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[BlackSurvival]Nadine the Nadine the hunter♬(+Eng CC)

[BlackSurvival]Nadine the Nadine the hunter♬(+Eng CC)

I am playing as Nadine in this game.
I will be aiming for Twinbow, and I will be starting at the Beach. This route was originally from another youtuber’s bow Bernice route,
and I found it really interesting as I’ve never seen a route like that. Let’s start at the Beach, and you should farm rubber, turtle shell, scrap metal, and ballistic helmet(bike helm + bullets). I also had to get full body swimsuit too,
but I lacked space in my bag so I didn’t grab it. Then go straight to Archery Range. Combine leather with shell to make leather shield, and grab Yumi Bow and gasoline to make Longbow. Also grab Quiver, Fabric Armor and Piano Wire. Personally I prefer Quiver of Infinity than Sultan’s Quiver. Then go to Trail, grab iron ore to make steel, and make steel shield and sheet metal armor. Finally, go to either Factory, Well or Chapel and get Short Crossbow, combine it with piano wire and longbow to make Twinbow. The reason I stopped farming to make Twinbow and moved is because wild animals generate 15 seconds before round 1 of restricted area. Nadine’s skill, ‘Hunter’s Sight’ has 2 minutes of cooldown, which perfectly fits the regeneration time of bats and crows. So first hunt either crow or bat,
then use sight right away to hunt another wild animal, When the cooldown for Hunter’s sight ends, wild animals generate, so it is a good way to keep track of wild animals. Same tactic can be used with Jackie, as she has skill ‘Hide & Seek’ which also has cooldown of 2 minutes. It looks like other people already hunted every single wild animals, so I failed to use the sight… After you find short crossbow and make twin bow,
it’s time to make Tactical OPS Helmet. When finding short bow in the factory, try to also find one wire and make electronic parts.
That is end of the farming of this route. I will be going to temple for thick paper to make space in my bag. I’m also planning to go feather boots. I really like Boots of Hermes.
Then upgrade your cloth to Amazon’s Armor, Make some food, farm mastery points, hunt wild animals, and if you find a mythril, go quiver of infinity. This is how to control wild animals. If you kill one, use the sight straight away for another one. I am a bit worried, as the areas that has arrows are all closed. Arrows are also found in random location, and I thought there would be some in temple.
I couldn’t find any, so I’ll skip this part. Thank you very much for Sureka made by Eng subs.
Feedbacks, music recommendations and questions are always welcome!
I will not be accepting requests for a while!

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