Avoid Your Kryptonite For Network Marketing Success

Every Superman or Woman has their kryptonite,
do you know yours? Hi, this is Steve from Network Marketing Performance,
where you can find ideas to create an extraordinary life through network marketing. Today I want to talk to you about avoiding
your weaknesses, or as I like to call them, your kryptonite, just because I like the pop-culture
comic book reference and I think the reference actually fits quite nicely here. So the whole idea is, is you have to know
what makes you fail (this is your kryptonite) just as much as what makes you succeed. An example might be, if you’re more of an
introverted low-key type of person, forcing yourself to always be in a door-to-door networking
public-speaking environment, might be, just like throwing a bucket of kryptonite on Superman. Learning strategies and tips to help you reach
your goals and enjoying network marketing is very important. But knowing the stuff that makes you cringe,
run away and hide, I think, is equally just as important. That’s why you have to form a personalized
strategy that takes into account traits that make you fail at your goal just as much as
the ones that will make you succeed. Learning what not to do is just as important
as learning what to do. Sometimes people get caught up in seeing what
works for others, and really trying to force it to make it work for them. Yes there are some general strategies that
work for most people. Like having a clear quality process to see
if your business is right for your prospect vs desperately trying to convince everyone
you meet to sign up with you ASAP. So it’s important to make sure you learn both
sides of what makes most people fail and succeed in general in network marketing. And remember what personally works for you
and what you like can be totally different from someone else. If you’re an introvert and you see an extrovert
getting some results, don’t think you have to force yourself to become an extrovert to
get the same results, cause that will be torturous. Get creative on how you can use your introverted
personality type and skills to accomplish the same outcome. Going out of your strength zone and into your
kryptonite zone just as a desperate attempt for results will actually get you closer to
failure than long-term success. Find what works for you and double down on
that approach and stay far far away from what you don’t like or what doesn’t work for you. For me educating and connecting through my
online videos and marketing works best for me. I prefer to build relationships over time
whether it be in person or online. What doesn’t work for me is the cold market,
“Hi, what’s your name, are you keeping your options open?” Numbers game approach. I remember doing that in my early days and
it felt horrible, it felt like the Wicked Witch of the West getting hit with an ice-bucket
challenge. So if you want network marketing success,
form a strategy that works for you, and avoid your personal kryptonite and the network marketing
industry kryptonites in general, at all costs. Well I would love to hear what your kryptonites
are and what strategies you have to avoid them in the comment section. Hearing everyone’s stories and strategies
on how to mitigate their weaknesses and avoid their pitfalls is great insight for everyone
to learn from. Thank you so much for watching and if you
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