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Bee and PuppyCat on Cartoon Hangover

Bee and PuppyCat on Cartoon Hangover

I got fired today. I’d jaywalk but I can’t
afford getting a ticket. Nooooooooooooooo. Change you stupid light. Augh! A cat? Or . . . maybe a dog . . . Huh… Guhhhhh!
Guhhhh! GUHHHH!
I’m such a loser. Oof!
My gutsss . . . my gutsss . . .
(knocking) Coming! Hey Hey, Deckard. I heard you lost your job. Oh… uh, yeah.
Too bad I can’t make a career out of getting fired, right? I’d be . . . like, a CEO or
a manager? Which one’s more impressive? President? Are you going to be OK? . . . Gahhhh! Oh My God! Oh, oh my God! Ah, wait! Uh, oh, I have uh, stuff for your stuff.
. . I got you ice for your for your crotch! I’m
shoving the crotch ice under the door! Oh. You’re awake. Wanna split a cassarole? Oh, hello. Well, well . . . What . . .? Ah! . . . . WAIT! Where are you guys going? Why does this make me feel so sad? AAAAAHHHH BAD DREAM! AAAHHHHH YOU WERE THERE! AAAAHHH LASAGNA’S GONE. Mmmm? AAAAHHHH I’M LATE! Nooooo . . . no no noooooo . . .
I wanna go hooooooome . . . You have no documentable skills. You didn’t
manage to finish schooling past High School. Your work history is spotty at best. This
is a temp agency not a charity. We don’t . . . Hello? Bla bla boring phone talk
Yes. All right. Great. Goodbye. You took too long. Now your candy’s gone.
That’s what happens. BKOWWWWW! Hello, peon. Bow to me. Ummm . . . no . . . thank you. Why not? Hey, dude . . . I got you pre —-se—-nnnntsss!
The pet store I used to work at is going out of business. Haha! ewww . . . . Lucky us. So . . . lemme see . . . I got you a bone . . . and wrapped a toy mouse
around it . . . A blanket . . . Eggplant pillow . . . dog food . . . cat food? . . . Shampoo
. . . a leash . . . and rain boots! Heh heh, yeah . . . Yeah . . . Crap! I ran out of food money! Relax, man. I’m not gonna eat YOUR food. Aaaaaaah . . . AAAaaahhh . . . AAAAAAHHHHHH Stop. No hitting. There better not be anything scary cryptic
written in here . . . I will scream SO. LOUD . . .And then totally lose my marbles . . . Pretty
stationary though. Dear Puppycat . . . Is that you? Please report to fishbowl space for temp.
work. Sign below. Oh, lemme get you a pen . . . Uhhhh? . . . Hello? Anybody here? I’ve been left behind . . . I’m all alone . . . Am i not good enough? Hahahahaha EWWWWW! AHHHHH
Whaaaaaaat- Theeeeeeeeeeeee- Incoming. Why – yeeeee! Welcome, Puppycat. You look different. And
hello, unrecognized intruder. Unfortunately, due to increased security measures, you must
now be incinerated. She looks awed, the fire glows in her eyes. Whoah . . . Hey, you talk! . . . kind . . . of . . . Oh! Like a trainee-shadow? Welcome! Initiating
uniform assignment! Peeeeewwwww! Uhhh . . . No. . . No, no, no, no, NO! I DON’T LIKE THIS
OUTFIT! Please proceed to fishbowl space. Aaaaaaah Aaaahhhh Bleeauuuuugh Let me know when you’re done! Um . . . What are we doing? Hi, Wallace. Hi, Wallaaace. What’s wrong? I miss my mama . . . She’s been gone FOREVER. Awwwww . . . Do you want something to drink? No, thank you. You want a snack? No. You wanna nap? No. He’s so sad . . . Don’t cry, Wallace. Can I have a story? And then what? That’s it. That’s your ending? That’s awful! And very- -interesting. Wahhhh! I knew it was you! Pretending it’s just a
fairy tale- Ahhh! Whuh? -lying to children, making them look up to
a hero; who, in really, – Uhh . . .? -is just an awful monster. Awwww, SIIIIICK! Puppycat!! Let him GO!! Bee! I’m gonna kill you! Don’t tell me what to dooooo! Ok . . . Why, what’s that gonna do . . . WHATEVER. Gwaauuugh! Whoah . . . Geeze . . . Hey . . . was that story you told that fish
true? Did you forget how to talk again? Aaaaaaahhhh! Waauugh! Woof. Oh, my God; I’m so glad there wasn’t anything
sharp on my couch! Whooo . . . Bleh! Wow! Hey! Caaaaashh! Whoah! Thank you! And thanks for not letting temp bot burn me
up. I think I’m gonna use my money to get Deckard a casserole since he bought me a casserole
. . . Whatcha’ usin’ your money for? Ignoring me again? Fine. I liked your fairy tale, Puppycat. If you want, I can help you figure out a nice
ending . . .

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  1. Looking back at puppycat’s arrival, what if this is a temp job that puppycat has been assigned to, as if the entire series is him looking after bee / making sure she doesn’t kill anyone idk.

    (Idk if this has been theorised before, but if using this theory In a video I’d appreciate the credit. 🙂

  2. This is just a personal theory but I think puppy-cat is the space outlaw, and that’s why when in one of the other episodes when bee called him a monster in the winter as a joke he got upset, because he believes inside he’ll always be a monster- (please correct me if I missed something)

  3. I dont understand I see to ep10 and this is diffrnet from end of ep10 whats going on ?? .. there is new ep when and where 😆

  4. When the outlaw ran, he found himself in a kind cyborgs home. He looked at the cyborg, curious. It came over to him with food. They ate the food together and they both slept. The outlaw fell asleep, thinking about the princess and about his new home. In the morning, the cyborg rushed out of the home in a hurry, leaving the outlaw in the home. He found a spotted peasant with wings. The outlaw ordered it to bow before them, but they refused. Soon the cyborg came back with gifts for the outlaw. He saw the hunger in the cyborgs eyes. He knew it had used their money for his gifts, so he gave the cyborg a chance to get more. This sprung a new and lifelong friendship

  5. I remember always watching this pilot on my 3ds and I forgot about, and haven’t watched it for like 7 years until now again , and I somehow memorized every line and song somehow….


  6. It's a bit of a jumble and jumps around a lot but it's so good. The art and animation in particular are so expressive and good looking. I've only watched, like, five odd episodes and remember next to nothing but after someone mentioned the style change in a podcast I came to watch this and it's sooooooo good. I can tell there's a lot to it, even without the comments talking theory and spoilers. The flow just works so well even though the plot isn't very obvious (though I wouldn't expect so from a pilot). It looks like it'd be a slow burn.

    Either way, I see why folks would be mad at a style change because I myself am sad we didn't get this art because it's so good even though I only just watched it (though it was first brought to my attention a few years ago).


  7. I watched this, the prequel, after I watched the full series.
    Normally, that would annoy me, but honestly?
    I'm so glad I did. It made the realization at the ending of this seem so much more amazing and made the series itself so much cooler and gave me another reason to watch it through.

  8. Wow it's been 6yrs when I watched these parts but then I stop watching it, but in 2019/2020 I started watching this series all over again, and when I look back at it again I was like "omg I remember this funny animated series I've watched 6yrs ago".

    Also anyone who sees this again your watching this in 2020 anyone?

  9. I feel like maybe Bee's dad is the space outlaw, and somehow he and puppycat are connected, but puppycat is not the space outlaw, but knows who it is and that is why he is looking after Bee. Also, I remember somewhere in the 1st season, that Deckard's family are all named after wizards, possibly connected to the legend as well and could be the children of the warlock's who sealed the outlaw away?

  10. I really prefer Bee's character design here.

    I was disappointed when they made her rounder and chubbier in the web episodes.

    Can we get a redux version of the series using this artstyle?

  11. i remember watching the russian dub of this but i never actually watched till the end, im here after the 1-10 episodes

  12. 3:18 "YOU TOOK TOO LONG, NOW YOUR CANDYS ARE GONE" xD that's the best part.

    Also… 7:14

  13. My dumb theory:

    As everyone might know, Puppycat is the space outlaw and Cardamon's mom is the princess that betrayed him, as shown in the rebooted version. My reasoning for Puppycat being the space outlaw is quite obvious, from the story Puppycat had told Bee and that who-knows-what and the reflection shown at the end as he turned into a monster, aka, a puppycat thing, Whereas Cardamon's mom is defenitely the space princess because of the jellyfish story told in the rebooted version, the room where the mother was hospitalized and of course, Cardamon.

    Both puppycat and cardamon have some things similliar, along with his mother. He and his mom have the same hair, while puppycat and cardamon share the same-like personality, as him and cardamon being quite mischevous and also mean at some point, and cardamon might be the offspring of the mother and puppycat before he turned into a monster and was betrayed by his mom.

    this was inspired by another comment, thanks for coming to my TED talk.

  14. Funny and cute parts: puppycat says some weird voice, dancing puppycats, biting monsters tougue and saying dont tell me what to doooooo!!! Waawawawawa!!!!

  15. im so glad i discovered this on nintendo video before the app got discontinued <333 this is defintetly one of my favourite shows if not my absolute favourite

  16. Why did I think "oh your awake you were trying to cross the border" instead of "oh your awake wanna split a casserole"

  17. Как это грустно и мило. Спасибо за русские субтитры, помогает развивать речь на иностранном языке и понимать значения некоторых слов. Да и к тому же я здесь просто для того чтобы посмотреть мульт ;₽

    How cute and sad. Thanks for the Russian subtitles, it helps to develop speech in a foreign language and understand the meanings of some words. And besides, I'm here just to watch a cartoon; ₽

  18. My adobe teacher showed us the first episode and well I just binged it all and reaaaaally liked it so I watched the pilot

    I was thinking the whole thing "Wow Puppy cat sounds like Oliver that's funny and talks like that one Tiktok sound about being nonverbal"

    and then 6:46 came up….WHY IS TIKTOK EVERYWHERE IN MY LIFE

  19. 3:19
    thank me later

    who felt bad for wallace when he wasen’t a monster? When he became a monster I was like “OH MY GOSH”

  20. Can you Please make more series i want to see the truth about this story make More SERIESSSS Aahaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa GUUUUUUUUUhuuuuuuuug

  21. I got fired earlier this year, on the day that I came back from the first vacation I had ever taken since starting work there. On that day, driving home, I heard Bee in my head saying “I got fired today”. So I came home and watched this and I felt so much better.

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