’s
just given up on us and after apologize we’ll say we’ve got some pretty foul
weather at the moment and a diet knife that’s going to affect our cellular
cellular data maybe I’ll find out oh he knows I might have to delete that first one as well cuz that oh man look at that
how many of them there ha oh don’t look at me don’t look at me don’t look at me
don’t look at me oh my god what do I do tape up the commentary they stink baby fish okay I think I saw so many greens
like is that my cops before maybe all right in okay should I go back to collect my
things so what oh man that’s a big dinosaur
should I go should I it’s too risky stolen again okay
okay what is this anyway well you should find one how can I find
one okay what is this specimen what is this it’s say something
something where is it here the we do the tree meaning meaning
what I don’t know what’s going on oh okay hi hi Eddie caves I think this is
the first time I’ve seen you in this stream oh these says the girl has a nice
voice is she a famous youtuber who’s thinkpads
your famous nope and Kane um I’m not too sure what’s going on we’ve got some
pretty bad weather at the moment that may be affecting the phone data right
cuz my computer also shut down well basically phrase so I had to
restart so it’s sorry about that we’re not too sure and then the last one
is the streaming app was also giving me a message saying that I couldn’t
strained something or something something what happened what happened it
is Kate dying in this day and age I am about to run away now if I can you like
running away okay hopefully this will be fine now it seems to be a much healthier
stream than before but the other funny thing is I saw Kane’s previous message
on the other stream show up on this one but it shouldn’t be the same stream I
don’t think I don’t know I’m not not tech savvy who knows what’s going on so
how is everyone what’s happening this weekend so many green light meaning
someone died the only guide well I died many times
before but I collect my loot already so don’t forget you covering up yeah say
yeah I think I will delete the other video as well Kane thanks for suggesting
that that started quite poorly what happened
oh I just thought I know saw in front of me I think that one is kind of saved but
this one maybe not on all right so to answer your question came with 3rd the
latest update on clash of clans it’s it’s been both good and bad the problem
the problem with streaming that right now is I can only do 8 attacks a day in
the legends League and I’ve used up all of the the attacks in the last 24 hours
so I can’t actually do any attacks at the moment I think there’s still like 2
hours to go before I can do that again and then I was also discussing with one
or two people in the clan about dropping leagues just say that I can attack but
even that is not that easy to do because you automatically get put into the the
new legends League by default yeah I did do in fact I did the practice thing in
the the last stream so I’ve finished that already but stink pants actually
told you to stop doing it because we were losing people from the street
because I guess everyone can do the practice thing so yeah it’s been like
the clouds have gone I suppose that’s good but the the
limitation on the number of attacks and they’re also being
a time frame is made it even more difficult to stream clash of clans so
I’m not too sure what’s going to happen with that I think if I am going the
stream but I’ve got a time it correctly you say that all of the attacks are
available but the way it’s got it set up at the moment it’s at a bad time for
streaming isn’t it like we don’t normally start streams after 3 or 4
o’clock so not too sure how we’re going to tackle it yet but basically it’s
either going to be dropping legs or timing it correctly how you so mine
panic when texting where is everyone well that was the other problem we had
we added quite a few people join the this stream at the start and because we
were having so much difficulties and probably all gone they think we’re very
unprofessional we’re in the dangerous area Gabe all right make sure you don’t
get attacked by more dinosaurs there since I will be Oh in front of me again what is this
I can’t I don’t know how to go run run behind that dinosaur and then up there
see how there’s a bit of a slope on that hill yeah yeah if you go that way you
probably and say oh I know it’s I know what happens if you go the other way
where it slopes down so you see to the left there left no don’t get you know
you’re gonna die if you fall down there yes I again I don’t know what to I know
a little bit about what’s going on with Texas but I guess it’s up to him to sort
of explain to you maybe I don’t really want to put words in his mouth but let’s
just say that he did say he was taking a little bit of time off YouTube at the
moment because there’s some personal stuff that’s going on so he hasn’t been
too active online that all say and plus he got a new job I think say that’s
probably taking up a bit of time as well oh he’s actually floppy father yeh say
we hope Texas’s alright but yeah don’t don’t worry he’s okay I have spoken to
him but he just he’s not gonna be that active for a little while but yeah yes
and been in a strange for a while but I think he has a time oh we bought him
already just a dinosaur you got a deer very good weapons yet are you dying what
do I do with that and why it’s not really in good get the picture quality
right before oh I set it to the highest one in the game but it’s ultra-low
latency in YouTube so you get the real-time interaction and Keynes wanting
me to do my New Yorker accent do you think I should do another can you do it
I’m from New York I’m bad at accents and the American one if I do the American
one I’m not too sure what kind of American accent it is y’all yeah that
sounds like a southern up on nothing yeah we’re bad oh sorry I’m gonna
struggle to pronounce these hi nothing with a 1t I hope I got that correct so I
think that’s the first time we’ve seen you in a stream what are you up to today
aside from what you’ve now struggle with this game the owner all right you’re
getting better at it you’re just gonna wreck at it how not to die quite say
quickly I don’t know what is the object heap yet like what do I do I find a
thing floating on the ground and so what you say does any does anyone in the chat
actually play this game he’s pretty popular say I’ve seen lots of gamers
play and it’s it was supposed to be fairly new but when I did all of the
background work on that it said 2017 but it was say me recently listed as a top
favorite or a top game and Kay Kane’s gonna start making me think about food
again already you st. put chicken in the oven whereas I’m thinking pizza what are
your thoughts on that stink pants you’re gonna cook for me today put a chicken in
the oven no I cook some chicken last night well
we don’t know actually the oven well you can just eat that bin
oh we can get takeaway because it’s cold wet miserable / we do that I can eat
that tomorrow nope ate it today you know when you get something on the brain
though you’ve just got to have it no they don’t we can’t do the fish and
chips again ah pepperoni cheese pizza says can I say yes to that isn’t it or
if we gave you the the not not Domino’s or Pete’s up at the local pizza shop you
can get your Capri cheek applicator is what you’re like not me yeah but you put
salami on it instead of ham no I’m getting mouth-watering loretty Kane
always talks about food in the streams you makes me hungry I was hungry before
the stream look at this dinosaur oh you run away from those dinosaurs
Emily Curran kids’s here as well hey how are you how is everyone today in Eddie
cage says he had pizza for dinner see they’ve got pizza on the brain for me
now what kind of pizza did you have where where well thanks Malika how are
you what are you up to and yeah stink pants doesn’t like me asking this
question all the time but I’m always curious and I where everyone’s from and
what time Eddie it is there and in this case I’m gonna ask about the weather as
well because it’s miserable here today not so good is it so she’s fine and then
plane well tis plain pizza main moderator Kane also asks do you have any
American fast-food restaurants there so yes we do we’ve got the KFC we’ve got
the McDonald’s now you guys what do they call a Burger
King so they call it Burger King but we call at Hungry Jack’s it’s the same
company as far as on the way do and then I think that’s about it for
fast food or Red Rooster but I think that’s Australian not American I’m not
too sure about that either it’s hopefully that answers a question what I
would like for fast food in Australia is Mexican drive-through why don’t we have
that yet when I went to America they had a whole heap of Mexican Drive thrus
delicious and cheap well it looks cheap unless you do the
dollar conversion and it’s expensive but good Mexican food fast food you just
drive through say I want a taco we don’t get that here unfortunately so you see glad I caught ya well Oh
12:01 a.m. so again I’m guessing possibly Malakian kids that you’re on
hang on we had this discussion before east coast or west coast
what say let leaves on one side and Cain kind of leaves on the other side there’s
a bit of a climb time difference okay so I’m guessing one I think Malika might be
in America but she’s on the side that looks from because it’s 12 o’clock show
hey yeah I don’t know whether it’s a hero shape oh and all in ones back say
it’s but thank you for coming back we’re really sorry about the first stream
there do you mind stop stuffing your face
there and playing the game to entertain I’ll get it out for you viii all oil it
don’t you worry about that yeah because kind of steep pants keeps
trying to stuff her face while she’s straining we got some Asian beef jack
well Asian Jackie it’s I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that they’re square
whoa this look malicious by now these guys say 12 now can you try to remember
the city says it’s 1283 I am here on the East Coast I can’t remember East Coast
means that they’re ahead of time west coast
about three hours behind I think so this is why we weren’t too sure about doing
the streams later in the afternoon or earlier
because it’s great for for people like Kane and people that are kind of where
we are but not so good for the Americans on the other side and from our little
friend in where’s he from oh you can hatch an egg by the way I know I don’t
know there’s something about being able to action egg so try and pick it up
don’t destroy it Keynes’s stop stuffing your face young lady I agree I can’t yet
we third the stuffing the face part I don’t know be a young lady guard say
all-in-one again with the clash of clans just to explain that within you updates
it’s making things a little bit difficult to stream because I can only
do eight attacks a day and it has a timer on it
so I’ve already used up all of my attacks from yesterday and I won’t let
me do it again I think for another two hours so unless you wanted to see like
bill debate build a base trades all day long and replays it’s probably not going
to be that entertaining say I’ve been having a think about it what would be
the best time to try and do a clash of clans stream because it would be good to
do them I’d love to be able to do the legends League all eight attacks in one
stream failing that I could drop trophies so I have been thinking about
dropping trophies for the first time just to make things a bit easier just
that updates heads it had it’s good and that’s bad say Eddie’s asking is a
young lady put on a stink pants see the young lady is stink pants and the old
man has peed off well they I don’t know why they keep
calling you a young lady why do they say you’re a young lady young lady
yeah like the young in the mind I thank you for doing that Malika say the other
thing because they’ve been asking a lot about what we’re going to be uploading
and so on I was planning on doing another YouTube
help video that was supposed to be the next upload but I just haven’t had time
to work on it and then obviously some more music ones but if anyone has any
questions that they want that you think we can actually help you with whether
it’s clash of clans or youtube we’re happy to help with that as well because
that’s what we’re here for to be as helpful as we can and if anyone can help
us or in particular stink pants who’s still running around naked in this game
it looks like semi naked ok ok thanks is the Australian speak yes say I’m the
Aussie P dot but having said that stink pants is also although not originally
from Australia is now an Australian citizen not just think pants what is that blue Asian I think I got
poison or something no you seem to be did you die again can
you seem to be running around alright I’d say Caine’s asking when is the
musical video say I might get your guys you guys thoughts on this say here’s the
deal and this is a bit of a spoiler yes we want to do another musical challenge
but I’ve been struggling to get sting pants to practice and we both need the
practice so that’s the first thing the second
thing is I really want to learn how to start using GarageBand I’ve used it a
couple of times but definitely not very good at it yet not even close to
understanding how to use it so as they practice if I start using GarageBand
what we might do is the a cover of our popular song and I was thinking of doing
well what’s it called the Billy LS one bad boy that bad guy Matt guys going cuz
that seems to be a really simple one to be able to replicate and I was
practicing last night you’re terrible you got a clash of clans notification
say I was thinking of doing that and filming a little bit of playing it as
well as the behind the the screen stuff and oh yeah it’s seeing as Kane said
that as well I’ve visited most people’s channels
although I don’t think I’ve seen K at Eddy cages now if you want us to come
and have a look at your channel please just leave a comment on one of the
videos because that all reminder need to do that it’s very hard to do it from the
live stream so I know I haven’t seen all in ones channel
for a little while and he’s been or she has been in the last three streams in a
row and I know I haven’t been there so if you just drop a comment somewhere
then I’ll be able to check your channel out and yes check each other’s channels
out Kane is very very good at supporting other channels so he tends to join every
single stream that we do and intends to give shoutouts to other channels and
subscribes to them so highly recommend you subscribe to Kane’s channel if you
watch nothing else watching do the tappety a spicy eating sauce eating
video that’s my favorite of these it’s hilarious I’d say feel free to subscribe
to each other as well that’s partly what the streams are all about we love having
people that come and visit regularly they do tend to support each other
anyway and we highly encourage that don’t we stink dance we highly encourage
that don’t we stink pants make me die I’ll make you die all right
and you get eaten by a dinosaur so what are you something me run away I’m doing
you’re actually getting better oh it’s a flying thing – do you have any weapons
it to kill anything are you just gonna keep running around naked I had before
but then I lost it because I’m died and then um I can’t be bother making it and
any weapon anymore I think you need to make another weapon you gotta be I don’t
know how to use it to defend just swing away like you do swing away at
everything so that was the other thing might as
well talk about subscribers now sing did you just die again yeah I record why is
the video quality not as good when I’ve set it to the highest level it was good
before on the very first one today did I have to have to reset it in the game
maybe but it actually looks pretty good on that computer because they’re smaller
free alright say let’s talk about subscribers there’s lots of different
ways to pick them up and there are distinct pantsy you’re gonna make me do
this you better hurry out because I have no idea what what did you press trace
for alright say I’m not might not be able to card see oh I’m getting killed
or Eddy stink I just died straight away what I’d super quick then you got to get
away from this no how do you move well this is not good when I end up having to
take over from stink pants she’s already kind of worked out at a to play the game okay just bear with me I’m just gonna
I’m getting attacked again cannot punch this thing can you get that thing stink
pants I died again well get our back as soon as possible because you’re not
gonna watch me want to watch me keep dying like this the expert girl gave up
the famous young youtuber kill she needs to come back head towards the green
light we say almost getting there yep they’re probably gonna there’s that
no don’t come towards me that’s attacking me again stink pants heady you
stop this thing from attacking you and punching it doesn’t do anything I’ve
died three times in a row already is there another direction that we can run
him I probably should have been paying it’s how I actually let’s go in the
water you may be doing that’s gonna help me a bit
we’re swimming swimming away from the dinosaurs that’s probably the best way
to go well I’m not that good of a swimmer either it looks like getting
there begging for stink pants to come back come on the stinky dance you got to
stink up the pants oh I’m so bad at controlling this as well I don’t know
I’ve died three times in quick succession stop urning about stuffing your face for
gonna get pizza later one on there get it on the brain now they talking about
pizza in the chat how about you’ll stop streaming oh we’ve
got we’ve got someone that actually plays the game Jordan Purvis hello see
he’s saying you can see floating arts in the sky at night if you set the graphics
to ultra alright say Jordan we need some help and Malika and kids is already
laughing at me because I’m so bad at this game
Jordan we need tips hmm what do we do and that look these in fact I might ask
the check come on let’s have a vote should we get pizza after the stream yes
or no pizza after the stream yeah we look for your help we really
need your help Jordan cuz we’re struggling to work out what’s going on
and I’m struggling to stopping him stink pants from just stuffing your face can
you stop eating the Jackie then start playing the game and I’ll relay messages
from Jordan we’ve finally got something that is a bit of an expert that can
teach us how to do and malika says yes get pizza that’s one vote for beat sir
no one said no yet yeah – I say yes that’s two votes pizza no one’s saying
no three votes pizza any cage says yes any at it last night
mmm-hmm you’re getting pretty severely outdated we can put hot sauce on it just
for you I’m kind of learning about your hell
it’s not like I don’t want well I’m a better restrict the number of slices
I’ll get an American sized slice to embed to one of our small little
Ossie slices and then it’s only two or three slices of pizza as opposed to the
whole pizza all right now jordan says grind would get a bad timer Raptor
beetle boxes there’s a lot say grind would Witcher did you grind wouldn’t
before he didn’t what are you talking about
where’s Greenwood Jordans teaching is how to play now get a bed tamer wrapped
up beat all other bosses sent another boom you’ve won the island can you make
even more simple than that so we kind of need to know what we’re supposed to do
right now say he says it’s easy given that I’ve died three times in the space
of about two minutes I didn’t find that that easy you clearly know something
about these green things that I couldn’t work out the green thing is just you’re
cops like all of the items he had before yeah but you don’t need to because I
didn’t collect much at all I say Jordan what should stink pants
once she’s collected these items look at look at all the corpses lying around and
dropped everything there’s another two you two over there what do we do once
we’ve collected all of this stuff that I dropped cuz I died
that’s the question Oh rat that got me again
how can I defend him how do you defend against these pesky dinosaurs the Raptor
seems to be well the most devious and most solicitation is that even a word that seems to be the most aggressive of
these dinosaurs oh the guys he’s saying okay build a thatch base first that’s
the base say I get better how do we do that job
there’s I know you’ve picked up some materials already haven’t you eight
years ago so we’ve got to build a fat space somewhere but I don’t have much
now that’s the beam I’ll find it amazing that these games come with no
instructions when you first start playing them and then it’s crafting
you’ve got guys like Jordan they’ve clearly worked out how to play the game
with no instructions see I have to go to level 4 or something before I can do the
patch Foundation and whatnot no so we’re not even that far yet oh we
can build the campfire for the next level but how can I do it with foil oh
oh what’s that oh I know it it’s tab so I could get some and what’s the gift yet remind me of the rot of the Ring it does
doesn’t it okay how can I get out done apprentice
clot boots there it start getting dressed you’re still running around a
half-naked be a like running around half-naked don’t you did that in a
previous game yes I have to crap it first craftable boots yeah so you need
fiber and hein oh I don’t know how to get anything just
yet I mean how to handle rattles to get full wood to get behind to make boots
and out of things a Haydn’s can obey from an animal line therefore you have
to handwrite and I don’t know how to hunt
thank you say Jourdan says get fetch for mining trays with pickaxes get fetch
wood from mining trays with axes and get stones from the ground so I guess you
just got to hack away at trees and stones right yeah
match Hey Indy f28 stuff regularly as well as that like that other game I
don’t think so it doesn’t have that kind of what do you call it the level Dizzy’s plane Jordan man if she keeps
hacking away at trees and stains she can bill that that fetched base before doing
all of those other tasks because you said what you have to be a level seven
or something yeah to be I can’t do that yet I can
collect it but I can’t make just yet right so wait for an answer from Jordan
is it possible to once she’s collected enough of it do it even though she’s not
level seven yet what level a1 how do we get past level one
how can we get past level one how can I level up and also I’m curious how did
you out say he’s saying no you can’t see that say how did you get good at this
game with no instructions how does anyone do it is it just intuitive or is
it because your ID I’ve always thought you’re a bit of an expert guy misting
pants alright so as soon as you get XP from mining and killing stuff say I
never kill anything how does she do it yeah how does she kill I should say hat
away I gotta pretend like I’m playing this and I’m an expert so how do we kill
stuff cuz it seems to keep killing us all the time and what was that that
looks like a Neanderthal human I don’t know but I don’t want to mess with it either
you want to feed I can run away have a good look on the sly maiming now there’s
two of them run away maybe you’re gonna pick on a tiny dinosaur I tried and I
did again even the tiny one gave you like a leaf out and I’m dead I just
don’t know how you gonna defend yourself and
Spa say how do we actually kill an eye he says here we go go for dodo birds
they don’t attack you you find them on the beach ah
I saw that before yeah okay kill the date I bid I thought it’s too cute cute
okay so sorry you’re in survival mode if we were doing real life survival when he
made it to eight and you made it to get feathers so you can fly you gonna take
care of business what happens if I’m incapacitated stinking Oh again with a
rat – yeah – Renae we know we can’t kill a reptile you gonna try and avoid the
Raptor and I didn’t even see it kill the died a birds uh-huh I can’t
find it now he said great Jordan said sorry it’s your them and he’s quite
correct you are the take care of business or
business takes care of you take care of business get some date items I can’t I
know do you get me a date stop stopping yourself how many cops I got man oh my
goodness who’s director then I think it’s just
hind behind me or something we have to avoid the wrapped up but try and find
Dodos you gotta get your first kill build Spears from faction Flint
you get Flint from mining huge rocks with pickaxes right say does it can she
do that now and will that help her defend against these bigger and even
smaller animals that keep taking her out so if you get thatch and Flynn then you
can you can start building good weapons the spears got to be a half-decent
Brittany says the the mining from huge rocks which I guess so you do absolutely
not now because I’m dead you gotta go to you have fifty million
corpses that are lying around oh why is have a hand on me don’t got me yet come
on come here think you made to get his speed we got a
we got to work towards getting an actual weapon and he’s already conquered the
island see knows what he’s talking about that’s a big rock so while I’m waiting
for you to work out how to do that won’t be anyway what’s what comfy is the like
a small Raptor nature small but deadly to you so you want to be able to avoid
that too it looks like and Kane’s asking out as the clan games yes we did quite
well on this one I think we picked up 70 something thousand points for that and
forty do I remember I think I was 44 or 46 the people in the clan all
participated so that was the highest that we actually had ever in terms of
clan points as well as participants so it was all good now picked up all of the
stuff that I made it as well I don’t think I snuck onto stink dances account
last night I don’t think she’s collected anything yet click what from the clan
game yet yeah how was it for you came did you end up getting the maximum
rewards well thank you for staying as long as did
malinka please just remember to drop a comment on a video
somewhere and that will remind me to go and check your channel and Jordans
saying a copy follows you around until it rounds up enough of its friends and
kills you so you want to avoid those copies as much as possible and build
yourself this way like you before getting closer to these corpses but are
you following Jordans advice that’s the question what advice he’s saying go on
get some flint go and get some my god yet I have to collect my family first
trying to go without it or you have to have it I suppose it’s better to have it
not happen is it so I’m not sure if my lake is still there thank you for for
staying as long as she did lady but if quite some time thank you
and staying up very well give its me gave it to me
did you pick it up you gotta make sure that you’re on the move all the time it
looks like so you grab that stuff quick and then you move on to the next one
sounds easy but is it easy for a skilled player like you isn’t it
you’re famous young would say people’s sake I know we settle we’re gonna get
that pizza always running around makes me hungry
you’re not doing running around watching you do all of these running around makes
me hungry how can I get this one Oh finally do those lights disappear once you’ve
picked it up yeah all right so once you’ve done this one I seriously think
you need to get this spear happening can I
Jordan can a spear take care of the animals that you’re dinosaurs that keep
killing or at the moment because that wrapped or does a really good job of
killing it and the little one if he gets his little friends there I’m not so sure
you’re gonna be able to stab everything straight away maybe you can okay now
what they’re stored is what do I do flint and thatch it’s all about the
Flint and the fetch our peers ghost is here hello how are you I think this is
the first time you’ve joined the stream as well so always ask people the same
question where are you from and what time is it there and what are you up to
this weekend now Jordan says whatever you do don’t go into the forest until
you have enough Spears or weapons these are effective against most small animals
get your Spears happening and don’t go in the forest oh yeah we’re good thank
you Pierce um it’s a little bit cold and wet
miserable today say just having a sort of quiet indoor day and trying to
convince stink pants to let me have a baits up huh
she’ll go and pick it up for us – no I’ll just do the ordering all right
so should I get a mod say he was sorry piers was in a previous stream before
the uptight say you would have just seen the clouds going around I’d say sorry if
I don’t always recognize every channel because we do get a lot of people come
to this strange so apologies for that and I think in that one
I did have I was struggling to keep up with what was happening in the chat as
well well it shouldn’t be that hard for me given that you spend all that time in
the clouds I’d say Oh Eddie has to go to sleep as well
Thank You Eddie appreciate that for turning on the bail notifications if you
don’t upload that often when I’ll say maybe once a week and maybe more in the
future but not for right now say you have a good night’s sleep and yeah
thanks for being here for as long as you wear and PS is saying I was almost maxed
out ah now I remember so well yeah upgrading to the townhall 9 now I guess
seeing as he said that he got to max down or late but think from memory I’m
going to have to say hey you got pink pieces in my own mind I just clarify if
you male or female atonic don’t want to offend anyone by saying a um it’s a
shape or see when it’s a it’s a looks like they did wait they didn’t rush
they’re their base and I’ve gone to town on line so that’ll be a lot of fun when
you get all of that oh that’s good so you’d be doing actually now that your
channel 9 is female say I shouldn’t keep saying hey when it’s the seed say we fit
Town Hall 9 you’ve got the special event at the
moment the week slap the witch slap is really really good for
town on lines so we actually have a tutorial video on it as well one of our
long-term subscribers is also a clash of clans player and stink pants and I have
never used which slap before bed old lucky lick is that quite a lot and
helped us upload that video so hopefully it does help people
we sort of had to be trained on on the how to use it and educated really I
didn’t know about it neither two distinct bands did
you hmm just like this game didn’t know anything about it would like to do that
event myself but again with the limited number of attacks it’s making it very
difficult to get and get those done say and Cain says they they didn’t get the
last year they got the 50 cuz people people were not doing clan games that
much so how many people are in your clan came because that makes a difference as
well the more people you have unit that are actually active certainly helps and
I think that’s why we had so many participants actually booted a few
people that weren’t that active and they ended up the people that joined it ended
up doing the the clan games and on the same tiers ghosts can’t wait for clan
war leagues as well I’m looking forward to being able to
spends the what do you call them not trophies coins what do you call a clan
war or leg rewards team pants clan war league reward I don’t know we just
caught em sword that’s like the bonus points because you can spend maze on
that the Hammers want to get all late bamas for the build a base do you have
plans for that as well our peers or do you just save them like we’ve got a
member lucky nuts in our clan doesn’t spend anything just saves everything so
you got to spend some of it so you can get a bit further add and what is
everyone thinking of the knee builder base as well you’re getting all of the
upgrades done CPS also saves them all don’t look at me don’t look at me yet
not yet I need to collect more material I think then Katie firing to the forest
remember I’m running away from this I don’t know
what is it but I’m running away from it and where are you at at the moment oh
man you’ve just started the town online what’s the bill debase Anki Mandy Mackey
not that I can remember what’s build a base now I’m 10 online bill the base –
max might be able to get the monkey as a pet it’s just got to offer very nice Oh
Jordan saying once you get enough Spears and food I suggest you build up the 2×2
that chap with a campfire and a box inside I’m gonna say I can’t have spear
yet I don’t think I can just made the passion but I still can’t make it yet
I don’t have you not material so I go searching that material big stones and
that’s you’re after the Flint is that you don’t have enough Flint is that what
the story is sure I don’t have anything to make
Hashem and I had to leave you out to make spear si again he said collecting
materials helps you level up anyway and if you kill those days that helps true I
don’t find orders yet you saw them before
yeah not anymore no I’m so glad Jordan is joint now well everyone else
as well but Jordan that can actually direct to you what to do isn’t it it’s
so much more helpful in these games and you have someone that can actually knows
something about it and tell you oh I think I met something
meanwhile everyone else killed cakes me it’s time with the clash of clans chat
discussions so what does everyone else think of the new update that plays
classic lanzhi happy or not happy you think it’s a good thing not a good thing
list your reasons and why how about all the above and seeing stink pants is
hardly doing any commentary I’m just gonna shove more food in their face I
think this is a honey right I was gonna say this one’s chilly not hot at all not
that hot it’s got a little bit of bite to it quite kind of wait just type of
Jackie’s always liked so yeah I was right
Jordan also says in this game you can tame dinosaurs to help you in things
such as riding around faster hunting and harvesting stuff but can she tame a
dinosaur now oh I don’t think so I’m just liver whatever appears to answer
your question it really affected people in that well this is my my view on it I
believe that the update really affected people at the high level leagues generally speaking I’d say not in a good
way just based on the number of trophies
that people have dropped by and for example if the Legends League delimits
5000 trophies I struggle to get that 5000 trophies at the moment because you
know you’re upgrading these heroes and all of that sort of stuff as well say
what I’ve found is if I go and do one of those attacks most times I’m facing a
max base certainly at this start when the fit fest when the update is first
started all of the top players just gemmed everything they already add max
he raised max bases I wasn’t jamming say it was hard to
compete with that they could smash my base I’m down to hero or to heroes so I
just I went from 5,800 trophies to about 5400 in the space of eight attacks there
is it was horrible to go through that and then what we’ve had one or two not
seasons but one or two cycles of these attacks and now the top two guys in our
league yes we’re both still in the legends league but we’re below the 5,000
mark and you know you can win every raid and you can get 1520 trophies or or
whatever but then you’re losing 30 to 40 trophies so the the trophy count keeps
going down and then the the other thing is you don’t have the opportunity to get
more loot and do more raids because of that limit say but the only good thing I
think came out of it really was the fact that there’s no clouds it does seem to
be a little bit more of a chore as well to do these daily raids because unless
you’ve got the boosts that’s give or take you know one raid every hour or
every 40 minutes so it’s a lot of work just to try and maintain your position
now unlike before where you know if you’ve got shields and things because we
don’t have shields now either you have to your honor basically a treadmill and
a bit of a rat race that you have to constantly attack just to try and have
enough trophies sustained like I hope that made sense but my personal view is
it’s not great I think they could have done things completely differently I
actually gave super solar suggestion but they decided to do this instead now back
to Jordan he’s saying in order to tame your dinosaurs you knock them out with
your fists then you go make me weak set it again to tame a dinosaur
kill the dodo or knock it out can you can you use a
you timer Dido say knock it out first if you can with your fists
Oh with the peace yeah Oh too late I don’t have face alright just take it out
space can we finally might get a kill here poor little day day taking me out a
to I you or them not quite there yet I think you need to there you go
you know that’s are there gonna be food or it’s gonna be something for you now
what do we do it is day day Jordan so he was saying that if you knock it out with
your feast then you going to the unconscious
creatures inventory and force-feed narcho berries to keep them unconscious
and you just put berries to tame them so have you collected knockout berries now corbury I collect some some kind of
berry Tinto berry Bob library is that a knock a berry I don’t think he
may do you made the magnifying glass no oh you I don’t have and peers will say
saying say the update was unfit for people in AI leagues and doesn’t really
yeah well that’s what I think as well but having said that all right I’m gonna
play blackberries in RK berries see if you find blackberries yep then they’re
the närke berries so now I’m gonna flip the switch here peers and talk about the
the benefits of the update and maybe the reasoning as to why they did it so it
does separate I can’t believe I’m about to say DS it does separate the top level
players from please yeah exactly I didn’t want to admit it but the the
truth is under the old system anyone if they had enough time in the day and they
have enough gems at their disposal anyone could be the world number one
player under the old system once you’ve got maxed everything it all boils down
to how much you can attack say oh and I’m miss 45 members some of the Manta
jobs are nice okay that’s a a big clan that canes in I think we’ve got probably
47 now that I booted some people out say yeah yeah you know I guess when people
work it makes it harder to do the clan games but I just say do the build the
base stuff that’s quick so piers if you’re if you’re at the top
and you’ve got max you know everything you usually win so if anyone attacks my
base very rarely did I get a defenseman it was almost always losses but if I was
at can basis it’s the same thing I very
rarely would lose an attack so if you are able to continue to keep playing and
playing and playing and raiding more and more bases you’re gonna get more
trophies and you’re gonna get further up so with the new update because it
restricts that the top level players really do kind of shine if they three
star my base then I’ve got to say they’re doing pretty well although I
don’t have a great base design um I think it can be improved but it’s you
know almost maxed so this means that those top players get more rewards for
doing better and then you’ve got people like me that’s I’m not the best player
in the world never will be not even a best player in the country
the ranking that I do get in the world or the country that’s is based on our
often I attack the reality is I’m probably quite average or maybe a little
bit better than average I really okay I’m walking I’m awesome but I’m not as
awesome as everyone else like the guys that really know how to attack you know
that they spend a lot of time with the strategies and that sort of thing so
those guys it benefits them they get a lot more trophies and they go higher so
that’s the flip side free you know some players will be saying this is really
good but for the majority that a like man
they’re not really happy about it I’ve speaking to people in global not too
many people happy about it now read the command in mind see I play not I say
Jordan also said that he doesn’t play this on a mobile but on ps4 so it comes
with a manual on how to play the game uh-huh
and I’m guessing PBG and all these other other games are the same but if you get
it on a Playstation it actually has a manual
that has instructions because when we’re doing these we’re doing all these games
from the mobile phone and very few of them not like clash of clans you start
playing that you getting instructions from the start
but these games not at all is that you are working it out but again you’ve got
to be very thankful that Jordans actually directing us how to do things
here look at all of the stuff you picked up now mmm you got a hole a pissed off
yep I can craps being out after spear oh maybe not yet I need more fiber okay but
say Jordan says all console and computers have manuals in the main menu
and we don’t have that luxury at the moment don’t musics finished let us
start that again I’m gonna have to do another soundtrack at some point do you
think mmm-hmm stink pants says yes so that’s that one
done yeah so well there you go peer says it
it makes sense so look at me I can do both sides of the fence say the things
that doesn’t appeal to certain players but does appeal to others but it also be
interesting to see what happens once things are maxed again because I’m using
when it comes to the clan war League and everything else I’m basically using
everything for the Builder base at the moment not for the main base because you
can only upgrade certain stuff on the main base it’s not like a big update for
it say what they are I think you’re getting a joke from from Kane what do
you do if planet if a planet hit it do you seek shelter or kiss the earth
and tell you I love to you do it what would you do saying that he what does it
mean like safely I mean Plato is not a planet
yeah there’d be nothing left oh yeah if mercury hit that’s smaller
than a that’s right yes Mahler but you’ll be good then my moon that’s true
I’m trying fuck kissee it and then try and find shelter what do you think say I
love you and then run away I don’t think you can run away because you can drain
your mic so Pierre says might animal base is looking pretty well I have Mike
Wayne up to level 3 right now gee that’s impressive
it’s always hard to level up the eros isn’t it did you go to get the dark
elixir I’m gone of the days I don’t know if you guys can even remember these spit
back in the old old days look at me on the ground car to get dark elixir what I used to do then you can’t do it
anymore with scary lightning spells because you used to be able to use
lightning spells on storages and that’s you know if you ever wanted dark elixir
just drop as many lightning spells on that as you could you’re trading off
elixir for dark elixir and I think because I was up you yeah I don’t know
how many players were doing it but I was doing it but it didn’t seem that common
because when people attacked my base they didn’t do it then you know yeah
like finding the loopholes like the magic items trick that you can’t do
anymore because of you right yep I think supercell keeps an eye on me they know
I’ve been playing the game since it’s that they always remain always oh um
dodgy but you’ve got to find ways to capitalize on the system now Jordan
saying can find tons of medals on the mountains and in the caves for me to
explain more I’ll exploit I’ll spoil the game experience for you do you want me
to continue the answer to that is yes Jordan go ahead because when we play
these games we’re not actually big gamers it’s usually just the one-off
we’ll play the game today and have you played any of them since I haven’t by
play furnace stars and then I’m when we changed ain’t crazy or something oh yeah
you played man versus wild so no go ahead we don’t mind the spoiler alerts
that the whole point of getting your help now is to make this stream a little
bit more interesting by showing that we actually have some skill so that the
more tips and advice you can give us the better it is for the the game playing
experience basically get another water go into the water
ain’t you got problems then what is obscene eh that’s a big that’s funny we would still thought it
is for the planet crashing universe what happens if you’re in the deep dark cave
came in and the planet crashed on the other side of the earth say not not
wanting this to happen but let’s say that planet crashed into America we
might be safe in Australia some the other side depends how big that planet
you’re gonna get tsunami from it you know what happens if you’re in like the
centre of Australia tsunamis not gonna travel that far sitting on top of was
about to say is Rock all or ooh you’re sitting on top of wall or watching the
world pass you by I’d be surprised if a tsunami could get that far so Jordans
get it so and back to here’s my recommendation these days if you want to
get dark elixir train elixir troops don’t use that and for that matter train
elixir spells don’t use dark elixir for anything when you’re trying to upgrade
vision it that’s what you do isn’t it stink pads what is dad gonna say you’ve
been surviving for quite some time now hey brah as soon as I said that there’s
a massive dinosaur yes but it looks like a friendly one no I just feel the egg
maybe maybe you don’t want to tell you that
Oh too late then the other thing Pierce that you can do is because you probably
don’t have clouds in town online this is more what stink pants does she doesn’t
care about the the the trophy count or winning or losing say she will
definitely shop around if she’s looking for dark elixir that’s what she’ll look
for in a base they’ve got good dark elixir that she thinks she can get
she’ll search around until she finds a place like that
why can’t what why are you keep alone me James very pessimistic he says we’re
still gonna die the planet crashes interest that’s it we’re gone I think so
well I wonder if I can get a leaf day out of here with the UFO ah maybe some
alien will come before and I’ll say can I get a list with you they said okay
maybe we can put you in the zoo how about that will I fade me me see that’s alright song is um you know
relatively comfortable in barns there’s lots of stuff you can pick up there pick
up that thing tape I don’t know what I did already I pick up some eggs oh these
guys still follow me alright say Jordan saying watch out for big dinosaurs such
as T Rexes Allosaurus and water animals such as big megalodons and jellyfish
– thank you following me boss portals made artifacts which you find in caves
have you been in a cave yeah I haven’t seen any cave just yet and then also
what classifies as big does that thing look too big domain yep no is big to me
no problem appears happy to help with classic lands wherever we can even if
it’s not a clash of clans strain cuz the majority of people had join us anyway
play clash of clans and the ones in particular that keep coming back to this
dreams tend to be clash of clans players say if you have any other questions or
anything that you want to help we’ve just asked away I’m happy to answer any
of that Jordan says ten times the size of a
raptor is I guess a big one so if you judge how big a raptor is oh that is big
okay you seem to be able to rhyme around these dinosaurs now without too much
problems because it doesn’t have forever keep an eye for rappers when I see it
I’m not going anywhere near the other Wayanad why this this big guys keep
following me I can’t get him away with him how can you tell he’s following
because how can you tell how can you tear that
because I can’t say it on the big screen where is it when a gang with building
his base thing and any more fees more Spears because he said you need more
Spears to go into the jungle daresay he says more MORE Oh see every time I look
around it’s just keep coming run away oh there is I’m pretty sure that one’s not
gonna attack you though I don’t know but it can’t if that on me and I’m dead what
behind it Jordan said you need more speeds to go further into the island and
don’t forget about building your base okay I don’t know what to build because
these guys are caving following me I don’t know what to do where would you
recommend to build this base Jordan is that’s another question she has and not be picking up stuff along the
way I’m too busy run away okay but it was going in the opposite direction I
don’t know about that oh that’s another egg I try to get it
did I get it pick up the egg I’m not sure I get it I’m not going to get it
why not don’t you see that big dinosaur
following me oh say he’s saying build your base in
the grassland in front of you so when you come across a patch of grassland
build a base there pet shop grassland C’s everywhere what are you doing all
right you haven’t this is a grant right there he says this is where you do it
but big guys do follow the old your base look at that let me guys keep follow me
I’m not going to do anything just yet I can’t tell how they are yeah
why keep annoying me this is your friend or did you know did you pick up Herrick
is or Herrick I’m not sure I’m not sure maybe I don’t know sometimes it’s the
face and it just looks like egg and I’m not sure I pick up face or egg when I
can I just pick it up Oh Jordan is saying to build a base around here
somewhere okay why did say jordan says grasslands has
plenty of plants trees and rocks and not many predators um why does that big
dinosaur Cape following Air Jordan it seems wherever she goes he wants to or
she wants to just tag along like a pet maybe it’s a pet dinosaur I think I have
to drop a says the egg crab dropping what chopped eggs they can build the
base give up until you get rid of its egg
I don’t even know where is the egg which one is the age it’ll be near inventory’s
somewhere DNA we check it is Jordan the biggest one is suppose let’s go that’s
what’s happening yeah you’re an egg thief how many eggs did you pick up then
watch and say did it pick up the egg I don’t know it can’t speak up colonel so
can’t pick up but it can stop chasing me with that third the right egg and you
probably shouldn’t have dropped it right where he campsite it’s gonna pay leave me leave me leave me have mozzie
paid so that’s got an egg on it it still keep coming so that’s not the egg
that’s not your age I’m gonna take it back what I think Jordans saying that
was the egg and say Jordan what she’s supposed to do yeah
she has dropped the Sega ready that hasn’t really stopped that dinosaur from
following her around who’s saying yeah it is that you’re
creeping out came don’t worry changed she creeps me out
too dainty my arch-nemesis you and the kitty cat he’s just lying there quietly
the name should be stick pants why why should I name be stick pants because
she’s got stick for legs stick legs yeah I’m gonna die I’m gonna die
what happened I think it’s step on me the big dinosaur I think what else I
can’t get rid of her period ah so you said keep it on the ground then go to
the water it should stop following you too late I’m that yeah do it now though
ah you’re doing well we’ve we’ve got an expert in the stream and you stayed
alive that time and we’ve got an expert that’s actually helping is how often
does that happen how about you try it hello Lynn it techno hello you’re doing
way better I died three times in the space of about
a minute yeah Duran well say you said get your
body you’re almost a okay Jordans gave my words of encouragement actually I’m
about to get naughty now I’m already dead right so I if I just go back to my
belonging and keep that with her ache will it still follow me I don’t
understand the question well when you die
think about Diablo alright when you die you have to collect the cause and if you
collect the cops you will get her egg again because it’s in your inventory you
want to give up the egg it keeps following you yeah but I’m already dead
so she kept the revenge so I just collect the inventory then I you know
drop last time I’m dead let’s check it Radames back


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