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Belitung – $63 A Day Secret Indonesian Island Getaway – Smart Travels

Belitung – $63 A Day Secret Indonesian Island Getaway – Smart Travels

Ok, hi guys! – I’m Jon.
– And I’m Q. And today, we’re here at Belitung. Q, can you please tell them… What, or where is Belitung. Ok! Belitung is actually an island located in Indonesia, and it takes about 50 minutes to an hour to get here from Jakarta. Yes. So, if you are looking for an uncommon place, less touristy, less crowded, that’s located in Asia, this might be another option for you. This trip is in collaboration with Sony, and we are going to be documenting and filming every single moment with Sony products. So basically, Sony is the leader in mirrorless camera technology already. And, they’ve given us a bunch of mirrorless cameras to use. It’s really light, it’s really small, but you get very very high quality images and footage… With those cameras. Yup!
Ok so we’re taking you guys along, let’s get this adventure started! So right now, we are at our very first location. It’s beautiful because we made it just in time for the sunset. So, it’s basically called the Tanjung Pendam beach. And it actually cost about 2,000 Rupiah per person to enter. So it’s just a beach with locals roaming around, kids running, playing with the crabs in the sand. – So it’s actually very beautiful here.
– There are a lot of tiny crabs crawling everywhere. A bit gross lah, but ok. It’s cute! Sure. It’s cute. Sure. I didn’t know that there are Ofo bikes in Belitung. But it’s like the XL version. Look at the tires, they are huge! ♪ Hey hum. ♪ ♪ Hun – hungry lah, hun. ♪ ♪ We shoot very long. ♪ ♪ Now I’m hungry lah, hum. ♪ ♪ Let’s go eat, ♪ ♪ some seafood lah, hum. ♪ This is actually our first meal in Belitung. – Yes!
– And we’re here at a place called Angkringan Mas Gembul. So it’s basically a little diner, where they actually sell a range of food. It’s displayed in a way very similar to Yong Tau Foo. Right. So you go and choose your items, then you can choose whether you want to have it grilled, or fried. For their carbohydrates right, the first one is called Nasi Uduk. Which is kind of like Indonesia’s version of Nasi Lemak. And the noodles, what is it called again? Mee Godok. Oh my God. The fragrance of the rice is a lot stronger. But it doesn’t taste at all like Nasi Lemak rice. Yah.
Instead of Sambal Belacan, they actually have hae bee hiam (spicy dried shrimp sambal), fried together with ikan billis (dried anchovies). It kind of makes your appetite grow. But it’s a bit too salty for me. Ok, let’s try the noodles now. Oh my God, I really like this! It’s basically instant noodles, but the sauce is quite a thick gravy. It’s a bit like – you mix the… – Maggi’s chicken flavour right, together with…
– With curry. Yah! With curry! – Actually I really want to know how to make this.
– Yah! One more mouth! For me. It’s a beautiful day, and we’re here at Tanjung Kelayang beach. Yes! So, this is a beautiful beach located on the mainland. The water here right, are already ridiculously blue. Yah it’s so beautiful, the view is amazing. It is. And the cool thing about this place is that you can come here, you can rent a boat, you can get your snorkeling gear and whatnot, and you can get a boatman to basically take you out and go island hopping. Which is exactly what we are going to be doing today. Alison and our guide are on a date. So romantic and stuff. Eh, damn nice eh! Yah, yah. Go ahead. Alison is growing up so fast. Be in love… Child. So now we are here at Lengkuas Island, which is accessible from Tanjung Kelayang. And the most iconic thing is the lighthouse behind me. And it was built in 1882 by the Dutch. So most of the locals here come here to chill, they come here to snorkel. There’s a bunch of rock formations over there to take very Instagram worthy photos. And, you can buy fresh coconuts over here! Wow! Beautiful – oh wow! Oh my God. Oh my God! They are coming for me. I’m a bit scared. I don’t want already. Oh my God! So sweet those two. So sweet those two. Aww. Ok anyway, we are at our final island for today. The sun is setting beautifully once again. I really like the fact that the islands are not too far apart. -Yah.
– But they are very very different in terms of what they offer. – Right.
– So, it’s very entertaining. I really enjoyed it. Because, honestly I’m someone that really loves the ocean, the beach. So this was like, I’m in my own element. Snorkel! Snorkel! It is what it is. We’re here at Mie Belitung Atep, and we’re going to try this very localized and iconic dish. Honestly right, it looks just like any other street side restaurant. But the cool thing is the entire kitchen, is lined up along the sides. And you can see the whole process. There’s like a chain, you know? As to how they do it. So, what is your first impression of it? To me it look kinda like Mee Soto/Mee Rebus kind of dish. It smells like the Yee Mee (egg noodles). – Oh yah!
– You know what I mean? The texture of the noodles is a bit tough. But it’s also mushy at the same time. The taste of it is a bit sweet. This is not normal Keropok. Is those bitter bitter kind. So when you eat it together, you get a bitter punch at the end. And then it adds a crunch to the – to the whole mouthful ah. For $1.80, I will need to buy two bowls. – Because the portion a bit small. But other than that, I would get this.
– It’s damn affordable. I would totally get this. If you like Mee Rebus, you confirm like this. We’re ready to party. Damn loud! Damn loud! – But very clear eh.
– Yah! What’s that song that Jon likes? Easy come, easy… Oh! Take it away Jon! Take it away! Jonathan Paul Seow. ♪ Mama… ♪ ♪ *Producer can’t tell what is Q singing* ♪ Eh! I sing wrong, right? ♪ Tell me why ♪ ♪ Ain’t nothin’ but a mistake ♪ Ok so it’s day three, and we are at our very first location of the day. This is called Kelapa Kampit. It’s basically a tin mine that used to operate back in the 1990s. But it’s known for its beautiful cliffs and scenic views. It took us about one hour to get here from our hotel, and we are going to start our 20 minute walk up. I find it funny that in the whole view right, there’s a – you can see a toilet there. Oh my God! It looks like a crater hit here. We are looking at the open-pit, the main area. But there are these little two openings over there, so we are just going to go and check it out. ♪ The hills fill my heart ♪ ♪With the sound of mu… ♪ Here’s a tip for you. Don’t wear sandals. It hurts! Wow, I feel like an explorer. – Oh my God.
– On National Geography. Oh! It’s the bats! Oh. There are a lot of bats in here. Oh my God. That’s damn nice. So this is one of the pit where they… Mine the tin and the gold. Inside that cave right, I think there are even more. But then I don’t think it’s accessible to the public. – Hurry!
– Look there. We are going to climb that… – Oh my God!
– The ratchet ass staircase. Ok. Can. Honestly the ladder right, it looks very – oh my God! It looks very weak. Ok what. No, it looks damn dangerous sia! – This is trustworthy, right? This rope.
– Yah, yah, yah. I will not fall, right? So right now, we are at the top of Belitung. This place is called Baginda Rock. So we’re here at Batu Baginda, and it took us about 15-20 minutes to walk up. It’s not really a hike, because it’s not that hard. It was actually quite easy ah. But honestly, the view is totally worth it. If you look around right, we are the only people here. Ok. There are no tourist at all, there’s no safety fences or borders or anything like that. So it’s very very raw, very natural, and it’s very beautiful. Cannot feel my legs. I damn scared of heights. Stand at the edge ah… So it’s starting to rain a little bit. We are going to quickly grab all of our shots, and enjoy this view. Welcome to the Q and A show! Where we give you tips on Belitung. Tip number 1. So when you first come to Belitung right, go to Jakarta and get a SIM card. Because Belitung is such a secluded area right, it’s very hard to get a SIM card here. Tip number 2. So, we would recommend you to get a driver. Because I think it’s easier to get around. And plus your driver… Kind of act as a guide as well. Because they will tell you about the place. Tip number 3. Bring sunblock. – Oh my God!
– And a cap. Oh my God. Then Jon’s one is here. Tip number 4. Eat Indomie. So we’ve come to the end of our Belitung trip. So how was the experience for you? Honestly it was amazing. It was far better than I expected. Everything here is so much cheaper. – The people here are amazing.
– Super nice! And they are so friendly. Every single person here smiles at you. The food here is amazing! All the food right, there’s a sense of familiarity to it in terms of taste. But at the same time right, there’s a very unique difference to it. For me, my favourite part of this trip was the island hopping and checking out all the beaches. Because it’s super super beautiful, the water is super clear, the sky is super clear. It’s still a very non-touristy spot. So you get to see everything in its very raw and natural state. I think that a 4 days 3 nights trip right, would be perfect. – Like sufficient.
– Just nice to see enough. Oh yah, and shout out to our driver Dean. He is amazing. He made this trip way better than we ever planned it out to be. So if you are ever coming to Belitung right, look for him. So lastly, we would like to thank Sony for sending us on this trip. And providing us with a ton of awesome equipment, which we use to document this entire experience for you guys. And, if you would like to find out more information about their products, you can head on down to the description box below.

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