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Ark Survival Evolved Season 1 – SWAMP CAVE – REX SADDLE BP FARMING – EPISODE #6

Ark Survival Evolved Season 1 – SWAMP CAVE –  REX SADDLE BP FARMING – EPISODE #6

what is up boys it’s Mitch savage here
in today I am back with another Ark survival evolved video this is episode 6
and today we are heading into the swamp cave to farm blueprints for wrecked
saddles so we can start the Broodmother boss fight this is one of the hardest
caves on the island and as you will see it was pretty tough for us if you’re
joining this series please like and subscribe and I hope you enjoy we hold
up we have no frog No so long there’s four of us and there’s three wolves
mathboys I’ll be the torch bearer I have multiple
torches here nice I’ve been working at oh let’s go then fuck all these things
up with my torch I mean by all means this is gonna get
fuckin boys no don’t say that it’s already good don’t be Peggy oh we
should’ve brought thatched foundations with us to cut up salons fuck if if it’s easy and the three of us can
handle this snowball you should run out there and try to get that ready oh my my heart this is so good yeah this
this one’s going back up back up back up this one’s diet I’m force feeding holy
shit that got me twenty levels there’s just there’s so many fucking level 300
Mainers Jesus Cruz she put in one found a tree down here
cuz that’s all I got alright that works for me where do they spawn right where
you’re right in the center yeah great it’s so much where I’m standing watch
out brother right there so you still walk out now there’s two
boys let’s fucking throw work goodnight Parker I sure would this can’t break our scuba I got a four-seat this guy is not very
good for health it’s just offering the right saddles there’s gonna be no drops
in here nothing that’s worth it got you guys SAS in my pike we got this bitch back up in
reverse and keep attacking that’s what I’m doing and hit a four-speed this wolf
oh oh yeah all right fall back for speed again we’re having fun now boys I don’t
haven’t no don’t have a need for speed this Wolf’s more that I’ll check your
diving I can get past that way again I got all your stuff look okay so left
is first drop sir I’m gonna force-feed you I’ll watch right right right race it
out of five I pulled up the map oh this one’s to fucking died on the fuck out
this one’s holy shit this Canyon yeah I’m gonna tame some more higher wolves
what everything a lot easier fucking force-feed again yeah
perhaps or she’s like they’re like level 300 creatures yeah
spiders all this backup yeah no yep yeah get the fuck back full sprint back yeah
no I need a fall way back this most week yeah fall back
someone else hanging probably you got the big dick you got a tiny dick back up back up back up sorry I’m
fucking stuck in the wall never these frenzies is such a good idea I’m helping this is
this is the room of the first drop hey yeah hi Robert Smith he’s my body as sub
students defeat the Wolves okay y’all bitch
yellow drop right there but so able to need grapple hooks how he getting up
there Oh Lee just back the fuck up back the fuck
up back the fuck up Sony’s alight my ass on fire oh my god only leads all they found all these
bloody needed H yeah can I use my meat to feed the wolf all right each other I
got so much I got a campfire here jump on top of that fire no no you’re right
yeah you’re right even if it’s on your face mask it’s still how can we get up
here yeah but I’m not leaving here nothing I gotta I gotta
I just spider-man that shit okay know what we needed but I’ll take it
what did you get a prefab Mastercraft Anki saddle red drop oh don’t run in
there there’s a red rope right there this is it big boys all or nothing right
side like these bitches come to us as long as this just spiders we could we
should be okay oh there’s a ton of Megan Nora’s over there like so many yeah I’d
be more scared of this cave at her head Dilophosaurus in it level three turtle officers difference
all right let’s try to get healed up before we do this yeah they’re all stuck
on this fucking corner though there’s a lot of shit down there there is a red
drop there that’s what we came for right shoulda made compound OHS oh yeah oh yeah my tank is pretty uh pretty much
almost fucked six durability out of 45 everything else
is full oh fuck hold up pull the group in front of us first
leave those guys down there oh this just my game he’ll quit he’ll quit
you’re down there buddy go for it
and the seventh water leave changes scooters someone’s get it and run what’d you get run run to the entrance
fuck it does dip-dip dip-dip dip-dip know run away run away run away this way that’s where the yellow drop was coming
back down here to the water somebody’s gonna turn around turn around
turn around me I’ll show you what they say fuck it nope right here right here you find if I run faster jump if you
jump you go faster fuck that’s all you know basically
they’re sending you don’t want to know a blueprint before rockets and a laser
sight my scuba tank just broke

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