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Atlas – Multiplayer Pirate Survival – Coming to Xbox One with PC Cross-Play

Atlas – Multiplayer Pirate Survival – Coming to Xbox One with PC Cross-Play

[XBOX SOUND] [MUSIC].>>October 8th, I
have just enough time to get my eye patch tailored. Wait a pirate game on Xbox, haven’t we seen that before? Let’s address the peg legged
elephant in the room. Yes, Sea of Thieves exists. It’s awesome, but Atlas is really a very different
type of experience. They’re basically on opposite ends of the pirate spectrum which is
something that exists now. Basically you have Jack Sparrow
on this end of the spectrum, and on the other side
is Captain Phillips. Look at me, I’m the captain
now. You remember that.>>Yeah.>>Maybe you don’t.>>I might have chosen Kermit.>>To help us understand
this more intense flavor of pirating lifestyle, we have Atlas lead game designer, Erik Waananen to tell us
well all about Atlas. So Erik tell us all about Atlas>>Sure yeah. So obviously yeah, there are a lot of
pirate offerings now. There are a lot of things
that differentiate us from other pirate games though. We want to create the
ultimate pirate experience. So Atlas is an online multiplayer
survival pirate game. It’s a massive open-world that thousands of players can
connect to simultaneously. One of the coolest things
that differentiates us though in the pirate space is that we actually provide
a truly persistent world. So if I build the shipper base in one place and you
visit that location, you’ll actually be able
to see exactly what I’ve built and you can
interact with it too. We’ve created this
gigantic sandbox where we let players do pretty
much whatever we want. We’ve given them the
tools and freedom to do that in true pirate fashion. So if you’re a player that wants to get all your
friends together and create a fleet of
pirate ships to then terrorize the seas, you can do that. If you want to claim
an island and then build your own pirate hideout,
you can also do that. The world is truly your oyster
when it comes to Atlas.>>Very good. I like the
nautical theme there.>>I can’t stop making
those little things, yeah.>>So you talked about the
scale of what you can do. When you’re talking
about a pirate game, there’s certain things
that you really expect. You want to battle sea creatures. You’re going to want
to pillage ships. You’re going to want to lose all
of your teeth because you don’t have a fundamental
knowledge of nutrition.>>Yeah.>>Do you ever do these things?>>Yeah. There’s all these
offerings and more right including the vitamin stuff
and the scurvy and what not. But there’s a lot of those classic moments that
players are expecting too. Atlas at its core is a game
about exploring, surviving, conquering the world with your
friends and other pirates, but there’s also those very
iconic pirate moments, intense ship battles with cannons, storming decks and clashing
swords with other players, searching for buried treasure
and wrestling it away from people that don’t want
to part with their booty. Even building your own bases and defending them or raiding and
looting other player bases. That’s just a handful
of items that are those really classic
pirate moments that players are expecting
that are in Atlas. There’s a lot more that players can expect when they get into
the game and actually play.>>So Atlas’s freedom but it’s not just what you can do in the game, but it’s really how you
can experience the game. There’s a lot of options to how you can really interact
with the world of Atlas.>>Right. Yeah, it’s a very
player goal-driven game. So players set what they want to do and the stories that
they want to tell in the game and we give them the space and the tools to provide those
stories for them to create. Yeah.>>All right, so let’s
talk about day one. You’re launching into
Xbox Game Preview.>>That’s right.>>All right, so that means
that’s the beginning of this voyage for Atlas on Xbox?>>Exactly.>>What can players
expect on that first day?>>All right. So again you know
we are looking to get into releasing on Xbox Game Preview on October 8th, that’s
two weeks away. One of the things that
we’re really excited about is Crossplay support. So we’re actually going to be
having Atlas be Cross Play enabled for both Xbox and PC
on day one at launch. So players on both platforms
will be able to play together in the exact same worlds on all
of our official servers. Something else that
we’re working on is keyboard and mouse support for Xbox. So players can look forward to that. But one thing we’ve
actually really wanted to make sure Xbox players understand is that when we launch Atlas on Xbox, it’s actually going to have full
game parity with Xbox and PC. That means that whenever we push an update or we release
new content for the game, Xbox and PC will both
get that simultaneously. It’s not a different game for
Xbox or different game for PC. It’s the exact same game
across both platforms.>>You’re saying a lot of
the right things there. So let’s take out our
spyglass and look a little bit forward down the line of the
game preview voyage for Atlas. I’m thinking back to, you guys made Ark Survival Evolved and had a really wild run
through early access. I remember playing
it on its first week out and I think I was like bashing a fish with a rock and then eating it raw like like a proper cave person. Six months later, I saw
people flying on the backs of Pterodactyls firing SMGs and was
like how is this the same game?>>Sure, lots of changes
over time, right?>>Exactly. So why don’t you
talk a little bit about some of the changes we can expect
down the line with Atlas.>>Sure. So we’re looking to follow a very
similar approach with Atlas, right, evolution over time
especially in Game Preview. So basically how we’re going to
treat future updates for Atlas, we’re going to be rolling
them out in multiple phases. So each phase will have a
specific area of the game that we focus on and that we tailor
or make improvements to. For example, the first
update that we’re going to be really focusing on once we release on the 8th is going
to be general upkeep stuff, quality of life improvements
for the game bug fixes, performance increases,
those sorts of areas. But then after that the area of
focus we’re going to have is that of the phase on seas
ships and sailing updates. Ships and sailing is such
an important part of Atlas, it’s really core to
that pirate fantasy, and so we want to make them an even bigger part of the game
than they currently are. So that means things
like making ships easier to acquire and easier to sail, new additional types of
encounters on the ocean, new activities for players
to do on their ships. We want players to be able to enjoy themselves even more when
they’re out on their ships. So we’re going to be
focusing on updates that target those areas specifically. But the most important part
of all this, honestly, especially in game preview is
going to be player feedback. So it’s a continually
evolving process and we want to get player input and
so we want to invite and encourage Xbox players to join us both in our official forums and on social media so they
can also be a part of helping make Atlas that ultimate
pirate experience together.>>All right, what is that website? What is that social media? Where
can people find more about Atlas?>>Sure so you can visit us on our official website
at We have an official Discord
Channel that players can join. They can chat us, sometimes devs
drop in there too and also on social media you can find all the latest news and
updates there as well.>>Erik thank you so much. Now before I let you go, I have to ask what did the
ocean say to the pirate?>>I don’t know.>>Nothing, it just waved. [XBOX SOUND]

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  1. I'm very excited to play atlas, good thing i don't listen to whiners. It seems the whiners just can't stop themselves. If you don't understand game development takes time, stop gaming. I've watched people playing who love the game and it looks amazing. They're just not whiners, whiners are ruining gaming. Developers are afraid to take risk in fear of an army of whiners complaining. Get out of gaming whiners.

  2. will you make Xbox players spawn in ocean like you did with PC players? would love to see that, and see if they would stay after that or leave and ask money back lol

  3. GamingOGs will be hosting and XBOX / PC cross-play server!

    We're one of the largest unofficial communities for Atlas MMO!


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