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Ark: Survival Evolved – Patch 256 – Aquatic Breeding, Underwater Bases & New TEK (Latest Update)

Ark: Survival Evolved – Patch 256 – Aquatic Breeding, Underwater Bases & New TEK (Latest Update)

Hi Guys, With Ark: Survival Evolved Patch
255 still to be released the developers of the game have already announced what will
be in Patch 256 when it drops on its estimated date of the 29th of March 2017. This ones got some more Tek Tier goodness
and as always some new dinos so stay tuned for a breakdown of that. If you like this video or find it useful please
do hit that like button and subscribe to the channel. For now however lets get into whats in the
update. The first thing to note is that aside from
the Tek Tier and Dinos there is another big change to the game coming which is aquatic
and amphibious creature breeding. There hasn’t been any more information on
this but it sounds like it could form a nice synergy with the Tek Underwater bases that
were originally set to be released in Patch 255 but have since been delayed to this Patch. The new Tek content that you should expect
to see in this update are :- The TEK Teleporter, TEK Mosa Saddle, Tek Power Generator and a
New TEK Cave There are 4 new Dino’s set to be released
in the update so as usual lets have a look at the dossiers and what these creatures have
to offer:- Equus A cross between a Zebra and a Large Horse,
This creature can be used as a mount or as an effective pack animal, Although information
is currently limited it appears that it may be possible to craft special saddles for the
Equus that can serve as mobile crafting stations for chemical supplies and other items. Leedsichthys An Enormous and carnivorous fish that is capable
of swallowing humans whole, Despite its size this fish feeds only on small sea life, It
cannot be tames however may be worth keeping inside a pen as it is so large that pieces
of prime fish can be scraped off it without killing it making it a renewable source for
this. Ichthyornis This bird resembles a seagull that has rows
of serrated teeth, This creature is non aggressive to humans and when tamed can ride on your
shoulder. It will bring its owner fish that are augmented
with extra healing vitamins. Iguanodon A large herbivore that bears a resemblance
to the Parasaur. This Dinosaur could make a good mount having
very high Stamina and has the ability to pick seeds out of stacks of fruit. What do you think about this new update, are
there any features that you are particularly looking forward to, i would love it if you
would let me know in the comments. Thats all for now guys. If you enjoyed the video then please hit that
like button, comment and subscribe. Thanks for Watching, Peace.

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  1. i heard it will have a flyer nerf? idk what its supposed to be im just trying to figure out and im on xbox one so i mean its not ill be figuring out in gameplay soon

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