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Booga Booga in Roblox | Survival Game | Resource Gathering | Metal Bee

Booga Booga in Roblox | Survival Game | Resource Gathering | Metal Bee

Boys and girls so welcome back to the
channel I am the metal bee and in roblox Today we are taking a look at a game
called booga-booga I have no idea what that means
so the game opens up like a typical RPG kind of a game where it gives you an
option for the character creation so we have a hello male/female something move
okay it doesn’t want to change okay the skin color does change okay
that’s acceptable I suppose should keep that and we should go for a beard
because you know and let’s click on play and alright so what we have okay
totems Chiefs can build totems on the terrible menu new island with ice rafts
added okay so we have a rock okay what can we do with a rock hmmm alright just
update log content menus log bag food okay okay so we’re supposed to like
harvested okay okay and what are we supposed to do with
the harvested food then okay why is he hitting me with a rock I have no idea
why is he doing that okay so now we are hitting each other with walks that is
just amazing fun because you know why not
ah eat my rocks and I’m dead hmm okay so that wasn’t much fun but okay let’s try
and figure this game out you just hit that thing and okay metal B has joined
the red tribe okay I’ve harvested that piece of wood and what we supposed to do
with this okay cactus I smack the cactus a number of times okay this is another
trick beta game isn’t it okay and I collect okay I press F to harvest it or
eat eat it okay alright that seems logical I think it’s a dead tree
hopefully that should give me a lot more driftwood and yeah let’s just see what
happens here okay so we get F and F we harvested that what are you supposed to
do as such okay so uh okay so you have two
logs to build a campfire three ice cubes to build okay
two logs to build this wood axe log okay okay okay okay okay so we got a totems
or that’s the tribe and okay so we’ve got some chests we can have as well so
okay let’s close this let’s gather all the resources that we have on our little
island in Booga Booga Booga Booga why not okay new recipes chest Club and Hut
okay so f and f we arrested that and we’ve
got a little bit more of driftwood over here
okay let’s harvest that now can we build the raft yes we should be able to pull
the raft okay um there we go and can you jump on the raft
okay and let’s go forward to the next Island and yep let’s see what we can do
with there all right all right so you’ve got six pieces of logs per se and three
units of the food I can see sharks in the water so obviously you don’t want to
be swimming in the water where there are sharks can be like okay so we can break
the crafted material for the original okay that makes a lot of sense okay so
basically this looks like a survival type game where you have to gather your
food your resources and yeah mmm so let’s just see what else we can do
here okay this is uh what is this it’s a bush so if we get it stick from this ah
okay lovely we got the stick and if we should be able to craft one of those
either those sticks all those harvests or something of that sort
okay yes we’d acquire one log and one stick to carve or to make a pickaxe and
a wood axe as well so let’s do that and let’s do that okay so we’ve got a wood
axe that should allow us to cut through most materials far easily I think that’s
a bit awkward considering how we got like okay a lot of food so we don’t need
that okay let’s just use the pickaxe now and let’s see if we can go after this
stone it says Featherstone right here okay lovely so we’ve harvested the stone
and let’s see what we can build with the stone okay okay so we’ve got to get two
levels as well hmm all right okay so let’s just see what else we can recover
from this island that’s a little bit odd right there what is that okay it’s a
cooked egg we can eat that because I don’t know okay this is a berry bush we
can press F to harvest it I pulled through the harvest dot okay
and we climb up here I climb up there we go and okay so we got a coconut tree as
well okay that’s interesting we can harvest the tree or can just okay so we
can hit it but it’s not gonna really do much so let’s go down and see if we can
move to one of the bigger islands with some more resources on it I suppose new
shop okay it has nothing new here okay mmm okay let’s just collect this trip
okay we can’t obviously can’t collect the wood with a pickaxe that makes no
sense whatsoever okay let’s harvest that log perhaps you
could kind of go around and build your own house on a little island or
something of that sort I don’t know how that’s gonna work is there a day/night
cycle in this game there probably could be for all you know so we should find
that out okay so we just collecting all the logs over here okay thankfully the
bag does have okay stone axe grinder okay so we’ve gotten to level three I
think so it’s got a grinder okay that’ll allow us to pick more things it’s a
stone pick I already think I got that but okay stone axe okay okay okay so
what can we do with this can you like get rid of this hmm leaf pants it says okay so we got
leaf pant armor on you gonna leave shirt armor on as well
okay mmm that whatever that means okay and okay you can build a campfire
as well okay so we don’t want to do that okay uh ice raft raft so let’s go ahead
build the raft come on sit in the raft okay there we go and let’s go over to
the big island over there probably there should be a lot more interesting things
okay let’s take a look booga-booga on roblox
there you go rowing around a lot a lot ah okay that was scary
do you see the least okay so let’s go ahead and land on this island there
seems to be a bunch of stuff over here oh this giant cave as well cuz you know
why not so let’s break down our raft collect harvest the logs back and what
do we have here okay so alright alright this guy’s just being mean to me yeah
you know okay no no no don’t hit me oh okay he killed me ah boy oh boy oh boy
okay so we are back to beating things up whoo it rocks again
mmm that is awkward so we need to kind of make all our stuff again oh boy oh
boy oh boy okay there’s something at the wall okay chicken or something of that
sort I don’t know let’s find out okay what is that okay that’s the
chicken it’s very much a chicken oh no we don’t do that we can harvest that egg
right there Bush we should get some more leaves from that lovely okay so
basically this is a resource gathering game where we have to have the patience
to run around pick up the resources that we need to make whatever come on yeah
you know craft various things so that you know you can get bigger and better
or whatever you’re doing you have like basic armor Stone picks stone axes yeah
that’s that makes a lot of sense I think well there’s a couple of peaceful people
on that island that is very awkward to see the least or are they mmm you never
know alright so oh I’ll just see if I can do anything a little bit more
interesting in this game and get back to you at that point okay boys and girls we
are back and we did something silly we swam through the water despite the fact
that we saw that there was a shark in the water so we got eaten by the shark
obviously and we kind of ended up a respawning at this icy island right here
so let’s go ahead and build a hut on the island because you know why not so we’ve
got to built ourselves a little hot there and what can we do okay we don’t
we don’t need that wait see okay that was it okay that was a chest
okay interesting and we can build a little bonfire in the
island or in our lovely okay I think we got to keep feeding it from time to time
hmm all right and so we’ve also gone ahead and used our wooden pick to make
or to get some ice going and let’s go ahead and see if we can actually craft a
weapon so we’ve got a club okay so we take the club and let’s see if we can
Club that elephant thing over there so that’s a proper legit weapon okay so
let’s see if we can actually okay wow this is gonna take some time but
fortunately for us the mammoth doesn’t want to attack us okay it’s like okay
I’m just gonna walk away from you because you’re hitting me with a stick
and don’t know how many times I need to hit him with a stick to actually break
him down but okay fine one hit is sticking him down dent then hit point so
okay only 150 more kicks maybe for some tasty mammoth meat I don’t know I don’t
know well woolly mammoth oh no okay fine okay somebody’s built a nice wall over
there okay that’s interesting okay cancel bat and okay uh okay I’ve
got them down to half health but this is taking a lot of time okay hit it more
hit it more okay come on let’s keep doing this okay he’s coming and hitting
me okay that’s awkward to say the least Khun Jane okay hooligan is neutral isn’t
he okay but my club will probably beat him a little bit faster okay lovely oof
okay ffffff let’s just take all the stuff
from him cuz don’t be mean and hit me okay all right that was a little bit of
an awkward thing obviously the players who are neutrals will try and kill you I
have the red team on my side so whenever there is a red team player I think there
should be somebody who wants to protect me I think so I hope so but yeah okay
but we got a little island that we got a house on we’ve gonna kill our first
mammoth oh wow okay so okay so that gave us a lot of level ups and experience
points and we also found ice from the woolly mammoth which is weird to say the
least okay our bag is now we’re rapidly getting full but we got a whole bunch of
stuff here so let’s go ahead and see what we have in the level 4 so we’ve got
a little nest that we can make plant box fish trap okay okay makes sense a wooden
gate logs stones okay okay okay so as you can see as we keep leveling up we
can make more and more items that we can you know used to gather up more
resources I suppose and that’ll allow us to build more things so yeah okay uh can
we eat the apple yes we can okay so that we’re restoring our health right there
okay raw meat okay raw meat does not help so what do
we do the raw meat can we right click on it know that it decreases my health some
or okay I killed myself by eating raw meat
ouch Oh Caden hmm interesting little Gil so I think I’ll just play this a little
bit more to figure it out and why don’t you go ahead and do the same yourself
boys and girls it’s a simple enough game to play a baby kinda just you start off
with a little bit of stone in kind of whack stuff and okay so it’s raw fish
you can f harvest it or eat it so thankfully our bags do not just go
disappearing so whatever is in the bag stays in the bag so we’ve got a snail
over here okay iron Shelly it says so we can’t bash through that right now anyway
so yeah go ahead and give us a try it’s called booga-booga a very interesting
sounding name on roblox and we’ll see you for the next video boys and girls
until the next time this is the metal be trying to survive and figure out this
weird little booth above the world bye bye…

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