– [Coyote] I am
getting nervous now. – [Chris] No turning
back now buddy. – [Cameraman] You alright? – I’m getting stung a lot. Alright, gotta get ’em off. – [Chris] Go ahead
and just jump. Real hard. – They’re all on my face. My eyes! – [Narrator] From high in
the sky, the Sonoran Desert looks like an endless
expanse of rocky terrain that is speckled with cacti. Hidden amongst this
unforgiving environment exists a world of animals, many of which can be
difficult to spot. However, today is going
to be a little different, as instead of looking
for the animals, they’re literally going to be
placed right in front of us. Or in my case,
directly on my skin. – That’s a lot of bees. – [Narrator] With the goal
to prove that honey bees are not just out to sting
you, or so I thought. The crew and I headed out
to Life’s Sweet Honey Farms where I will be
working alongside bee specialist, Chris Britton. Chris and his team
specialize in safely removing bee swarms from
residential areas, honey farming, and per my
special request, bee beards. – [Chris] This
the craziest thing you’ve done this
morning, Coyote? – [Coyote] Sure is. Other
than shave off my fur beard. – [Narrator] Ah yes, the beard. I’m sure you were wondering, Coyote, what in the world
happened to your fur beard? Well, the answer
to that question is that I shaved
it off to make room for the nearly 3,000
European honey bees that will soon be
swarming all over my face. Get ready for the newest trend in facial hair
fashion, the bee beard. The following scene was
filmed on private property and under the supervision
of bee specialists. A single sting has the
potential to be fatal. Never approach a bee
hive in the wild. – Okay well, we’re gonna
start the preparation here. Chris is actually going
to apply Vaseline, you said to my nose, and
my ears, and near my eyes, so that the bees don’t go into these holes
in my face, right? – Well, you’re either gonna
look homeless with a beard or we’re gonna look like
a nice manicured beard. So this is a pseudo-queen. This is basically a
queen pheromone lure. So this is what’s going
to push those bees to actually gather somewhere because they’re actually looking
for that queen pheromone. They’ve been
separated for a while, so this is what’s gonna
actually hold them on your face. Okay, so we’re gonna put
this underneath your chin. – [Cameraman] So this is
gonna be the attractant. – This is the attractant. – Alright guys. Well I think we have reached
the final moment here. It’s either back out
or get covered by bees, and I don’t think there’s any
backing out at this point. I have the pheromone
attached to my chin. Got a GoPro here,
GoPro on my shoulder, both of your cameras going. Now wait, wait, wait, wait. Before we go through with this,
how do I get the bees off? What if something goes wrong? What do I do? – Good luck, man. I’m just gonna drive away. (Coyote laughs) Nothing’s gonna go wrong when
it comes down to the bees. If they get to the point where they are
stinging excessively, you can just shake
off real quick. – Put these in your pocket. – Epinephrine pens. Just in case this
really goes wrong. I am getting nervous now. Now I’m getting nervous. I’m Coyote Peterson and
I’m about to take on the bee beard challenge. Are you ready? – [Chris] Yep. – Okay, let’s do this. – [Chris] No turning
back now buddy. Come on girls. Come on girls, up you go. – [Cameraman] How you
feeling now Coyote? – It’s a lot of bees. It’s tough to talk. – [Cameraman] There’s a
bee right on your nose. – I feel it. – [Cameraman] That’s
a lot of bees. Are you feeling nervous? Have you been stung yet? – No stings yet. – [Cameraman] That’s good. That
means you’re remaining calm. – My leg is shaking. Stung on the lip. – [Cameraman] It’s stuck on you. You alright? Be brave. – My neck is consumed. – [Cameraman] I’m gonna
take a couple steps back. I just got stung. Right in my hand. I didn’t realize we were getting swarmed by bees this morning. – There a lot of bees on me? – You got it. You got this. – Getting stung a lot. I’ve gotten stung
about six times. Ow, my neck is
getting stung again. – This is what we
start with right here. We just get more for the
bees to start on him. Then what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna
emit a pheromone, and it’s a location pheromone, and those bees are just gonna
start basically migrating. So now I can actually just
basically hold this right here and they’re gonna all
start marching up, watch. – Are all the bees out? – [Chris] No. – My lip is swelling up. – [Chris] You’re alright. – [Cameraman] You definitely
have a full neck of bees. – I can feel them all. – [Cameraman] Are you
still getting stung? – No, not right now. – [Cameraman] So what is Coyote- – It stung the lip again! Same spot. It’s really starting to hurt. – [Cameraman] Wow, Coyote there. You are just
covered in bees man. – It’s actually turning
out pretty well. – Lip! Alright, I think I
need to get them off. – Are you okay or
you want them off? – It’s a lot of pain. – [Cameraman] But
you’ve almost got it. You’re so close. – Go ahead. – [Cameraman] You
got it, you got it. Power through, you got this. You already got
stung, you can do it. – My eyes. I’m getting stung a lot. Alright, gotta get ’em off. – [Chris] Go ahead
and just jump. Real hard. You
just knock ’em off. – They’re all on my face. My eyes! – [Cameraman] You alright? – Smoke me, I’m
getting stung a lot. – [Chris] You got
stung quite a bit. – There’s one on my hand. – [Cameraman] Oh yeah. I guess
he just stung you big time. – [Chris] You got
stung a bunch bud. – Can I walk away? Oh man, my face hurts. – [Cameraman] You
should see the sting you have in your neck. – Oh my gosh. – [Cameraman] Are you okay? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Cameraman] Is your
tongue swelling up? The tongue is the indicator. – No, not yet, but
my face is on fire. – [Cameraman] Oh man, okay. I think we’re good now. It’s only a couple bees
and they’re just following the pheromone on your face. Hold on, you still got
stingers all in your ears. Oh my gosh. Let me see if I
can get them out. – Dude, I got stung
like so many times. All of a sudden, all at once
they started stinging my face. And on my ears. – [Cameraman] I wanna get
the stinger out of your ear. – [Chris] You okay bud? – Sorry, I was just
getting a lot of stings. – No, it’s fine buddy. You got ’em through your
shirt and everything. For some odd reason,
all of the sudden, they started just absolutely
going to town on you. You can see, look
at that right there. That actually literally… – [Cameraman] It drew blood. – [Chris] Yeah, it got
blood to the surface. You just got stung like 40
times in the face by honey bees. – [Cameraman] 40! I don’t think that was
supposed to happen Chris. – [Chris] I don’t know why. I wasn’t getting all blasted up. I mean, I got stung
like once or twice but he was literally
just getting beat up. – Oh my gosh. Dude, my face is in so
much pain right now. – [Cameraman] You alright? How’s the tongue? – Really, really painful. My tongue is not
swollen but my entire, my lips, I can’t feel my lips. – [Cameraman] Where’s Mario at? – [Chris] He’s
over there filming. – [Cameraman] Hey, tell
him to come over here. – [Chris] Hey Mario. – [Cameraman] Mario! – [Chris] He’s probably
covered up by bee sounds still. – [Cameraman] Come over here. Was it worth it? – Oh man, I can see
my lip in the lens. – [Cameraman] You don’t wanna
look at yourself right now. You don’t wanna look
in a mirror right now. – Well, I guess I better
give you some sort of outro of where I can’t talk
’cause I find that my lips are not working
properly at the moment. – [Cameraman] Alright,
I’m gonna try to be calm. Alright, go for it. – I’m gonna be calm. I think based on
the look on my face, the bee beard is not
the new fashion trend. I lasted for about
a minute and a half with my face covered
in around 3,000 bees. Once they started stinging my
lips, it got really painful. They were swarming
around my eyes. I was getting stung on my hands, on my arms, on my
forehead, on my ears, but it was definitely the lips as you can see from how
swollen they are right now that were the worst. I’d definitely say
that the bee beard was an experience
worth experiencing. So far I haven’t had any major
adverse allergic reactions other than just this
localized swelling on my hands and on my face. – [Cameraman] (laughing)
You can hardly tell. – You think this looks okay? – [Cameraman] You
can hardly tell. – I can tell you guys are
having a real hard time not laughing while we’re
trying to get this outro. We counted around two dozen
stings on my body at this point. My lips are swelling up. My eyes swelling up. As you see, the drool’s
coming out of my mouth. But I’m Coyote Peterson,
and that was the bee beard. Be brave. Stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next adventure. Oh, that’s painful. – [Narrator] When it
was all said and done, we counted a total of 32 stings that spanned my face,
lips, ears, neck, and arms. The neurotoxin of the
European honey bee is very specialized
and is notorious for causing extreme
localized swelling. For me, this began immediately, and despite the
disfigured, lumpy, baked potato look of my face, I actually handled the
venom very positively, and within 48 hours, was
completely back to normal. – Now the guys have
their bee suits on and they’re gonna put the
bees back into their hives. So far, about 30
minutes have gone by. No anaphylactic shock
so I should be just fine other than the fact that my face looks like the face
of the elephant man. Now I can see in the
reflection of your glasses, it is not pretty. It is not pretty. – [Narrator] If you were
wondering how this compared to the single sting
from a bullet ant, I can honestly say it was worse. As compared to the warrior wasp, I guess we will just
have to wait and see. If you thought wearing a beard of European honey
bees was intense, wait until you see what happens when we go up against a
swarm of 30,000 killer bees to extract some wild honey. Don’t forget, subscribe so
you can join me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail.

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