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BEST Minecraft 1.13 WORLD SEEDS – Coral, Icebergs, Ships, Mushroom Islands

BEST Minecraft 1.13 WORLD SEEDS – Coral, Icebergs, Ships, Mushroom Islands

Hello everybody welcome back to another video and this one is a seed selection video for Minecraft 1.13 because I know you’re looking for the best world. I’ve gone ahead done the work I’ve been looking for myself and I found three of the best worlds that I honestly can’t make my mind up on which one I want so You guys are gonna find yourself some real cool seeds here if you guys have got any input as to what I should be choosing Definitely leave it down in the comment section and let’s get started How about we go and give the rules for what makes this seed or any seed in this place good? First of all, everything should be closed within 1500 blocks of spawn second. We need a lot of ocean We don’t want any of these super big land spawns because of course we want to be exploring straight away We’ve got a whole ocean ahead of us to explore so those are sort of the small things every one of these has a mushroom island biome nearby and Also a Mesa biome nearby those were two very important things for me So let’s get started on the very first seed and this seeds a good general seed. It’s got a lot of ocean It’s also got a lot of land but this has probably got the most ocean from all the seeds that we’re gonna have here today interestingly enough This spawn has a village right nearby it within a few blocks of it Which is a very cool thing and villagers are probably the main cool thing about this map I didn’t realize it until I looked at it there are villages everywhere here We’ve also got a very short distance before you’re gonna start finding ocean structures and a lot of it is deep ocean Yes, but there’s a good amount of other oceans around here as well. Then let’s zoom out Let’s look at this map and see what the map itself of The seed has to offer Three main islands all of these I could picture building some kingdoms on This neat little one here with the three different biomes on it the mushroom island taiga And I think a forest by him that leaves you with a lot of cool stuff to do for terrain You’ve got three different grass colors. I’m sure you can have a good time with that one there Other than that you can tell as I say there is a lot of ocean in this one But it’s also got some iceberg biomes and also coral under the water a lot of both of them And I’m sure you’ll have a good time trying to find him a few other notable things on this map are the villages Specifically this one we’ve got a village over here a village in the distance and a little bit of a desert temple over there Now the two villages also both have blacksmiths. I know that’s what people really want from villages I’ve got two right near each other. Other than that some real neat mountains. We’ve also got this mushroom village I know kind of weird right but it’s because it’s next to Tiger It actually has just spawned in Partially on the mushroom island side of things and I thought that was another neat thing You don’t really see that very often Other than that the only drawback to this map is if you want a jungle You have to travel out I think 2,000 to 3,000 blocks which isn’t actually far but it’s not it within my rules But you know what? I thought it was still a good map And with that being said, let’s get started on the second seed This is the seeds you will choose if you want a bunch of islands There are islands everywhere you spawning on a small island. This is actually quite a cool spawn you’ve got a split in the middle where you’re gonna have Lukewarm ocean to the one side and you’re also gonna have deep ocean to the other side Which actually sums up this seed quite well because that is pretty much a 50/50 sea between the two moving out from here You’re gonna find so much treasure going over to some of the bigger islands all the mainland and on the bigger islands There are some real interesting little pieces of them there for instance this one over here We’ve got extreme heels flanking on either side with a bit of Tiger and a bit of a forest on it Which is a neat little place to be building a kingdom or just setting our base and to the south of that You’ve got a village on an island, which is a taiga biome Island, which is kind of rare I think I don’t see them very often and besides that it’s a cool little touch in this world Then you definitely cannot miss the massive Mesa, which is flanked by coral everywhere there’s little Tufts of coral that pop up in the weirdest places and there’s a lot of coral on this map out of all the maps this one has had the most coral in the 1500 blocks from spawn and Just to say this one of course does have a mushroom island with an interesting little wreck in it some other things to report on There are floating mountains and also this neat little swamp on the mainland here, which I normally don’t think swamps are too cool but now with the water changes and this little crevice over here in the ravine that Looks so so good. And I really thought that was one of the highlights of this map for me I know it’s something really simple, but it does look pretty cool and to solve this map up overall It’s got a bit of everything the only downsides to this are the jungle pretty much being the same distance as the previous seat and The icebergs being slightly further out as well. So those are the two drawbacks But if you want a map that’s got a bunch of islands a bunch of balance really besides those other two things that are missing This is definitely the map for you. Now. Let’s get started on seed number three This one is the best all-rounder I think for many reasons and we’ll gets that at the end But first of all you spawn on this neat little birch Island and this is the most interesting spawn I’ve seen yet it is Surrounded by icebergs on every direction that you look now. Don’t let these icebergs fool you underneath the water There is so much treasure to be found. It’s just hidden everywhere underneath there now The real treasure is I think in the map itself So if we zoom out here We have a look at the oak forest to the north of this the birch forest you spawn on and the massive Mesa and jungle and everything you’ve ever heated the mainland the jungle the mushroom island the Mesa all pretty Substantially sized as well now with these mushroom islands There’s nothing really cool to document on the island itself But if you go out just a few hundred blocks from them You’ll find two more mushroom islands just off this map here This map also has one other thing which is a bunch of coral a lot of coral reefs around here So you’ve got a good combination of both of those? this one is by far as I say the most all rounded map and Probably a seed that you would really want to have on a server It’s definitely got the mushroom islands, which are great the big land masses as well around spawn. And of course a significant sized spawn area besides that I really think this one is Possibly one of the best ones but of course, I’ll leave that up to you because that’s my opinion But for today guys, I hope this has helped you Let me know which one you pick because I definitely am struggling between these three Each of them have got their own things number three does seem pretty cool But the other two have got their own little gems in them, which I think are really worthwhile checking out So thank you very much for joining me here guys, if you guys have enjoyed it Of course, or if it has helped you don’t forget that like button and besides that if you knew of course We’ve got a bunch of all the stuff the channel check it out, and I’d love to have you guys Randy Thank you so much for joining me and I’ll see you the next one

22 thoughts on “BEST Minecraft 1.13 WORLD SEEDS – Coral, Icebergs, Ships, Mushroom Islands”

  1. I have an obsession with building kingdoms on private islands and kinda RPing the treaties between kingdoms, so I'm definitely gonna use the first seed. Those islands being not too big but not too little, and being so close to each other, is perfect <3

  2. I hope they’re still working… Wonderful seeds indeed mate!!! 👌👏
    Update: THEY DONT!!! 😖👎

  3. Im calling FAKE on all of these i tried them all on 1.13 and none of them where what he said they were im extremely disappointed

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