91 thoughts on “ARK: Survival Evolved – Homestead Update Available Now! | PS4”

  1. It be pretty cool if we could make blueprints for structures, like if I wanted to build a house and then move it somewhere else without having to rebuild the whole thing, you place like little markers around it that save it's layout and you can have it automatically build it for you, that is if you are holding all the necessary materials of course.

  2. Thanks for stealing from Switch owners and ignoring the port studio that wants to fix the game. 😊👍

  3. Im gonna try to build a castle in online mode and try to defend it. Hope I don't wake up one day and it's all gone.

  4. Why does this game have such terrible graphics on ps4 while far cry new dawn( pretty combarable=also a lot of grass, trees and stuff)looks and runs great

  5. I wanted this game when it came out but I only ever hear about how broken it is, and the comments are mostly ragging on this game

  6. Some more positive comments please? They’re updating the game kind of like seige, give them som credit

  7. Imagine Building Blueprints! Fallout 76 Building Blueprint meets Ark Survival Evolved! Like 👍 or Dislike 👎 for your thoughts or reply back! Have a great day & stay cheesy! 😁 PS4 @ItsCleveland69

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