ark: survival evolved- part (8)*

Let’s go on expedition to the mountains! Let’s speed up the video I’ve tamed these two Argentavis (Eagles) Oh no! Look at that big “Lizard” 😀 The Eagles must rest to recover Stamina Let’s avoid the Huge Dino for now Oh no! A Sabertooth Tiger is attacking us 🙁 As you can see on the right, there is an icon that looks like a thunderbolt, when it’s empty the animal will be forced to land anywhere I’m curious, let’s check this new friend It’s Huge!! I want to establish a base on this mountain to gather and process crystal and metal I will try to make this big Dino go away I will build my new base here You have to cook the metal with any fuel, like wood, thatch or sparkpowder in these refining forges I’m making the video more bright for you to see, another Sabertooth attacked us 🙁 Crystal is very important to make a Spyglass (binocular) I’m using the Eagles to carry the metal and all the heavy materials See all the metals, now add the fuel and choose light fire You can make Sparkpowder, with Stone and Flint in this Mortar and Pestle I’ve seen a nice tame, I will grab it 🙂 Eagle transport Company at your service! 🙂 It’s a long flight 🙂 The animal that I’ve picked is an Ankylosaurus. Those Scorpions are going to attack him :/ The Eagles have rested, time to depart 🙂 This is our base Now I will tranquilize and tame the Ankylo All you have to do is place berries in his inventory to tame Look at this egg LOL I wanted to tame a T-Rex, but it’s very dangerous, look at that fight! Let’s use the the Spyglass to zoom in These are all my tames 🙂 I hope you liked this episode! 🙂

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