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Banned Memories: Yamanashi | AWESOME PS1 STYLE SURVIVAL HORROR!

Banned Memories: Yamanashi | AWESOME PS1 STYLE SURVIVAL HORROR!

What is up everyone my name is Mike from M.A.D
Gaming and welcome to Weird Wednesday the weekly show where I play the weirdest, strangest
and spookiest games on the internet. Today I’m playing a game called Banned Memories.
Don’t adjust your monitor this game is actually graphically based in games that we’re on the
Playstation 1 back in the 1990’s. These we’re games I played when I was growing up. This
game is based on games such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil. Ah Tank controls, do you
remember tank controls.What you should do is get the Silent Hill Collection which I
think you can get on the xbox 360, you should play that and then you’ll know tank controls.
My only problem is I’d like to be able to use a controller that’s my only thing to start
with, obviously the resolution is stuck at 570×320 because that’s what the Playstation
1 was in. Right this is just a demo as well, let’s go for normal. Why can’t I press anything?
Ok I couldn’t pick normal, Bad Memories Yamanashi. Ahh look at this! Look at this! Man this does
remind me a lot of of the original Silent Hill. I tell you what this also reminds me
of, a game called Alone in the Dark A New Nightmare, which was a newer re-release of
The Alone in the Dark. It’s too dark to see. I haven’t got a flashlight. Good year! Actually
that was a few days after I was born! Well crap! Fourth wall breaking, my immersion!
I need to find a flashlight. There’s so much nostalgia, ah that on the floor there, that
would be a flashlight. Ah the door opening! If you remember Resident Evil. Why has someone
farted? This reminds me of the school from the first Silent Hill game. That’s what it
reminds me off. I’m actually going to turn my volume up ever so slightly, I actually
put my headphones through my hoodie, there we go I can hear a lot better now. I probably
should have done this to start with. This is the Silent Hill 1 school! Let’s just keep
winding it, see if that helps. I don’t know if I have to get to a specific time. Hang
on a second there are two blobs I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. So basically
I have to find the specific time. OK fair enough. Seriously the nostalgia in this game
I think that’s what this game is going for. Nostalgia feels of the old PS1 era of survival
horror.Which in my mind are some of the best survival horror games ever made. The original
Silent Hill was fantastic, the second one Silent Hill game was even better. It’s kind
of weird just using one hand, the other hand is just sitting here. Ying yang! Oh those
camera angles! Can you now? That’s locked I just skipped through the dialogue too bloody
quickly. What about this table? Maybe they could just stand. With the Japanese feeling
it reminds me of if anyone has ever played, I think it’s called Project Zero in this country,
oh god what was the name of the game, I can’t remember the name of it! It’s Project Zero
in this country. I’ve just remembered it’s called Fatal Frame in America and Japan I
believe. It’s called Project Zero in this country. I need to find out what time I need
to set this bloody clock too. I’m just going to keep spinning it for hours, there’s got
to be something here. Ah ha! I winged that, I winged it! I just kept going around the
clock, there’s only so many things you can do. Right ok. Right fair play! Right that
took me a lot longer than it probably should have but I couldn’t find any clues as to what
to do. Right so this is the key to room 100, yea I have the key so I actually have to use
it. There we go! There’s a funny smell coming from within so we’re probably going to find
some horrible thing in here. It’s very Silent Hill in here.Oh the metal sound! So I’ve got
the key to the cafeteria. Holy crap! It’s alive, it’s alive! Oh god! Don’t you get stuck
on stuff you bastard! Keep moving that thing is right behind me. Open! Oh that thing is
horrible! Is it going to follow me through the door? Please say it doesn’t follow me
through this door. Thank god for that. Oh look tomato soup! Oh my god that thing was
freaky it reminded me of the monsters from Silent Hill 2. I really don’t want to have
to go back out there if I can help it. Not a demo door again! My immersion! That was
the door I came in the room. So by process of elimination, let’s use this one! What’s
behind door number 1? It’s a bit quiet in here. I don’t like it. Oh look female toilets!
Why? Why do I need
to visit the principals office? Apparently it’s telling me too. What’s this? Oh handgun
bullets! Wow this is very Silent Hill! What the? There’s nothing on it… Yea that’s defiantly
a good idea. Right OK so I’ve got a gun, yay for gun. OK so it can hold 17 bullets. So I need to remember
it’s got 17 bullets in it. Ok I can do that. OK so shift is to aim and I think C is to
fire, which means there is going to be a horrible monstrosity outside. Oh ok I’m just going
to avoid you, because in these games ammo is very scarce so you can go screw. Uh that
thing was horrible. It’s just like the dog scene, do you know what I love hanging around
in… NO! I don’t! This game is bringing back so many.. it’s so nostalgic because that bit
reminded me of the dogs from the first Resident Evil. Oh alright then! This is not a school!
No way in hell is this a school. Hello? Oh wheelchairs, I’m getting more Silent Hill
vibes now, what’s on the floor here? OK I can’t actually, there’s some barbed wire in
the way. I don’t blame you mate that bed looks filthy, absolutely disgusting do you ever
wash your bed sheets? Are they bloody footprints on the floor? Oh this game gives me the heeby
jeebys. I think it’s because it’s bringing back horrible childhood memories of playing
Silent Hill. That’s fine I’m not in that much of a rush to go
in there. So it does stay true to the Resident
Evil/Silent Hill games in that most of the doors don’t actually work. It would be very
handy if I could run. That would be extremely handy, I can’t unfortunately. This game is
freaky. I think it’s just leading me down a very specific path by the looks of things.
Oh handgun bullets! Where are you? I can hear you, you bastard! I can hear you! There you
are! See you later! Ah there’s two of them! I’ve escaped them! Those things are horrible!
I don’t like them. I’m sorry for your name again. OK I’m just going to think about this
for a second I’m going to focus my mind and take a deep breath. OK nostalgia wise the
game hit exactly the right notes so thumbs up to that! Fantastic on that note! I want
to be able to run, that was something that I actually missed from that, I’m assuming
that’s something you probably want to add in anyway, so one good thing to add. The monsters,
uhh they gave me the freaks, I did not like them at all. So thumbs up for that one. I
mean in terms of feedback I think just, you’ve got a fantastic idea. Nostalgia is one of
those things especially for something like Silent Hill or Resident Evil that you can
just tap into peoples nostalgia. For me personally those were the games that really got me into
horror games when I was younger. So playing a game like this kind of pulls back those
memories. It just gives me the heeby jeebys. So awesome game well done to you, add a sprint
function that is the only thing I can really think off at this point. I didn’t actually
fire the gun so I don’t know what the gun sounded like, that’s always important, to
me anyway personally. But well done, I know it sounds funny but it’s original because
most horror games try to do the first person view and they rely on cheap jump scares, this
game had it’s atmosphere and it’s music and it’s sound to a T. But anyway this has been
your Weird Wednesday for this week. Thank you everyone so much for watching, if you
enjoyed the video don’t forget to drop it a like. Also subscribe to my channel for new
videos Monday to Friday and I’ll see you again soon!

5 thoughts on “Banned Memories: Yamanashi | AWESOME PS1 STYLE SURVIVAL HORROR!”

  1. Hiya Mike! Thank you so much for playing my game. I am glad you felt the nostalgic vibe I was trying to create. Thanks again!

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