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Augason Farms Review Pasta Alfredo Pantry Pouch Instant Entree Review- Long Term Food Storage

Augason Farms Review Pasta Alfredo Pantry Pouch Instant Entree Review- Long Term Food Storage

Augason Farms Pasta Alfredo Pantry Pouch instant entree emergency food storage meal entree in a bag review how to cook it taste test walmart emergency food Dehydrated Meals Prepping Cooking hi it’s AlaskaGranny I’m at my Granny
Camp my off grid Alaska cabin and I’m going to show you one of the ways that I cook very simple easy
meals that are great for off-grid camping or even emergencies I’ve made a
stockpile of the Augason farms whole meal dehyrated pantry pouch entree meal food storage entrees in a bag they’re called Augason Farms pantry
pouches they come in different flavors similar to what you would have if you buy a Mountain House entree except there’s more food in the Augason farms and they’re about half
of the price of Mountain House meals you can’t cook the Augason farms meals in the pouch though
you have to cook them in a pot they have different flavors varieties different directions
so choose a flavor meal that you think might appeal to you and then look on the back
to see what the cooking directions are because they’re not all the same the Augason Farms entree pantry pouch
I’m going to make today is called instant pasta alfredo this packet makes four
servings 340 calories per serving I like the Augason farms pantry pouch
entree meals because the pouches are conveniently sized and they’re sealed
for up to 10 years an open package can be closed up and last for another year
if you look on the back you’ll find the nutritional facts the ingredients and
always make sure that you check for the freshness use by date sell-by date so you know to use this up
before that date the best strategy for storing food using long term food storage is to use it before the freshness use by
sell-by date that’s when the quality might begin to deteriorate and you
wouldn’t want to pay money for food store it away and find out you saved it
too long and it isn’t any good anymore the front of the Augason Farms pantry pouch meal says just add
water but it also recommends that you add cooked chicken so I have a little
can of chicken that I’m going to open and add to it once it’s cooking I am going to light my stove and bring two
and a half cups of water to a boil the pouches are pretty sturdy so they seem
like they’re going to hold up nicely in a long-term food storage but I like to
put them in a five-gallon bucket to store them to make sure that nothing can
chew on the bag cut open the Augason Farms pasta alfredo pouch bag and you can see the pasta alfredo has some
powdery sauce and some little noodles there is supposed to be an oxygen
absorber you want to look for the oxygen absorber and remove it and I don’t see
it bring your water to a boil add the contents of your packet of pasta alfredo and you want to whisk it stir it together cover it turn off the heat and
let it stand for 10 minutes did you see here it says this convenient
pouch is nitrogen flushed or contains an oxygen absorber and I didn’t find an
oxygen absorber so I guess it’s nitrogen flushed it’s been 10 minutes you can see there’s
a lot of sauce it’s thick the noodles seem to be soft and I’m going to stir in
my can of chicken and I put the lid back on it and let it heat up for about 2 or
3 more minutes the sauce is really thick it’s almost soupy compared to the amount
of noodles there are if you were going to prepare pasta alfredo at home or have
it in a restaurant it would certainly have a different consistency if you’re
off-grid living you’re camping or it’s an emergency survival situation this
might be just the food that you would enjoy having its tasty it’s more like a
soup stew consistency but it’s certainly filling the flavor is okay mine still has a few little crunchy bits
so I guess I didn’t let it steep long enough but it’s tasty enough remember not every meal in your life is
going to be the most delicious one you ever had so having a few easy backup
meals might do the trick this is something I
would certainly cook again and I would buy them especially at the price I found
them for there’s a lot of food for just a few dollars that can sit on your shelf
for 10 years if you were looking at this for emergency situations just add water
this is going to be a lot tastier and easier than boiling beans and rice the Augason
farm pantry pouch meal entrees make a lot of food when it says four servings it
really gives you four full filling serving some of the other kinds of
backpacking meals they’ll say two servings but it’s really
only one or two servings if you have additional food some members of my family
said they actually enjoyed the pasta alfredo the most the nice thing about it
is there are there’s a wide variety of flavors varieties and there’s probably a flavor
that everyone will enjoy in your family try the Augason farms pantry pouch
meal entrees and see if they don’t serve your needs for off-grid living camping
or even just stockpiling for emergency survival situations it’s great to have a
variety of the things food that you really need learn more at
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