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Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Fishing Supplies

Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Fishing Supplies

It’s time to start fishing now. In our survival
pack I kept fish hooks, we have safety pins which can double for fish hooks, these things
are great. We also, have some string which is great for out fishing line that we’re going
to be using, we have our wire, now this wire can actually turn into fish hooks if you don’t
have any, so you can take this off, break it, an make fish hooks. Then I have a little
weight, now this weight is just a rock that I found next to the creek here that I’m going
to tie off on the bottom to make sure that the line goes all the way to the bottom of
the creek bed. Make a nice little knot here, okay, now we have our weight. Now we need
to tie on our fish hooks, now what we’re going to do is we’re going to put on our fish hooks
at different levels on the string. This is to make it so that we can leave it out there
and, hopefully, get more fish on our line. So, go ahead, string it, just like this, find
the point that you want it at, I’m going to want my fish hook right there. So, tie it
off, there’s one, now let’s do the same with this other one, I’m going to want this one
just a little bit higher, just like that. Okay, now we have our weight that’s going
to go all the way down, then we have our two fish hooks, if you have more fish hooks this
is great, put them all down the line so that you can make sure that you catch more fish.
Now you’re going to need bait, now the best thing for bait is usually grubs or insects.
Now, you can find all of these under a lot of wet log, if you look up, anywhere in these
mountains, you can find a dead overturned trees, lift those up you’re going to find
maggots, a really good source of protein for fish, so their going to like maggots a lot,
any insect, six legged, anything you can hook onto this one right here. Just be careful
of spiders because you don’t want to get bit and then have a health problem. So, all you
have to do, string on earthworms, are another good thing, go ahead and string them on right
there, throw this in. If you have a little booby, you can take a little blown up balloon
or if you keep condoms in your survival pack, as well, you can blow one of those up, tie
it off on the top and use that as your bob, otherwise you can extend your string and have
it tied off to a little branch or scrub on the side of the creek bed on the side of the
lake. Now that’s how you fish, so get on with it.

29 thoughts on “Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Fishing Supplies”

  1. WHO THE HELL WOULD KEEP CONDOMS IN THERE SURVIVAL KIT??????? Correct me if im wrong, but if i was lost in the woods for a couple of weeks and i am found by some college hikers, i doubt that they would be thinking "Hey lets have sex with this lst smelly hiker!"

  2. Condoms can be used as floats to keep the hook at a certain depth. Condoms can be used to keep small bait like minnows alive in and transported around the fishing area. Condoms can be cut into long strips and attached to a hook to make it a skirted hook which attract fish. Condoms can be filled with an attractant like chopped worms, maggots, or crushed insects and then shaped into a worm form and tied to the hook. Condoms have many uses other than a prophylactic.

  3. I try not to be condescending, but seriously you've never heard of this? an unlubed condom can be used to carry water, help catch animals, and keep your matches dry if need be. They are just plain useful…unlubed of course

  4. i took my nagging girlfriend for surf and turf yesterday-bluegill and a hot dog
    nice vid the guy did a nice job

  5. what will you do if you get an small 3 ft Alligator hook on to trout line ? answer if you in a park city co. state and/or Fed you have to report the hook and release of an alligator so do not catch one inside a PARK ! A FIVE FT Gator can feed a family of 8 with ribs and tail

  6. to store water. condom are pretty much the best there is to store water. and you never know…maybe you will meet Jane or a mermaid while in the wilderness. haha

  7. In a real survival situation I would strongly reccomend NOT to apply a lot of hooks… If you only ahave a limited ammount of hooks, you don`t want to loose them all if a real big boy bites, and breaks your fishingline. Better to set out more hooks at various places in the fishingwater, on different strings..

  8. 1. if you have more hooks that means you can have more fishing spots.
    2. instead of saying condoms ( because having a sex item for a survival situation would be strange )
    you could say bubble gum survivor man ( Les Stroud ) did that in a Gorgan swamp for fishing

  9. lol condenums for a bob, who would take that on their survival kit. lol just incase they get raped by a bear. 😛

  10. Would have been a nice video if you included the actual attempt. I'm not knocking you, just hoped to see the contraption in action. One of the concerns I had was if a large fish came along, wouldn't he just pull the whole rig downstream after he took the bait? And if so, what would you have done? Well shot video, great audio, well put together.

  11. or you can set up rocks in the creek all the way across leave a gap in the very middle.and if you have a net, set it up infront of the opening o the rocks and fish will habe to swim in there.

  12. are you by any chance on facebook so that i can view some daily or weekly tips on survival skills

  13. @mermaidmorrison subscribe to my youtube channel for weekly video updates. (similar to this) and i will take requests on videos

  14. Condoms are a great way to transport water and have ALOT of uses in the wild, not to mention do not take up alot of room in a B.O.B. alot of less room than a plastic water container!!

  15. A few observations:
    1. That black thread will not hold any but the smallest fish. It will break as a fish of any decent size thrashes around after it's hooked. Instead, throw in some 10# or 12# monofilament fishing line, about 10-20 ft. (Learn to tie fishing knots, too.)
    2. If you make a fish hook out of wire, when the fish bites he will just bend it – and you will lose your fish.
    You might try fishing yourself – you'll learn enough to make some marked improvements in your survival fishing kit.

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