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Boar traps and best preserved, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 58

Boar traps and best preserved, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 58

The wild boars, they had gone fa from the last place They ate seeds and left traces everywhere This place is suitable for traps An old decaying trap A softwood tree They grow fast as well as dying fast There are many climbing traces here Squirrels and civets Their paws mark a lot on the bark The wild boars’ scratching marks It is quite firm Another few smaller traps After days… A squirrel finding food in the early morning A nice weather Something had been here digging the ground to find earthworms A big wild boar The flies sniffed out very quickly They laid eggs right after detecting the carrion Be careful because this trap is dangerous It is quite heavy (about 120 pounds) There are so many flies’ eggs Meat will be put on a position above the kitchen with 2 foot height High temperature and smoke will help to dispel the flies dry and ripe the meat Need to flip them constantly to make them riped well They are covered with banana leaves in order to diffuse heat The next 2 days They are lighter and smaller than the beginning Smoke meat is dark red and has a typical smell Good smell Great !!! A few small mushrooms

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  2. サバイバル系のチャンネルの罠動画って多いけど真偽はどうなんだろ?

  3. what i dont understand is why not cook a broth it can cook forever if adding water and bones a constaint broth if kept at a moderent heat can last and richens he so has to know yet not doing theres just somthing not right about this

  4. ถุกไจคับ

  5. Your getting skinny my friend, be aware of that.take some vitamins everyday.we love your every episode you made.sometimes im thinking to go in the wild and live there in the entire of my life.😅
    God bless amigo from Philippines here!

  6. I’m a big fan of the survival skills anyway. The young man very smart with special skills and a mind full of it.👍👍👍🇰🇭🎥Keep the camera rolling 😂 lol

  7. Watching to you from Canada, your getting skinny but still strong how many more months you stay at jungle you need Jane to your life,getting alone is hard.😘🇨🇦☝️💖

  8. I love this guy !! I just hope he has a lot of salt – uncured pork is quite nasty.
    It is NOTHING like the kind you buy in the store !!

  9. Why you don't built a bed with log, bamboo tube or rock as pillow? Would like to see you sleep in bed and not floor. So do one with bed and material you'd use for pillow. In addition to the bed/pillows, can you also show of how you'd harvest bamboo shoots, yams, palm tree heart and other wild vegetables to be cooked with your wild boar meat? Thanks!

  10. เย็ดเข้ดูไปดูมาแหกตาเลิกดู

  11. Doesnt look dry enough to be able to store for long time… There wasnt enough smoke in your fire and the setup is not so well contain.. but great sharing nevertheless

  12. This video is very good. And, mister Bruce Lee, we all want to know, where is your wife ? Video will de better with her. )))))

  13. I know that you use bamboo but I've tried to copy you and used the wood I have in Florida, USA. I'm loving it. We have bamboo but not as common as what you have. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  14. Этот хряк здоровей первого! без соли сушить одна муха и сразу яйца готовы…

  15. Thank you for uploading this video. I wish you join me hunt boars here in Micronesia. Our hunting skills are different than yours. We don't dig holes but using ropes only. Soon I will upload to proof it.. Anyways thanks for sharing your skills

  16. I really enjoyed the survival video. Very good job with the wild boar. I am from Texas and we have an over abundance of wild hogs. Smoking meat a great way to preserve meat. Also salt will preserve meat too. Great job 👍😁!!!

  17. This is why you should NEVER drink water out of a stream in a forest/jungle/wilderness! People do all kind of shit to pollute the stream!

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