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Ben Nevis Survival Shelter Overnighter | The highest mountain in the UK | July 2019

Ben Nevis Survival Shelter Overnighter | The highest mountain in the UK | July 2019

Good evening. It is about 11 o’ clock, I have got a temperature reading of 2.7°C. There is some guys coming over there. I will just show you, it is pretty clear, I am just on the survival shelter. The temperature is going to drop to -1°C or -2°C in the night. What is that over there? Is that a ferret? What is that? It looked like a ferret – am I seeing things? I definitely saw a mouse over here, but that looked quite big. So all the creatures that live up here, they
come out when everyone has gone down. I wonder if I will be able to see that again? That definitely looked like a small ferret. I do not know if I have got it on video. Proper dream works moon tonight. There is the moon. Yeah I saw a mouse down here. Whatever that thing was over there, it definitely
saw me! Right, I will show you my five star accommodation
for the evening. It is basically a plank of wood, with a roll
mat, that is quite damp it has been up here. So I have put my storm shelter on top of it. I have got a Holy Bible to read, if I feel
like it. There is a full canister of gas up here. I doubt I am going to get much sleep tonight,
so I have got my book. This is Eiger Dreams, it is about climbing
the Eiger. The problem with climbing the North Face of the Eiger is that in addition to getting up six thousand vertical feet of crumbling limestone and black ice, one must climb over some formidable mythology. It is a collection, it is not just about the
Eiger. I think there is one about Mount McKinley, Denali. I think there is one about Mont Blanc in France. So I am going to read my book. I do not particularly want to read the Bible! It is pretty spooky to be camping in here,
or sleeping in here. You see, there is a lot of condensation. What temperature have we got? 0.9°C. It is about midnight, I still cannot sleep. The temperature is 1.8°C. There is no wind. It just is not very… *laughs* Not very comfortable. I do not think you are supposed to have a
good night’s sleep in here. That is 1 o’ clock in the morning now, the temperature is 1.8°C. This is a mental Saturday night. The wind sounds like it is picking up outside. I am tired, but I mean, I am sleeping on a
plank of wood. *laughs* It is 3 o’ clock in the morning. I still have not got any sleep. I am really hungry, this is a quiche. The temperature has dropped, I think it is
about -1°C now. That floor is cold! I just cannot sleep. Right, I will try again. Good morning, it is 9 o’ clock. I think I am going to call it a day now, I
eventually got to sleep at 3 o’ clock in the morning. At 4:15 am a guy flew open the door, scared
the hell out of me, I think I scared him. He just walked off, he did not come in. And then at 5 o’ clock, a guy came and
just sat in and closed the door. I pretended to be asleep because I did not
particularly want to speak to anyone. Absolutely freezing, bloody freezing all night. I think my temperature thing went down to -2°C at one point. My advice is only sleep in here if it is an
absolute emergency. There is a few people up here, they must have set off at around 6 am. The guy over there has got a drone, he just flew it over the summit. I think I am going to head down now and have a cooked breakfast and a lot of coffee. There you go, that is the end of the Ben Nevis overnighter. I am pretty knackered. I think I am going to head over down here. Another day, another massive bag of rubbish. There is a barbecue in here, someone had a barbecue in the storm shelter. Not only did they leave the barbecue, they
left a bag of meat as well that would have gone rancid in there. Imagine decomposing, rotting meat in that storm shelter. People have no respect at all, no respect. I am just going to drop this bag of rubbish, there is a bin up here, and then I am going to head down to the visitor centre. Have a bit of a wash and then head over to Wetherspoons. Thanks for watching, and until next time!

4 thoughts on “Ben Nevis Survival Shelter Overnighter | The highest mountain in the UK | July 2019”

  1. Was gonn stay up in the shelter last month in the end ended up camping at the loch on way up. Only thing out me of was I had a summer sleeping bag. Good on ya for taking all that rubbish down. Richard

  2. Nice one, I hate rubbish on the mountains, as you say it’s a complete lack of respect for other people. Hope you enjoyed your breakfast! ATB Spencer

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