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BEST SLENDER GAME EVER MADE – Let’s Play Slender Island

BEST SLENDER GAME EVER MADE – Let’s Play Slender Island

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Weasel
and we are playing Slender Island. The game look a bit crummy on the IndieDB
homepage but I thought a well lets give it a try. Maybe it got some good scares, but
… I cant hear anything, just checking my cables.
I think… Whoah, what the f*ck? What? What the …. Is that Slender? That is Slenderman! What the … Is everything alright Slendy? Can I help you? I can jump, that is nice but what is going
on with Slenderman. I think he is having a seizure. A Zero gravity
seizure? Why would you release that? Is that supposed
to be like this? I have my doubts! Am I doing something wrong here? It stated in the description that it took
5 days to program if i’m not mistaken and mixing it up with another game. I don’t wanna seem rude … but maybe add
another 5. That is not supposed to happen. Right? That
is … That is so weird. That makes no sense at all. I wonder how version 1.0 looks like but then
… no i don’t. Anyway if you enjoyed this video, don’t forget
to leave a like. I’m Weasel, I’m out, and I hope to see you
around. BYE BYE! What the f*ck slendy, what is the matter?

19 thoughts on “BEST SLENDER GAME EVER MADE – Let’s Play Slender Island”

  1. Slender Island is the most dumbest and failure slender games of all time because slender is crazy and it won't do nothing

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