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ARKIT & Unity, Tutorial – create an Augmented Reality first Person Shooter

ARKIT & Unity, Tutorial – create an Augmented Reality first Person Shooter

Hello everybody and welcome to this video this course is about Augmented Reality and before we gonna have a look at what this cours everything contains I will demonstrate you the main project we will code here from scratch We will create an augmented reality First-person shooter survival game that means you can initialize the gaming-map in the real world wherever you want And then you can interact with the enemies and items like an Call of Duty or left for dead But this in the real world Have you ever seen something like this before We will create this protal to another dimension as well And to make this possible we only need an iPhone. Other Technologies on a similar level like the Microsoft hololens needs for a world tracking like this lot of sensors But apples Arkit only needs software for this and thanks to the powerful game engine unity combined with c# It’s really easy to create augmented reality apps like this even if you have no coding experience This is no problem because I will show you in the first 30 minutes all the important basics about c-sharp combined with unity And then we will create the main app from scratch and here We’ll also learn also important features of unity for example about Ray casting animations animator physics instantiating or moving game objects particle systems unities UI system scene manager audio sources and much more and this in just under 3 hours So would you like to be one of the first person ever we will create apps like this then what are you waiting for?

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  1. Hello, the requirements state iPhone 6 and above.However, I have an iPhone SE and the Apple ARKIT site mentions it as compatible for developing AR apps.Please clarify if I can take the Udemy course with iPhone SE.thanks

  2. Hi I made one game for Android in AR this is my first AR game

  3. Check this game on the Apple App store:

  4. VipARoom – Augmented Reality Friendship apps (With Erotics Models)

    Full IOS Source Code & Full Documentation

  5. Hi there
    I am getting error while purchasing this course on udemy.
    Is there any way to get this course.
    Please help..

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