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Bigfoot Attack In The Canadian Wilderness

Bigfoot Attack In The Canadian Wilderness

What the hell Freaking me out Not that far from me Sounds like something hacking away at a tree Im getting down 500 yards away from where that noise was up in that tree stand just going to sit here and see if I can hear it This is where Im supposed to meet Don Don Don Shit man Just heard something again Hey Is that you Im out of here Oh man Oh great Whoa Oh man Holy, what the hell is this Whoa Thing is stalking me whatever it is

100 thoughts on “Bigfoot Attack In The Canadian Wilderness”

  1. wow man, I gotta say of this isn't real, then it's a damn good fake. I mean the animal carcasses, such as that coyote or wolf hanging by its tendon, is striking, and if done by a man would require considerable strength. those animals did not appear to be cut, but torn

  2. Be thankful it didn't get you stay away from that area or you'll be next bro

    Just warning ya

    You don't wanna be in that tree with the rest of the carcasses

  3. ITS REAL. I a way i wish it wasnt but lets all use a little respect the guy who died when had his head almost torn off has family and im certain they went thru a lot..Lets understand that someone left a family behind,someone died lets try to play nice,please.

  4. fake. and here's why.
    1. There were plenty of four wheel trails out there where he got down from the stand. which tells me he's out there often. which tells me
    2. He knows his way around the land and wouldn't be making random stops for no reason and not trying to get back before it gets too dark. and what I couldn't help but think the entire video
    3. why would you "just happen to be recording while you're out hunting?

  5. I don't know.. this guy seems way too calm. If my ATV wouldn't start in that situation you would hear a whole lot of "wtf." I certainly wouldn't be able to come across those carcasses in that den silently. And I'm pretty sure the average Joe would've hauled out of there rather than swing a hanging dead wolf like a confused kid poking at an empty pinata.

  6. Wow!!! I believe this footage is real and no hunter in his right mind would not just pull out their rifle and begin firing for no apparent reason. Hope those shots fired ran the bigfoot off instead of make it angry and that more aggressive for the next hunters that be out there. Great footage!!! Looking to see more?

  7. I thought this was sad cuz of the animals but scary cuz of the weird noises, and if I were u I would stay with my gun and quad to be safe

  8. Sony vator I think you need to learn some lessons….you need to get with a guy called Mike like he said respect the Bigfoot don't get into there space and the Bigfoot will respect you…..the videos he does is called SASquatch Ontario start watching them u will learn some lessons…..the squatch is vocalizing Mike's name and talking to them too…..

  9. I had to go to rest room so I paused it about one minute before he got hit and I could clearly see the face of a bigfoot…anyone else see it? an its only a foot away…

  10. so, is this found footage? I'm all about bigfoot, but it feels like there is a little explaining necessary. I mean no bad intentions. the guys at Cascade Bigfoot give great detail about what's going on. just kinda feels like they are holding out for clicks at times. again, no harm intended. I know there is a lot of work into there videos.

  11. Dude !! u have to be more careful.. I have seen 1 myself also, I'm from down south me & my husband seen 1 standing beside the road 🙄 it was creepy, I told him 2 turn around he was scared…lol..but I asked other locals and it's alot of people in my area seen the same thing…. THEY ARE REAL some people say it not because they haven't seen 1 but yess there real man…

  12. As soon as the bike didn't start, I knew it wasn't "real" but definitely an awesome video and one BRAVE S.O.B for going out in that area to make the video, AT NIGHT ! I want to see more of this show !!!

  13. Sheriff from a local county found a VHS tape in the biggest of the three "shelters". It's been confirmed that the bigfoot(s) were in possession of a grainy video clip of Chuck Norris low-crawling through the woods VHS…

  14. Big foot to me isn't real… much lies being spreader about this animal lol I'll have to see him and get video footage for my self to believe….its like a fairy tell about this creature lol

  15. I would have shot too.
    This is one  of the scariest   videos of an encounter,  and I have been watching all of them for about   2 years now.

    Also, I express my sympathy to the family and friends of the man who was fatally injured.

  16. I recall one specific  video, that meant a lot to me.
    They look slow and lumbering; but in one video,  I noticed a  bigfoot about 50 or more feet from  a  campsite, and the video showed the bigfoot moving at an incredible speed.
    Most fast natural creatures,  such as a  lion or cheetah,  I can sort of calculate.  But the bigfoot seemed able to move either just as fast or even faster.  I wonder if their speed is "normal" for a natural creature,  or if they can move at a  "paranormal" speed.

  17. no way a man could do this no way unless he is like 800 pounds of pure mucele u ain't doing that no matter how hard u try

  18. Some of the best "real" video I've seen. I have been researching this topic for years. Excellent. . .

  19. ur supposed to be in some sort of danger yet u not only put ur weapon in the rack BUT cover it UP – give me a break..Why so many Hoaxes on these Bigfoot vids .Oh for an HONEST PERSON

  20. sonny, why would YOU risk your life like this. There was ample opportunity for retreat. You seem to put yourself deeper in danger as the video progresses.

  21. Was that an animal skin laid over the dead Bigfoot.?? Wow they can skin and cure animal Hyde's and make blankets. Clever Bigfoot.

  22. I always find the safest thing to do when I hear noises in the woods at night is to fire my high powered rifle aimlessly off into the dark like that.

  23. It's like I said before for the ppl who haven't seen my comment. Look at 1:06 into the video when he sets his camera down. Off to the left there is a little gap that you can see then go to 1:17 And look at the gap again off to the left you will see that something large is standing there watching him

  24. He went nosing around the creature's den and kills, i'd be pissed too. I guess that's why the elders named him Wildchild. But nonetheless, this is some impressive footage. Was the film slowed down intentionally at the end, Sonny? Looked like things slowed down.

  25. One more thing….. for the record, that growl at the end is the same kind of noise that is heard in some of Todd Standing's footage. I have a good ear for details.

  26. When that quad wouldn't start making all that racket got my heart racing. Thatss one way to broadcast your location if they didn't already know exactly where you were.

  27. I don’t know why he was whispering. If that dang snowmobile didn’t give him away, talking wouldn’t.

    And, why did he leave the road? Just because his SM died, didn’t mean he had to go through the brush.


  29. I think it is fake because of the light. Bigfoot do not like lights at night. I think he would have disposed of the light.

  30. Suddenly it won't start 🤣🤣😂😂😂.. Something is growling, and you ask if it's your friend, my goodness, does your friend growl too for you to be confused if it's him or not 😅😄😄🤣🤣

  31. This is a compelling video. The growl heard on this video at the 10:03 mark sounds very similar to the growl I captured in my own video. Here's the link – for my video if you're just interested in hearing the growl start watching at 6:41 and the growl happens by 6:44 I'm currently making a video about Sabe touching on a topic that has never been addressed by any show or investigator.

  32. For attention of the folk who believe this vid is real. I have genuine Bigfoot hair for sale, £1000 per strand but if you buy 2 I will throw in a third free of charge. I also have some rocking horse shit for sale if anyone would like to send me a cash offer for it just reply to this message and I will get back to you. I’m going now, I need to go and feed my pet unicorn.

  33. Honestly, while I don't believe this is genuine footage, this is damn creepy man! This would make a great found footage movie if it were a bit longer. And if it is real, all the better.

  34. Awesome videos!!! I just hope that we don't have to wait very long for part 3. Combine all 3 videos and sell them as a movie! It's a hell of a lot better than ANY bigfoot movie I've ever seen!!! Keep up the good work!

  35. Any animal knows not to put fresh kills or any kills near it's shelter/sleeping spot, it's like crapping where you sleep.
    Up till now, no known stash of kills have been found or attributed to any animal other than man. Man is the only one who hoards his food. Bigfoot has never left remains of any other bigfoot out in the open, none have ever been found.
    That being said – this has the makings of a really good horror film.
    What was wrong with the recorder when he finds the dead bigfoot, the sounds were like 'sloshing through water' kind of sounds. At the start, there was evidence that the 'monster sounds' were edited in – cut and paste kind of deal.
    Although there is artistic value here, this does absolutely NOTHING for research for serious proof of sasquatch/bigfoot. This should be labeled 'entertainment' unless there is supporting evidence like dna results, police reports, newspaper articles or genuine tv news clips.

  36. At 9:19 would you set up your camera, pick up your gun and film after you had seen those dead animals. Nothing that something killed them and had the smarts put hand them up like a person. Something isn't right about that. A normal person would run for their lives and would stop to check out the animals. Plus let's think of that last camera angle, how was that taken? And how would be be able to continue filming if he as dragged off, is he still holding the camera. NOT likely. Them he would have had to put the camera away and then take it out again for the next video, which non of that would have happened.

  37. how intelligent sasquatch is… to put ice on that cascas in order to preserve them..
    dude I am scared… but fascinated… this creature is so smart….

  38. This seems legit, it's amazing if it is, it's better than most bf shit you see regardless.

  39. Hey sonny are you still on youtube? I want to talk to you, would you speak to me on skype or google hangouts? I could interview you. let me know please


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