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BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT BANK HEIST!! πŸ“¦πŸ’° Vault Hacking, Robots, Lasers & More!

BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT BANK HEIST!! πŸ“¦πŸ’° Vault Hacking, Robots, Lasers & More!

previously on Papa J a crazy man known
as the Baron decides to take over the world using a zombie virus zombie slowly
engulfed the world and caused havoc across the cities Papa Jake and Logan
defend their zombie survival base against wave after wave of zombies Papa
Jake decides to stop him but in doing so is captured and locked in a prison after
escaping him and Logan decided to create a zombie survival base just as they
thought their lives were getting back to normal a new character known as the
leader of the red Legion emerges it’s clear that he controls the barren and
with the zombie virus continuing to spread they’re left with no option but
to stop the entire red Legion looking we have a serious issue I just barely
escaped in that prison look it’s all making sense now they’re all connected
the Baron isn’t the leader he’s simply a pawn in a bigger game the red Legion is
truly who we have to worry about look we thought when we moved here we escaped
the zombies we thought we moved far away business started back up again when
you’re making box sports but it looks like that’s not true anymore look if
we’re gonna take down the red Legion and stop this zombie virus once and for all
we’re gonna need to hit them head-on the only way to take down an organization
this big and to stop this zombie virus is to use everything we have
we’re gonna need funds though and lots of it I know this sounds crazy but I
think I need to go back part of the prison was remade to be a vault in that
vault I know they’re keeping tape rolls if I can break in and steal those tape
rolls that’s more than enough to take them down I’ll have to shoot it up and
pull off a bank heist if I can do this we’ll have the funds to stop the red
Legion and hopefully stop this zombie virus before it’s too late
satellite reports show that zombies are making their way closer and closer the
virus is spreading or you know what don’t be here is there anything you want
me to do it’s too risky us both going I’ll have to do this alone
look I need you to stay here and hold down the fort if these zombies spread
we’ll have zombies and the red Legion on us and we cannot take them both on at
the same time if I don’t make it back you go north you do the ice-fishing box
work and you live there till spring but my calculations are right we’ll be able
to stop once and for all I’ll have to grab my gear and start planning we’re
doing this today all right this should be the place the bank should just be
around here maybe some cards I got be careful he’s
got not perfect all right now it’s time to make my move
doesn’t look there’s any other guards and I gotta find a way in there should
be there on top of the bank there’s an old access tube that they try
to seal off it doesn’t look like it’s true structure they safe I should be
able to blow with the bazooka launcher I’m just gonna need to load it up here
all right homemade bazooka launcher is in point let’s lock and load here I got
this thing loaded all right now all I have to do is blow through that we can
make our way into the entry tunnel I got my gear on the ground should be okay
this guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time time to blow this popsicle
stand first shot soon to weaken it I’m gonna
have to use this as again as a manual explosive we’re gonna try and angle this
in properly come on come on there we go all right I got it time to blow through
this thing you get us in come on you got this yeah I got it there was enough to
weaken it all right look so we got access tunnel
entry sorry buddy we’re going in here goes nothing no alarms are off we’re
inside well that’s one way to make an entrance blow a hole through the roof
yeah well we have here entry to the bolt should just be down here yeah solid I’m
gonna save my explosives for the vault I’m gonna have to find another way to
open this there’s another door primer over here this is definitely locked too yeah it’s not budget doesn’t look like
there’s any keypads on the outside wait here we go
like there’s a small ventilation tunnel here
I’ll get my electron roach I can use that here we go
perfect I should be able to use the electromagnetic field on this electro
roach to electrify the door lock and open it it’s a bit of a long shot but
should work see if you still got it in you oh yeah
I’m not gonna be able to fit through there but this just might I’m gonna use
some of the freezing agent on here so I can pull the bars off there we go oh
yeah oh that’s cold okay three two one whoa
that’s very cool you see the snow starting to form here but it looks like
it was enough to crack the bars all right little buddy you’re going in and
you’re getting us through this next door as far as I can tell none of the sirens
and set off so they don’t know we’re in here looks like the top hatch here isn’t
monitored there’s no security locker armed door
brake sensor on it if we can get through this door I’m fairly sure we should be
able to find the control panel to open that door down there if we don’t there’s
no way to get inside there’s no way to get to the vault so it looks like it’s
up to you but see you can do you got this fine the electoral law got it
locked in hey now the prime it come on we got it the electrolux was able to
bust the lock we know how much time before the system turns back on we gotta
break through here and there we go doors open let’s keep moving thank you little buddy you did your
service all right here’s the control panel I should be able to open that and
use that to unlock the main door wait a second we got lights on the side this is
trap here there’s no alarm system here I see red lights there’s lasers hold on
I’m gonna get the ice ray make some smoke this is not only acts as a freeze
ray but it can also be shaken up to make some smoke oh yeah there we go I got a
visual on some trip wires here looks like it runs along here and crosses up
here there’s no way I’m getting over this but I might be able to get under it
there’s enough clearing room for me to crawl under I don’t want to track
building around with these if I touch them or move them in the wrong way you
can set up the entire alarm and bring every guard in this place on us we’re
gonna have to go under all right let’s start crawling Oh seems like it’s
working I got a bill in the road why I think
there’s some sort of board here well that’s one way to conceal lasers but it
looks like we’re clear from those I didn’t set them off all right our next
step is this seems like some sort of old control panel switch yeah here we go I
know how this works correctly this should be wired to the primary control
board backup control board these are the laser sensors this is this has got to be
the door lock okay I’m gonna try and shut everything down I’m gonna need my
nanobots though here we go some friendly neighborhood nanobots
these things might not look too crazy but in a big number they look like a
clump of balls but throw these at anything that uses a magnetic current to
operate we’ll shut it down and lock it up if I use these balls correctly I’ll
be able to lock down the magnetic current that transfers all the
information to the main control panel it won’t buy us a lot of time but it
should buy us enough to get in there just throw em on like this well slowly
start to come together they’re gonna rewire the wiring system here and last but not least here we go
it worked haven’t got shorted that’s just stop the door lock and open the
main door alright I got a pack up to keep moving the laser sensors have
retracted it looks like the security system in this part of the bank is down
I’ll be able to make it to the next level
I gotta keep moving now let’s go door system lock here hand oh great it’s open
Oh what do we have in here looks like another part of the puzzle if our
calculations are correct the vault should just be beyond that door but it
looks like that’s set on a different mainframe than the one we just override
it I’m gonna have to bust through that wait a second maybe a plasma mine we
might have a plasma line right here we get anywhere near that thing it’s gonna
set it off the entire ground around it is being censored by the pulse lasers on
the right and left side of this thing this should be able to safely hover
above the ground with a little bit of air cushion below it it won’t set up the
sensors I’m gonna try and use this to knock it over three two one Oh got it
the bomb in the mine blew off definitely is what I thought it was just can’t do
us any harm see if there’s any components I might be able to use from
this it’s a good generic cover mind you reset the sensors incorrectly these all
open up firing at you every single last one of them in 360 degrees that would
take us out but disconnected so no more than a hunk of junk
next step is getting that door open and I’m pretty sure it has to do with this
seems like a regular primer door lock let’s see if I can’t open it alright it
looks like my assumptions were clear the control panel that we override it over
in the other room isn’t linked to this this is part of the main bolt if we’re
gonna get through that we need a Hotwire this it’s a lot like hot wiring a
regular car I brought ourselves a little hot wiring
fuse I should be able to hook this up to the main control panel and use it as a
bypass it’ll open the door and allow us into the central vault here goes nothing
alright here we go first things first disengage the door we’re gonna plug it
straight into the control panel here if I do this correctly that door will open
if I do this thing correctly well it’ll probably set off every alarm
now we’re gonna bypass it with my own lock all right bypassing with my lock
now shut that off I gotta hold both these down at the same time three two
one and perfect it worked
I heard the door lock activated no alarms set off so this thing definitely
works all right we got to keep moving and move fast but oh how long this will
stay open for the central vault here we are I’m not seeing any security cameras
and there’s definitely no guards in here that’s our target the vault now I
brought something very special for this we’re gonna be using a nano bomb this is
solid titanium cardboard there’s no way getting into this but if we use this
bomb should be able to break in I’m gonna set the timer for 10 seconds put
it like this and here we go three two one there we go timers working
seven six we gotta get out of here oh look like it worked okay well we blew
the base off let’s see we got what what is this this isn’t April’s to see kind
of secondary vault what is this thing it’s completely locked up it’s got a
combination lock at the bottom here does this work what is this where the tape
rolls it’s gotta be something in here there’s something in here whatever
they’ve been hiding in this Bank has got to be in here but we need those tape
rolls if we’re gonna fund our cause there’s gotta be something valuable in
this thing I should have a bolt decrypter in here
here we go it’s an old-fashioned stethoscope this is the way we used to
crack vaults now using this I should be able to listen it in here if I can crack
the code with this all right I don’t want to get this wrong too many times I
don’t know what kind of alarm system this is set up to hey time to listen in
and try and crack this thing 11 working gotta do something here all right let’s
see if I can crack this thing guys go listen in and see where the tumble locks
meet the vault cracking skills using this old fashioned method are a little
rusty but shoot he keeps locking me out hold on there’s something come on come
on come on I got to be quicker they’re gonna be on us in no time
18 got it whoa what is this what are these things bit tape what is bit tape
these are all bit tape coins what’s a bit tape coin this it’s gotta be
something that the Barons up to and something that the red Legion is doing
these are all bit tape coins filled with bit tape coins we gotta grab all these
bit tape coins and get out of here whatever these are they have to have
some value if they’ve been locked in this I got to bring these back to Logan
so we can analyze them we’re getting out of here to get back to Logan let’s try
and figure out what these things are whoa
cheak slow down catch your breath Oh security systems work that they won’t
rewired it what it was nothing but I expected when it got past the final door
lock inside there wasn’t a regular vault well the weather was like that there
wasn’t any tape rolls Logan there’s something else well what did you find
they’re called bit tape there’s some sort of currency but they’re but they’re
not tape rolls it’s a weird coin I don’t know what
they’re for the fact of the matter is the red Legion had these locked up in a
safe under more security than we’ve ever seen it has to be valuable I might be
wrong but I think the red Legion is trying to create their own currency and
whatever this thing is it’s worth its own value and tape walls when you define
someone who can tell us what these are worth
how many rolls is tape we have we’re lucky we’ll be sitting on enough tape to
take them down

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