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BAYSIDE Survival Games Map Tour! | Coobqwer

BAYSIDE Survival Games Map Tour! | Coobqwer

Hello everyone, my name is Coobqwer and today
we are here on my map Bayside which I built with Team Invictus, or as Team Invictus I
should say. And so as I promised I am going to do a little tour of this map so you guys
can see where everything is, see all the cool buildings and just sort of know where things
are. So I am going to start off over here at the beach area. So the beach area is south
of corn. So if you go south off corn you will get to this beach area, obviously there is
the beach. There are quite a few chests on the beach. And then obviously there is this
promenade over here that goes all the way along and up there there is a hot air balloon
which you can’t get to and my first point of interest is this boat. Firstly because
I built this boat and secondly it has a tier 2 on it which is nice! And then if you come
over here that chest is also tier 2. These boats I also made and there is like a little
boat area over here. If you ever need to craft anything over here there are some crafting
benches over there, so that handy. And then that is that side of the map. Corn is right
over there. And then there are some chests around this area like in that tree, over there
and things like that. And this is a little resort area so this is a hotel thing which
is really cool, so that corn over there still. And then that the sort of resort area from
the front, and then if you come over here this building right here is the aquarium.
Which I also helped build with a few other people and so that’s really cool so let’s
go in the aquarium because it’s really nice inside. I didn’t do the interior someone else
did but it’s really nice, so there is a chest there. If you come down here I think you can…
Can you get that way? I don’t know but it’s just really cool so there is a way of getting
into the water and there is chests in the water but you have to be really careful getting
them. That’s the way in. But yea. That’s that. And that’s the back of the aquarium. And at
the front of the aquarium is the diner which some other people built. And inside the diner
the only chest I know of at the moment is this chest right here this bottom one or the
top one I can’t remember I think it’s the bottom one. That bottom one is an actually
chest and it always has stuff in. And so the aquarium, the resort and the diner if you
go off corn are east. So south is the beach and the aquarium and diner are east. And then
here is corn. And then if you go.. Which way is this? If you go north off corn you will
get to the housing district area. So in the housing district there is a lot of stuff.
Because I was the main builder of all the houses so that’s quite cool. I didn’t design.
I didn’t come up with the design, I just built. Because I like building things once I know
the design. So in these houses there are loads of cool little places you can check out. In
this one I know there is a chest right up here if you go round it’s there. So worth
knowing if you ever come north on the map. I think this is north? Yes it is. And yea.
So there is all sorts of things around here. So that is the back of the aquarium which
is east when you go off corn and when you go behind the houses here you will come to
the caravan area which is nice. I don’t know any chests here yet because I haven’t really
been there. And yes there are the caravans there. And just to the right there are some
more houses. So thats quite cool. And what you can see there is the side of the resort
which is quite cool. And if you go beyond that you will get to the beach area. So if
you carry going on over here. And so this is obviously the northern route off corn.
There is a bridge here which you can go over. (Obviously) And you will get to another housing
area which is quite cool so yea. And then so yea houses are obviously quite self explanatory
and this house right here which is the most left one on the map if you go up here there
is a double chest. It’s just a normal double chest. And then so that’s the housing area.
And this building I don’t really know what this is but it’s cool. And the other route
off corn is the westerly route. If you go west off corn you will discover the town hall
which Shelby built. Which is really really really nice. So you can go though here get
some cool stuff, I haven’t actually been in here so Im not going to. So that’s the town
hall and that’s when you go west off corn and if you go right west of corn. You will
get to this building and if you go straight along the road there is a chest there, there
is a chest there, and then you will get to the gym. Which me or XDBFPlaysGamesX or Daniel
built. So we will go in. And then in the gym there are three chests. So this is the first
one, if you come through this room this is the second one, and then if you come over
here this is the thrid one in the Basket Ball court area or whatever it’s called. So yea
thats that. And that’s the town hall as I said. And then over here there is a petrol
station or gas as american people call it. Which you can always go in. This is obviously
the grounds of the town hall. Then if you go along this road even further you will eventually
get to the beach and you will come across this Bayside sign. You will see some tennis
courts then you are at the beach is where we started then if you go along there you
will find the pier and everything you already know. This is a cool little area which has
a ferris wheel, some stalls. It’s like a fair or carnival. And that’s if you go west off
corn and then turn left instead of turning right which would get you to the gym. So now
you sort of know that cool stuff you can also see that corn is quite cool too because I
have some cool things to show at corn. Because if you look over here you can see we all have
our shops. So every builder who built part of Bayside got to decorate their own shops
so, every one of these shops is decorated by one of the builders for example this shop
is Shelby’s Boutique. Which is obviously the build team leader. So this is here cool boutique
shop. And there seems to be a chest there… Then if you go along here my shop is on the
far right of the west face and my shop is Coobqwer’s Cake shop. So you can come in here,
there are cakes and I know there is a chest in my shop, if you come up here it’s just
there, now all these shops you can get out thew back. And the go down the stairs then
you are out onto Bayside. So that’s a quite cool thing to know. I don’t think that was
west… I think my shop is on the… Sorry it’s on the south face. So that’s that. And
then another thing which I have forgotten to show you… Oh my gosh! Is if you go north
and turn right and then go along this road into the housing district past the camp site
and the caravans, over the bridge, if you keep on going, keep on going, and then that’s
the house with the double chest and then if you go over here you will notice that if you
just hop over this wall here. And see this water it sort of just goes into a cave type
thing which you can get in and if you go all the way down there is a chest there. And if
you go all the way down you are in the sewers of Bayside. So there is some… Im’m not going
to give anything away because that would be not good but on Bayside the are some puzzles
which get you to cool places down here which you will have to work out for yourself but
that is sometime cool for you guys to work out but yea, so I hope you guys love Bayside
as much as I do because I think Team Invictus did a fabulous job on Bayside, I mean just
look at it… It’s so pretty! Also at corn, something cool to look for is at night these
redstone lamps light up and so that’s a cool little thing… And I think the ferris wheel
also lights up at night time so let’s see if we can witness this… Let’s witness the
redstone! Look and they turn on! How cool is that! So anyway I really hope you guys
enjoyed this Bayside mini tour, Im not going to do any OP chest routes because I didn’t
tier the map all of these I have found already from just playing the map so I don’t know
any OP areas or none of us know really because Shelby tiers the map which I explained in
my last video so yea I really hope you guys enjoyed this tour of the beautiful Bayside
because it’s so pretty! There is the awuaium there is the resort there is the diner. And
it”s just a really pretty map it has a radius of 300 blocks and so yea. Hope you guys really
enjoyed this video and I will see you in my next video please remember to like comment
and subscribe because it helped my videos get noticed and I will see you soon. Goodbye
form Bayside Minecraft Survival Games Map!

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    I have to agree it is a beautiful map 😍😍❤️ so much fun building it. And we should do a chest route video together because I might have learned a route or two by playing the map 😏 if so, I look forward to it, and maybe Skype me?


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