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Behind the Scenes of The Knot Fall Fashion Issue With Model Hunter McGrady

Behind the Scenes of The Knot Fall Fashion Issue With Model Hunter McGrady

(upbeat electronic music) – Inclusivity to me means, quite literally including everybody. All shapes, all sizes, all different races. – When we started talking
about our fall fashion shoot, we wanted to focus on
this very simple idea that fashion is for everybody. We’ve been working with Hunter
for the past year and a half as she’s getting ready for her wedding. And not only is she a world-famous model and a bride-to-be, but she’s also an advocate
for size inclusivity. So it just felt like this
very perfect pairing. We loved this idea that not only are wedding
dresses a work of art, but so is the human body. So we came to this very
raw beautiful space and made it sort of this
deconstructed museum feel. – You know I think the misconception is that plus size women want
to cover up the entire time. The truth of the matter is, we’re not ashamed of our body. We love our bodies. We’re proud of our bodies. It’s okay to show that off. It’s amazing that this
conversation is happening, where we are being inclusive and we’re getting different bodies and different shapes and sizes
at the forefront of media. I had only stepped into about
two wedding dress stores and I had asked them to pull
me what they had in my size. Everything they pulled me
looked pretty much the same. I tried them on and I didn’t feel good. Either most of them were too small. They didn’t actually carry
the true plus size stuff. It doesn’t fit good and
that’s not a fun experience when you get to go in for the
most exciting day of your life and you don’t feel good about it. So that’s kinda when I
made the pact with myself, you know what, this is B-S. I’m gonna do something about this and I’m gonna make my own dress. My wedding dress is amazing. I designed it with Watters. There’s actually two of them. My first one is very sexy. It has lace. It is formfitting. It is gorgeous. My second wedding dress is kind of an ode to Meghan Markle’s Stella McCartney dress. I just remembered seeing
it and being like oh, “It’s so timeless and
classic and beautiful.” – The Knot is a source of inspiration for all types of couples, regardless of style, size, sexual orientation, gender. And what’s really important to us is that they all feel
beautiful on their wedding day. (camera clicking) – Fashion is really for every body. And I think that is the most
important thing to remember. And I always urge designers, I urge magazines, I urge anyone in the
media to remember that. – The wedding industry
has seen some criticism for not showcasing all bodies. But the fact of the matter is, that brides, grooms, people who don’t identify
as either of those, come in all different shapes and sizes. And they should all be celebrated. – The changes that I most
want to see in wedding fashion is more variety. I know that when I first
went wedding shopping and when my friends go wedding shopping, who are a larger size, they never have anything
available to them. At least nothing that they want. I think that designers
need to pay more attention to the cut and design of the dress. I also wanna see the
diversity on the runway. Put different sized models on the runway. My best advice for feeling
confident in your own skin is affirmations. That is something that I have been doing since I was 16 years old. That is quite literally look
at yourself in the mirror and saying, “Hunter you are
beautiful, you are worthy, “you are enough, no matter
what anyone tells you today, “make it a good day
because you get one life “and you have to treat yourself good.” Most important is your mental health and that is what is the catalyst that will the change the way
that people treat other people. – Hi, thanks for watching. Be sure to like and subscribe. And don’t forget to check out our channel for new videos every week. The subscribe button, it’s up there!

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