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Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Making an Arrow

Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Making an Arrow

Now that we’ve completed our bow, we have
four different strapped areas right here, now is the time to actually put the bow string
on. What I’ve done is I’ve created the exact same loop, right there at that end, and I’m
going to put this over the top of our biggest branch, right there, then I’m going to wrap
it around a couple times, just like that, now I’m going to come to the other side. Now
this other side, it’s a little bit tricky, I’m going to bend the bow, just slightly,
I’m going to stick it through there and I’m going to stick that string right through there,
I’m going to wrap it around and then I’m going to bring it back on top of itself, make sure
that it’s nice and tight, just like that. Now, we have a finished bow, just like that.
Now we need an arrow, let me show you how to do that. What I have right here is a straight
stick, you’re going to want to find the straightest stick that you can find out here. You’re going
to have to find a really strong wood because if you have a very light wood, it’s just going
to fly through there without any force. So, we have our stick right here, we’re going
to make sure and carve a nice good tip on it. A lot of Indians use rocks, a really sharp
pointed rock, but we aren’t going to do that right now we’re just going to shave this until
it’s nice and sharp. Now I have a nice sharp point on here, you can always make it sharper
when you have the time, then on the back right here, make sure it’s flat, then you’re going
to break off a little wedge in here, just for the string to sit in on your back here.
There’s all sorts of different ways you can make arrows and bows, you can add a fin to
it so it will fly better, you can add the rock like I was talking about on the front
there, but since we don’t have the time we’re just going to do this. We have our bow right
here, the back of the arrow fits nicely, right in the bow string. Now, just like archery
class, you pull back and you shoot it and that’s how you make a bow and arrow.

80 thoughts on “Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Making an Arrow”

  1. It's a shame that this video series, like the expertvillage channel, doesn't actually provide detailed information. The quick breezing over a subject like this could put someones life at risk one day.

    Does he show how to make a survival bow, yes.
    Could he have provided more details on things like; how to straighten an arrow or attach simple fletchings, Definitely. Would his bow help you catch game in a life or death situation, unlikely.

    my $0.02

  2. what u ganna hunt with that a bug or something u should of got a big piece of would then made a bow out of that and make that arrow longer and straighter then u would be able to hunt.

  3. Yea. I think the min. pounds of draw weight it takes to kill a deer is like 60 and that think cant probably do 10… even if he shoots a human it would only just puncture the skin…

    I wish he would actually shoot something as proof it works.

  4. lol tis is for survival, jux think tat even if u shoot the arrow it can be retrieve and be reuse until it is broken

    by the way even without very good force from the bow frame, it make up by the sharpness of the arrow [ so i suppose it may injure but not kill the animal ] good enough for a catch =P

  5. It is obvious you have never been on a survival outting.

    If you had ever been out, alone, no food, you wouldn't be so mouthy!

  6. This bow wouldn't be totally useless…it would be good for fishing in shallow water. Put the tip of the arrow into the water so you can judge refraction though. If you were lucky, you MIGHT be able to hit somethign small like a grouse or something, keep it down for logn enough for you to run over and step on it. Also, if you're near water, you can use cattail stalks for arrows (not the reeds, the stick part) if you harden the tips with fire, or make wood/bone/stone points. They're straight.

  7. If this dude wouldn't have been cut from his first little league team he might even be able to throw a rock with more deadly force and accuracy.

  8. cool vid but shouldnt the arrow have some weight at the point and the bow should be more powerful to kill a bird or rabbit
    but still cool vid___5*

  9. @skuaird someone else on other channel made almost same but he actually used straight things it worked perfect

  10. Ahaha when he fires the arrow I burst out laughing. It goes like, two feet.

    …and then they added stock arrow sound effects that were out of sync, only adding to the hilarity.

  11. there's some good ideas but why is it so rushed. it all seems pretty indifferent. maybe the thing would kill a bunny if you could get close enough and were extremely fortunate haha.

  12. thanks for showing us how yurs work @ the end, now i know not to trust yur skills, with a bow like that, the deer would laugh at me lol jk mines is gonna be better
    @ least u gave me an idea on how to build one

  13. 2:08 – 2:16 wtf tht shot like 3 ft. i watch this vid b4 and its way better no offense watch?v=kLBBRu47Gv4&feature=channel_video_title

  14. when are you in a life or death survival state and pull string out of your pokit? you use roots for string and not rocks for arrow heads you use flint you dont just pick up any stick and tie a rock to it you use heat to harden and straighten the stick with the fire from the flint you collected to light a fire you find dead wood sratch it up take the small carvings and use the fling to cause a spark to light it

  15. im trying to figure out how to make these things from scratch and cant find any information… like ancient tribes had to make everything from scratch INCLUDING the string… why dont they show you how to make everything from scratch?

  16. Obviously not worried about the safety of the cameraman. That arrow was two inches from taking his head clean off.

  17. I was trapped in the wild last year used this very technique to make a bow to shoot rabbits to eat but i had more luck spitting on them until they drowned than shooting this horrid example of a bow

  18. The title of this video is "Basic Survival Skills", as in you're actively dying while you make this, not "How to make a longbow over the course of six months". You can go out into the woods with no food or water and cut down a tree, split it, dry it, cure it, sand it, and tiller it. Oh wait, you'd be dead by then.

  19. not at all with a knife you have to get close.
    but with a bow you can kill with a better range.
    you try runing up to a rabbit and catching with your hands

  20. lol that is probably wont kill shit it only went 2 feet and didt go that fast XD and he didt even shoot the bow properly

  21. For those who are saying that it would kill anything based on that shot, see the video again, he didn't pull the arrow to the point that actually can be strong and fast, he only pulled a little bit. I think he did that just to basically show to us the result, not how to shoot a bow and arrow, and secondly, maybe because he didn't have space to shoot it.

  22. I was wondering What Could I use as bowstring?

    Dose anyone no lol, I have walmart and some other places to shop at?

  23. guys he didnt wanna shoot it hard obiously if you looked he didnt pull it back to the max so stfu and use it ive tried it before on my bow

  24. dont make a bow if your ever caught in a survival situation chances are it will be too weak and you wont be that good of a shot. shot your much better off with snares and just a large stick for protection

  25. Why make it when you can get 1 for 19.99

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