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Behind the Scenes – How I shoot my Primitive Survival Videos

Behind the Scenes  – How I shoot my Primitive Survival Videos

Behind the scenes Last day in the Colorado desert I use separate video and audio recording devices Coming over the ridge, take one Coming over the ridge, take one Audio recorder placed closed to the action Turn off camera Get audio recorder Review footage Move camera Change lens Reset camera Ready for next shot Slating the scene Take two, coming over the ridge, different angle I bought this Nikon D7200 in April of 2015 I bought this Zoom H4N audio recorder in May of 2010 Both are still working great Reviewing the footage This is the next scene Ouch I got a chollas cactus in my foot Ouch, that hurt Chollas cactus was in my foot These rocks are very painful to walk on That was not an easy shot Cut this Turn off this And I wonder what it looks like I like to review my shots Let’s go faster This is basically a silhouette It looks pretty cool I like it, alright, cool Alright, next shot The camera is way over there Sound is right here I’m going to put the sound right over here Because I will get better sound if it is close to the action which is going to occur right here Okay, so what I am going to do… My stuff is over there I am going to turn on this camera Alright This is why it takes so long for me to make my movies Okay, turn that on, it is all set And recording And I am going to go to the sound recorder Recording And now what I have to do is slate it Coming to a little cave, take one Now, for the next shot I hope this audio recorder works I dropped it on the rocks again I have dropped this audio recorder so many times I cannot believe that it still works My camera battery is almost dead I have got to get this done quick Here we go Putting it in the cave Putting it in the cave This shot is not working Ouch It’s not very fluid, it’s got to go back a little bit Ouch It’s not very fluid, it’s got to go back a little bit Let’s try again I hope I can get another shot in That camera is still running And it’s still going Alright, turn it off This is my last camera battery and it is almost dead I just need a few more shots to finish the video And turn this on I hope I can do this really quick On one take The sound should be good in here Okay I am going to put this behind the camera Here we go Alright, take one, putting it in Alright, take one, putting it in So that may have been the last shot This is the place This is hidden right behind this rock So If anyone finds it in this remote location, please let me know You don’t have to give it back It would just be a really cool little game to see if anyone can find this little piece of pottery that I made Okay, it’s not old, it’s not ancient It has no historical value Here is a three-hundred and sixty degree view from the location where the pottery is located It’s almost noon It’s close to eleven a.m. Winter solstice Please subscribe, like and comment

100 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes – How I shoot my Primitive Survival Videos”

  1. Hey Chad, you must make a video in which you teach how to masturbate primitively. I don't know about you, but I would give it a 👍

  2. In the video i did not understand wy you hide the potterie. Now i do.
    I have to say i am not going on a airplane to the other side of the world to try and find that awesome pot.
    Im sorry.
    Next time try and hide the pot in The Netherlands and i"ll play.
    Behind the Scenes is a lot of work why not have a drone with video and sound follow you and you can do this way faster.
    I have bought a drone with 2 awesome 4k full HD cameras for about 70 dollars with half an hour flight time.
    Greetings,, Kitty.

  3. How do you maintain personal hygiene? Like showers and shaving and brushing your teeth, with so little water in your environment?

  4. Thank you so much for showing us how you film your videos , I often wondered how you did it. Do you come across many unexpected snakes in the desert.

  5. The terrain surrounding you is so beautiful and seemingly perfect! Please consider including more wide angle shots 🙂

    I love your commentary/voice by the way, wouldn't mind hearing you more often.
    And please, avoid stepping on cactus 🙂

  6. Wow man what time you put into your shots. Reviewing your film takes so much longer but that is why your videos are so special

  7. Thank you for going thru all the shit to produce the footage you share with the world! I've only been out of maine 3 times in my life so thru your videos I get to see the world.

  8. Great bts footage man it was incredible I'm sure it can be tough doing that by yourself from time to time but you still manage 🙂

  9. You do put a lot of work into it.
    Do you also edit together your clips? If so, when do you get to do it? The next day? Right after the shoot?
    Let us know 👍

  10. again i congratulate you. the videos are very good. Surviving in this type of biome is difficult for many people. but you my dear can do what many people can not

  11. Как же я ЛЮБЛЮ БТС😄❤❤, вот они
    слева направо: Намджун, Чонгук, Чингачгук, Гойко Митич, Джин, Юнги
    Люблю вас❤❤❤

    UPD: это рофл

  12. Next video how i record behind the scenes
    Next video how i record behind the scenes of me recording behind the scenes

  13. Para hacer muy buenos vídeos se necesita mucha paciencia y trabajo como el que realizas ; y además tú solo !!….

  14. Veo que casi todos los vídeos son en zonas desérticas…..when are you going to make a video in a forest area ?…because in your country you have wonderfull forest….although Mr . Trump does'nt like it !!!

  15. wow its painful alright chad hard to survive and do the filming at the same time but hey stay positive the shots your making I can't see them nowhere else but in your channel, they are pretty impressive and professionally too as you sad its a movie, by the way, have you ever tried a 360-degree camera I think it will be awesome.

  16. I appreciate the hard work and time you put into filming your videos Chad. Looking forward to this years adventures.

  17. Love your videos. I live in the wilderness too from time to time. Need more training though. I am sure I could learn much from you

  18. Chad, your video is very informative; showing the behind the scenes of the setup, previewing and resetting up as necessary – and a whole lot better than trying to describe or explain it. Thanks.

  19. I always knew it took a ton of work! It must be so much more relaxing when you take trips without equipment after doing lots of videos.

  20. I love how you don’t mind showing this! I feel like other primitive youtubers don’t really mention any technological stuff because they want to keep it as primitive as possible, but it takes a lot of work! Mad respect my dude!

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