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“Blessing Bag” Survival Kit by Girl Scouts for Vandwellers

“Blessing Bag” Survival Kit by Girl Scouts for Vandwellers

Hey! What’s up Survival Bros? Cameron McKirdy dropping yet another positive
video for you on YouTube. Please Share this video, add it to a Playlist,
and Subscribe today. Now this is a “Blessing Bag” given to me by
at a Food Bank. It was made by a Girl Scout Troop. And this has everything in here to make you
comfortable while living in your van. #vanlife So we are going to dump this out
right now and check out the contents. This is a great idea. I hope that you make some of these kits for
Homeless in your area. So Positive. If you have kids, this is a great thing to
do with them over The Holidays. First we got to read this note. It says: You matter! You are not forgotten! Hope this Blessing Bag brightens your day! Girl Scout Troop #12023 So I’m going to save
that. Just the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Very encouraging. And it’s things like this that keep me going. So it’s all in a Zip-Loc Bag. Here we have Huggies, so some Butt Wipes to
keep clean and sanitary and smelling good. Here’s a bottle (water). I’ll drink that, and then redeem it for 10
Cents here in Oregon. There’s some clean socks. That will come in very handy. Sometimes it’s a week before I can get to
doing the laundry. Here is a travel toothbrush, with toothpaste. There’s a Cliff Bar. Medicated Lip Balm. Here’s some deodorant. There’s Tissue Paper. And Candy, so that will keep you energized
and positive. Then there’s some Bandages, and I just notices
how big that one is. So that could come in handy, and stop bleeding
sometime if I get in an accident. Then finally there’s some Tuna. Flavored Meat. So that’s Guys. That is a “Blessing Bag” example. I hope you make on like it for The Homeless
People in your area, and think of the less fortunate this Holiday Season. Thank you to the Girl Scouts. Take care of yourself, and each other. I’m Cam.

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