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BALDI’S BASICS IN MINECRAFT! (Official) Baldi Minecraft Animation Horror Game

BALDI’S BASICS IN MINECRAFT! (Official) Baldi Minecraft Animation Horror Game

Welcome to Baldi’s Basics and education and learning. That’s me Hit the like button and get a prize What is this place supposed to be ooh, look at me I’m in a scary school Hello, who are you supposed to be? Not gonna talk, huh? Well, you’re bald just in case you didn’t notice maybe wear a wig or something. It’s easy m’aky La la la la la skipping down the hall lot that that and here’s a door wonder what’s on the other side? Oh my an empty class that’s not scary at all and what’s this OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, A Notebook Let’s open it. Oh Look kids basic math All right, 3 + 3=6. That was easy 4 + 5, That’s 9, and What? What, What’s this, I can’t even read it Okay, maybe it’s 7. Oh Darn, I got an answer wrong whatever Boring. Anyways, this place isn’t even that scary Well, isn’t that convenient? Okay, I guess I’ll need to take out the trusty dusty old flashlight What the heck is that slapping sound I’ve got to get out of here. This school is a hundred percent not kid-friendly. Whoa Who the heck are you supposed to be? Yeah, no thanks jump roping is for nerds you can leave now, oh come on Okay, bye Okay, I remember you you’re that bald creep I saw earlier hey, can you help me find a way out of here Say what are you gonna do with that ruler? Oh no, you don’t exa tolling stay away from me. What’d You miss me la la la la la you can get dis booty yoink. See ya No running in the halls Excuse you, I’m not gonna listen to some cardboard blow-up doll. Thank you very much Now out of my way can’t you see Baldy the pedo is trying to get me. Oh, yeah, what the eight? Let me go, 15 seconds detention for you When will you learn? Hey, I’m not a kid. You can’t treat me like this. Your parents will hear about this one. Oh, no Where’s baldo, come on stupid timer out Of detention ahh. Yoink see ya Hey get out of my way here eat that leave me alone, that’s the real bully right there, Get him Oh no, not you again come on I don’t want to play your stupid Jump game (Whistling) Oh Crap, no hitting students in the house 30 seconds detention for you. When will you learn? Oh Oh Man I’m stuck in detention again, I can’t even leave this room help help someone help, I need an adult Not that kind of adult, All right, don’t you come a step closer I’m warning you No Oh Hey stop it aah This is not how a school is supposed to be why don’t you learn something? You stupid turd? (Crying) My butt hurts really bad all that for a wrong math question This is a school from hell, but at least the lights are back on All right, so no running in the halls or that blowup doll will get me again, oh The little girl is back for some more playtime jump ropings again. Got to hide That was a close one All right. What is this place? It looks like I’m in another classroom again. Oh and look what we have here. It’s It’s floating. What kind of witchcraft is this? See kids? I told you this school is in hell, but did you believe me? No What’s this say, I hear every door you open signed mr. Baldi Well, isn’t that comforting does mr. Baldi peep on me in the shower too? Well, I guess this is it At least it’s in my favorite color blue. Let’s see what we have to learn here. Oh cool. It’s multiplication 3 x 8=24. All right What is 6 x 9? Oh god, this is way too easy. It’s 15. I thought it was addition. Oh crap Oh God baldi’s gonna spank my butt again. I feel extremely violated I don’t want the ruler to my buttocks. I want my mommy It doesn’t sound too close, maybe I can make a run for it All right, I’m gonna walk like a good little students and maybe I’ll find the exits Like oh my god, I did it ha ha I found the exit See you later bald freak class is dismissed What is this thing? Hey, this isn’t the exit Oh What, now Get off let me go. Hey just stop you’re going the wrong way I’m headed straight for Baldi. No, no, no What oh Man my butt cheeks. Oh, all right. I’ve had enough of this. I’m calling the cops Yes, hello, I’m in a school where a teacher named mr. Baldi is abusing children in this school I think the school is called baldi’s basics in education Send someone here immediately. Please call anyone bring the military and an exorcist if you have to Hello, They hung up No calling the police in the house, 15 seconds detention for you. When will you learn? Thanks for watching if you want to see more Baldi just hit the like button, turn those Notifications on and Subscribe Granny is gonna come back along with some Angry Friends. So stick around share this video and I’ll see you later

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  1. BALDI'S BASICS VS SONIC: NEW ANIMATION! More to come! Turn Notifications ON, thanks for the support you guys are amazing!

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  3. Steve: This is not how a school's suppose to be.
    Baldi: Why don't you learn something you stupid turd.
    Me: (Gasp) Oh no you did NOT JUST INSULT MY FRIEND LIKE THAT.

  4. The Goodbody said I’d walk a price I hit the like button nothing happened what’s wrong with this game

  5. You should have never jinxed it cuz that was stupid to say that it was very stupid very stupid indeed but it was funny he beat him up

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