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[Ark: Survival Evolved] Mod: Creature Finder Tools WIP

[Ark: Survival Evolved] Mod: Creature Finder Tools WIP

Hi guys Epic Pure here. This time testing a new Mod Creature Finder Tool is really nice mod you can install it in your server and create some kind of dino radar you can find rare dinos on map it gives distance and direction to the rarest dino specially sub-aquatic ones, using it now to find Mosasaurus you can use it in your servers. I’m here in my Quetzal, you can construct this structures each identifies a type of dinosaur I decided put on the platform because it’s an easy way to search after you found it you can then call your friends and try to tame it you can craft this structures, one for each type
this one show rare dinos, 2 Quetzals 4 Mososaurus and show distance and also the direction you must know where is the north in this case if you use your compass you can see that north is this way then you must check the angle north is at zero and 188 will be at southwest mososaurs
esta bastante proximo 423 metros e um anglo in this case Quetzal is at 1988 meters and Mososaurs really near 87 degrees starting from north will be something like this direction 400meters in this direction do not forget that is the shortest distance this mean will be in direction below if you consider your position plus water he will be really below before looking for it let me show others you can craft also Alpha Creature Sensor 2 Alphas Raptor 1 alpha Carno and none Rex This one Large Herbivore Sensor show Bronto and Parasaur This one Carnivore Sensor like Rex Spino and Argentus
It show the highest level and is position The recipes are similar, you need eletronics, polimeres and artifacts that you can get in caves you will need artifact of Skylord, Hunter, Massive and Pack I already have my diving equipment As you can see I found it you can now bring your friends and try to tame it, is hard one but it’s worth ok guys hope you like it and see you next time ups… run run run

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