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Awesome DIY Mini Waterproof Capsule

Awesome DIY Mini Waterproof Capsule

Hey YouTube friends! Survivalkraft here! In
this video I am going to teach you how to make this cheap waterproof capsule for your
outdoor gear. For this project you are going to need to screw-top bottles. This is a two
liter, but you can use a 20 ounce . . . you just need two of them. You are going to need
something with a saw and a knife; I prefer to use my Leatherman Wave. You are going to
need some epoxy, and you are going to need some sandpaper. First, take off the top and
crush down the bottle. The reason why you are crushing down the bottle is that this
enables you to put a lot of force on here while you saw the top part of the bottle off.
What you want to make sure you do is not cut to far down here, because that means there
is going to be more you will have to sand off. Try to get it right up under this rim
here. What I prefer to do is to cut from this side, get half way through, flip it over and
cut from the other side. You get a lot cleaner cut. Now when you get done you should have
this. This is the top portion of the bottle cut off, and I went ahead and cut off the
white ring. You are going to want to do that for both bottles. Now since you cut this off
with a saw, it is probably uneven and jagged on the bottom. So what you are going to want
to do is you are going to want to sand all that stuff off. Take a piece of sanding paper,
and I prefer to run this in circles. You are going to do that until you have a nice flat
surface. Now once done, you are probably going to have some burrs in here. So you are going
to want to take your knife—be careful with this—you are going to run this knife to
get the burr out of there. Once you are done sanding the two tops, then you are going to
want to glue them together along the base. Now for this I am using Loctite epoxy. This
works really well, though there are a lot of other epoxies out there that you can use
if you don’t want this one. Now once the glue dries, you can either cut off any of the excess
glue or you can sand it off. The you want to make sure you clean this thing inside and
out. When you are done, all you have to do is screw on the tops again, and you’ve got
yourself a little waterproof capsule. Now if this project was done correctly this should
not only be waterproof, it should also float. And those two things together mean that this
little capsule can do a lot of different things in your loadout or bug-out bag. I use this
for two main things. I use it to store one CR123A lithium battery for my Streamlight
flashlight. It keeps it nice and dry and if I ever drop it in water it will keep it from
sinking. It is mainly the waterproofing that I care about, though. The other thing I use
this for is for a small compact survival fishing kit. I put some hooks in there, I put weights
and some line, a lure or two . . . just whatever I can fit in there. It doesn’t hold much,
but trust me, it is enough. Then, when I empty it of its contents all I have to do is take
a little bit of that line, tie it around here, and it acts as the bobber in my fishing kit.
So you can have a really small, compact fishing kit using this method. So if you guys have
any questions, suggestions, comments, gripes, or anything else you want, put them in the
comment section below. I would love to hear from you guys! This is a really cheap and
easy project that will only take you about 10 minutes plus a little waiting time to allow
the glue to dry. So it is a really fun project to do on the weekend. If you have any projects
you can suggest that are also cheap and easy DIY projects, please suggest them in the comments
section below. I would love to check them out. As always, thank you guys for watching,
and have a great day!

15 thoughts on “Awesome DIY Mini Waterproof Capsule”

  1. Love the Cautionary NotePopups in your Video. well done, fun project .Interesting …wonder how it would do for a mini spice bottle , for the Spice kit ?

  2. Would make a good cap for the raw water end of the Sawyer Mini & Squeeze filters. Just uncap one side and screw it onto the filter. Cap on other side dual purpose – protects that end of the filter and keeps residual water in the filter from leaking & wetting pack, cargo pocket or wherever the filter is kept.
    Good, clear, presentation on the how-to. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good video. Maybe leave one of those white rings by the cap and use it to attach a split ring for a key chain or zipper pull on a parka and in the other groove, wrap it with braided fishing line. Keep up the great work.

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