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Ark Survival Evolved Season 1 ANNOUNCEMENT!

Ark Survival Evolved Season 1 ANNOUNCEMENT!

what is up guys it is Mitch Savage here
and I just wanted to take the time today to tell you guys what’s up with ARC on
Tuesday console players get extinction and I’m very hype for that but I feel
like I have not experienced the full story of art yet
so I decided to host a server cluster so I can start from Island all the way to
aberration complete every boss and ascend from every map in order and when
doing this I’m going to be recording it and making it a series on this channel
and that’s what this video is about I wanted to let you guys know that
tomorrow morning on Monday November 12 I will be putting up the first few
episodes of season one for Ark survival evolved on the island I also want to let
you guys know that this server is public and it’s easy to join and if you’re on
xbox you can definitely join us and come play with us I would love to play with
you guys and I would love to raid you guys also I think that’d be awesome
so if playing on this server sounds interesting to you just check the
description I will put the name of the server there and I hope to see you guys
there and I hope you guys stick with me through this series through every map of
Park survival evolved and thanks for watching

2 thoughts on “Ark Survival Evolved Season 1 ANNOUNCEMENT!”

  1. Yoo I'm just downloading the game on Xbox one an well be trying it out for the first time tomorrow an would love some help if possible!

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