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Best Base Building and Survival News – Indie Game News February 2018

Best Base Building and Survival News –  Indie Game News February 2018

Hello Indie Game Lovers, Nerds and Nerdettes
my name is Feniks and this is the Indie Game News. Today we look at Base-Building and Survival
genre. Please take your time and stay focused for
next few minutes as always you can find all the relevant links in the video description. By now we all know the drill so let’s start
with recently released games Subnautica left early access since it’s
release 3 years ago the game has sold over 2 million copies and received 92% positive
score on steam out of over 50 000 reviews submitted making Subnautica one of one of
the best selling indie game made on steam. Game came a really long way from it’s early
days running regular updates and nailing balancing act between expanding content and improving
performance and visuals. Just in case anyone is still in doubt what
this game is about Subnautica is an underwater crafting adventure game set on an alien ocean
planet. Your job is to survive expand your base and
find the way off the planet by collecting resources, researching ship parts and exploring
vast and rich underwater environments. Time for some updates. Oxygen Not Included Occupation Upgrade preview
is now available. Developers at Klei Entertainment once again
don’t disappoint. We will see new job assignments that cover
all aspects of colony life with new or upgraded abilities. With occupations we will see reworked jobs
screen. And changes to food and decor expectations. We will see new ore transport system via conveyor
rails, new power control stations, disease logic sensors and many new hats added to the
game. All that of course comes with extra bug fixes,
tweaks and improvements. Oxygen Not Included currently sits at 91%
positive review score out of 8000 reviews submited. Stonehearth alpha 23 was released on 25th
of January. Many craftable items now have an appeal score,
visible from the crafting menu and their unit frame. When hearthlings are sleeping, eating, crafting,
or generally hanging out in areas that are appealing, they will get happy thoughts. Work has taken place to improve efficiency
while crafting items in the game. Developers have added input and output bins
that will store ingredients and products saving a lot of time on hauling jobs for your minions. Apart of that we will see water improvements,
animations reworked and AI infrastructure changes. Time for announcements for upcoming months. A wild card on this month list is Townsmen
VR coming out at some point this month. I am not a huge VR player, still suffering
headache from playing Duke Nukem 3D VR back in the 90s, but this one looks interesting. Townsmen VR uses the possibilities of virtual
reality to further enhance the classic city building game with entirely new gameplay experiences
and interactive mechanics. In this game you are godlike creature in charge
of your small village similar to well know Black and White series. You will have ability to assign jobs and tasks
to your villagers to build your supply chains and economy. Unlock new buildings and place them freely
within your village to optimize transport routes. As a true god of the village you will be able
to brush over trees, form clouds into dangerous thunderstorms, go fishing with your bare hands
and talk to your townies. You will be able to pick up your workers and
help them on their tasks with your own hands. Please note that game requires VR headset
to play so don’t buy it unless you own one. Industries of Titan is announced to come out
this year. Industries of Titan is an industrial city
building sim/strategy game, set on Saturn’s moon Titan. Create a sprawling industrial city, design
powerful factories, and compete with other Great Houses to stake your claim to the Industries
of Titan. You will be able to Design your city and grow
it from just a few small buildings into a massive metropolis.Set up production lines
inside your factories to turn raw resources into ever more powerful devices and buildings. Balance the needs of your workers, your factories,
and your buildings to produce a powerful, efficient economy. Overcome your enemies via tactical battleship
combat, technological superiority, political influence, or the sheer productive power of
your factories Eco is set to release on the beginning of
February. Eco is a fully simulated ecosystem bustling
with thousands of growing plants and animals living their lives. Your job is to build, harvest, and take resources
from an environment where your every action affects the world around you. Your job is to avert the imminent meteor strike
that threatens global destruction. The trick is to do it without destroying natural
balance between different life forms. Game relies heavily on multiplayer and community
building and co-operation between the player which some may love while others will hate
and be put off. Surviving Mars the colony building game from
paradox studio is set to release on 15 of March and has me excited like no other base
builder this year. Surviving Mars is a sci-fi city builder all
about colonizing Mars and surviving the process. Choose a space agency for resources and financial
support before determining a location for your colony. You will build domes and infrastructure, research
new possibilities and utilize drones to unlock more elaborate ways to shape and expand your
settlement. Cultivate your own food, mine minerals or
just relax by the bar after a hard day’s work. Most important of all, though, is keeping
your colonists alive. Not an easy task on a strange new planet. One of the most interesting aspects of the
game for me personaly is randomized research tree. You will be able to combine static and random
research through experimentation, which allows for a different experience for each journey
through the game. We will be able to attain new scientific breakthroughs
by exploring the uncharted terrain of Mars’s surface. Additionally game promises expansive mode
support allowing players to build their own buildings, parks and mysteries to share with
other players with build in modding tools. Okay guys that is it in this month Indie Game
News. If you know of any other games that should
be featured in next month updates or you released a game yourself please contact me at [email protected]
or tweet @Feniks_Gaming. If you enjoyed this video please don’t forget
to subscribe for more. Nerds and Nerdettes my name Feniks and it
was pleasure to have you here.

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