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Best Upcoming Base Building and Survival Indie Games – Indie Game News September 2018

Best Upcoming Base Building and Survival Indie Games  – Indie Game News September 2018

Hello Indie Game Lovers, Nerds and Nerdettes
my name is Feniks and this is the Indie Game News. Today we look at Base-Building and Survival
genre. Don’t forget to check video description
for additional information Time for updates of already released games. Empyrion Galactic Survival released 3rd Anniversary
update we will see addition of Retractable Landing Gears as name suggest gears will retract
during flight and extend when in proximity to the ground. Following from that we will see retractable
turrets. Turrets will automatically retract into their
boxes when deactivated. Developers added ability to setup your own
colour palette with a use of colour picker providing players with nearly infinite choice
of variations. We will see addition of 20 sets of modular
wings to bring some variety to your small vessels as well as ability to attach thrusters
and weapons below the wings. Players can now recycle old devices into their
primary components with the use of de-constructor. We will see several new missions and new life
forms added to the game. Finally we will see many quality of life updates,
optimizations and bug fixes. KeeperRL alpha 25 is finally here. We will see addition of new Keeper character
the dark knight heavily melee focused characters for players to choose. Players can now dig moats to protect their
base. As a result of this change enemies will attempt
to construct bridges in order to get to your base. Some really talented crafters are able to
craft Ego items that grant special effects to whoever uses them. We will see new minions added as well as improvements
to minion pathing allowing them to navigate through portals, minions can now pick items
from multiple tiles when hauling this should speed up hauling jobs. We will see addition of new orders “stand
ground” and “ignore enemies” as well as some changes in the population slots units
take. There are several UI improvements, optimization
changes and bug fixes as usual. KeeperRL is sat on 86% positive review score
on steam. Rimworld Beta 19 is out of testing branch. Developer added bridges. You can build bridges over rivers and non-deep
lake/ocean water. Bridges support all but the heaviest structures,
can burn, and collapse under damage. We will see quality of life improvement New
main tab: Wildlife. Allows easy counting, finding, and designating
of wild animals. We will see new raid modes multiple groups
and enemy pods scattered all over the map. Additionally quite a big change to ship end
sequence: Starting up the ship reactor now takes 15 days, during which you will be attacked
constantly by desperadoes and mechanoids. Talking of mechanoids, mechanoid scyther is
now split into scyther (close combat specialist) and lancer (fast sniper). Tribal warriors also have seen changes tribal
warrior is split into warrior (mid-range melee) and penitent (poverty melee, similar to drifter) Faction relations are now categorized as hostile/neutral/ally
instead of just hostile/neutral. Allies will randomly send military aid and
will respond to certain special requests. You can now offer gifts to improve faction
relations by using transport pods, sending caravans, or giving gifts to their traders. Gifts can be silver, items, or slaves. No more magical teleporting silver gifts. We will see addition of several new buildings
like automated cannons, fabrication bench or watermill generator and more. New traits and new items also have been added
to the game. We will see more terrains, incidents and many
small changes, optimizations and bug fixes. As you probably are aware Rimworld is one
of the highest rated games on steam currently at 97% positive review out of over 20 000
reviews submitted. Time for recent releases Dig or Die released on steam as final full
version. In Dig or Die Crash land on an hostile planet
where you’ll have to build the strongest defenses if you wish to live to escape from it. But be warned… this planet is merciless. Build strong, and smart; else physics may
flood or destroy your only hopes of survival. Game is based around 3 main elements
Strategy: survive massive attacks each night by building strong walls and placing turrets
wisely. Physics: build wisely or your structures will
collapse! And you will need them to defend your base,
or build bridges and high towers to access remote locations. Water cycle: rain, infiltration, underground
rivers and lakes… be careful during the heavy rains, or you could be surprised by
a sudden water level rise! You can play solo or multiplayer co-op and
try some custom modes like under the Sea and Sky World. Developers promises to focus on fun from a
start there is very little digging down and much more exploring caves and fighting. Unlike most survival crafting game this one
has final objective player aims to build a rocket and leave the hostile planet so it
keeps game fresh and keeps player focused. Game gathered 91% positive reviews on steam
out of 2500 reviews submitted Depraved released on early access on 20th
of July and I must say I am positively surprised. Game received mostly positive reviews on steam
and is doing quite well. I was initially quite sceptical about it. In Depraved you are the leader of the pioneers
in the Wild West. You are about to start your adventure in a
procedurally generated world with only one carriage full of resources. Select a suitable place for your first settlement
and procure building materials from mother nature or by trading to create a new home
country for your residents. The happier your residents are, the faster
your town will grow. Supply your residents with food and water,
so that they won’t starve or die of thirst. Protect them against the weather and against
illnesses by supplying them with clothes and fire wood. Here is what one reviewer had to say about
the game. it’s really not that easy to make a good city-builder
game: most of them end up being too tedious, too slow, too simplistic, or too derivative. “Depraved” manages to avoid these pitfalls
and the developers have created one of the most engaging city-builders in recent memory. At its core, Depraved is a city-builder built
along the lines of Dwarf Fortress and “Rimworld”: you plot out buildings, and your autonomous
villagers construct and occupy them, and are assigned jobs such as hunter, woodcutter,
undertaker, tailor, farmer, etc. It has a Wild West setting. The first thing you notice is that the developers
put a lot of care into the design and feel of the game. This game has definitely moved to my keep
an eye on list. Okay let’s look at upcoming games. Atomic Society is set to release on steam
early access this September. Currently game is available via developers
website. In Atomic Society you build and rule your
own post-apocalyptic society. Decide the laws and morals of the survivors. Overcome challenges and threats from the wasteland. Game premise is very similar to the one you
may know from Frost Punk. Developers put much focus on society building
and shaping than just on running your own colony. You will have ability to deal with crime your
citizens will commit crimes and a wide range of social issues as you play and it will be
up to you to create laws and rules for breaking them so your citizens know where your society
is going. You will be able to shape the belief s of
your society either by education, exile or violence. You will deal with such social issues as abortion,
murder, vegetarianism, drug use, cannibalism and more. Of course as with every other colony builder
you will need to ensure needs of your citizens are met and you are secured from external
and internal threats. You will be able to create your own leader
character and use him to help build town, and explore world around you and walk around
the settlement you build. Final announcement of this month somes from
Satisfactory. An FPS open-world factory building sim. You play as an engineer on an alien planet
as part of the ‘Save The Day’ program – a program whose goal is to construct a massive
machine for a mysterious purpose You can think of this as factorio in 3d on
steroids Your job will be to construct massive factory producing different items and subcomponents. Factories support multilevel warehouses os
you can build both in horizontal and vertical direction. You will have to automate your production
using various mergers, splitters and other conveyor belts. Finally you will need to research, and explore
local flora and fauna to find resources as you can expect wild life will not be impressed
with you digging up their planet so you will have to build some tools to help you deal
with them effectively. AT the moment there isn’t much more about
the game so I would be cautiously optimistic and observe carefully so you don’t fall
for another hyped survival game. I am looking at you here Scum and your disaster
lag issues. Okay guys that is it in this month Indie Game
News. If you know of any other games that should
be featured in next month updates or you released a game yourself please contact me at [email protected]
or tweet @Feniks_Gaming. If you enjoyed this video please don’t forget
to subscribe for more. Nerds and Nerdettes my name Feniks and it
was pleasure to have you here.

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