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Bows in Games | CryMor feat. @NUSensei

Bows in Games | CryMor feat. @NUSensei

[inaudible]. Those don’t always work in video
games like they do in real life, but they’re always a lot of fun. The history of the bow and Arrow dates
back over 70,000 years and it’s been used in pretty much every recorded
war in conflict in history, although they’ve been useless
frequently over the last few centuries. Either way, it’s unsurprising that we
find it in hundreds of video games, whether it be self FBOs, longbows,
composite bows, recurves reflexes, crossbows or anything else. They always provide a cool factor
that few other weapons can. Today I’ve brought on new sensei and
expert on bows and both real life and in video games. We’re going to look at a few of our
favorites to see what they get right, what they get wrong, and
what makes them special. Bows are a staple of every fantasy game. Need to hit something on the other side,
the level, here’s a boat. Of course, the bows in vanity games, featured tools and techniques that are
way beyond what is physically possible, but in worlds that
involve theories. Dragon, Stevens and Gods who’s paying attention? If we take a step back and looked at
the startle weaponry that fantasy games brought inspiration from, we see a
military art that is fascinating. It’s tactical impact on the battlefield. One of the pioneers of the storico grill
time strategy genre is edge empires still played today with an
active proxy in age of Empires. Artists form an essential component
of armies providing range damage and countering Miller units. Notable units include these famed English
lumberman and cavalry archers while broadly reflective of
real historical warriors. The mechanisms in these games are
somewhat abstract damage and harm. Our values are arbitrary and balanced
and not really represented how they would be used in real life. Dive a little deeper into a realistic
scale and we have created for simply total war series spending numerous,
numerous including ancient Rome, feudal Japan, and upcoming
three communities of China, archers I integral part
of any army terrorists, unarmed unit and causing a steady trickle
of casualties as arm is closed for battle. If this is too personal to you, melt and blade puts you right
in the middle of the frame here. The action is intense and terrified. Not only does the game force you to
invest heavily in strength and dexterity stats to maximize your
potential as an archer. It also gives us a taste of what it might
have been like to stand in the face of a formation of arches when facing hundreds
of arches and a defensive position. The incessant hail of arrows forces to
players to use shoot war tactics to break through. What else?
Watch the army not away. One can only imagine how a real
medieval soldier would have felt facing thousands of arches. Horizon Zero dawn provides an interesting
use of the bow because we see it as a replacement for guns. In
the future. In the game, a plague wipes out humanity and the bow
and Arrow made its glorious return and re-emerged as the primary way for
people to hunt and to survive. It’s a fun way of history repeating itself
and it provides more love for bow and arrows than nearly any
game I can think of. It’s the primary weapon for the main
character and players are given ample time to perfect their use of it.
As the story progresses, the hunter bow is the simplest of the
ones available and you start with it early on. It’s fast to fire and reload, making it serviceable and enjoyable to
play with. There’s also the war bow, which focuses on using elemental damage
and d buffs and the sharp shot bow, which is slower but more accurate,
especially at longer ranges. Horizon is a special entry on this
list because it does the best job of balancing what we can do with bows and
real life and what we can only dream of doing in a virtual world. It feels realistic enough but
also taps into our imaginations. Living in a futuristic world that
requires the use of one of history’s most iconic weapons above more modern
innovations feel special and I like it. [inaudible] the Predator bow always comes to mind
when I think of bows and games because of its unique look and design. It’s designed similar to a compound
hunting bow and a specifically designed to work with a nano suit as the
signature weapon of the game. Players have access to it fairly early
and it remains useful throughout the interiority. It’s the pride
of cried net armories silent, deadly and versatile. It uses four different arrow types
including composite thermite, air burst and Recon, all of which allow players to take their
own approach to any given situation as they unlock them. That versatility is
what makes the Predator bow so special. It almost functions as four different
weapons and one which isn’t seen very often in other games. One of the more unique and more realistic
aspects of the weapon is its different draw weights. You can
go for the quick draw, the medium draw weight or the strong jaw
weight to determine how quickly a shot is fired and how much damage it will deal. What’s fun about this is that you can
decide how you want to use the bow in different situations to take enemies out
stealthily and quickly or pull it all the way back and one shot enemies. There’s plenty of different modules and
builds to play with and crisis gives you more freedom than most other
games that feature Boz. While I wouldn’t go so far as to
say the Predator bow is realistic. It does provide players the ability to
control their draw and that’s what makes it unique and it looks
really, really good. Cool. What a fine, interesting with these futuristic posing
games like crisis and war frame is that they exist in a universe where low
tech weapon has been given to high-tech treatment, giving a role
alongside guns, lasers, Nano suits and other gadgets.
Seeing a high tech Bobas as others, it is call the same way we want to use
plasma sword despite blasters being more widely available. Using a bow in Skyrim is
one of my favorite pastimes. Maxing out the archery tree is one of
the most rewarding things to do early in the game because you have
access to overdraw and archery. A consistent draw length and anchor
point are fundamental and Paul, Skyrim doesn’t make it feel like your
character has as much control over their draw as they would in real life. It does include the overdraw
perk that allows for more power. While Skyrim doesn’t really make us
feel like we are drawing differently, it does have somewhat realistic perks.
With each level up with the overdraw, your boob will do 20% more damage after
mastering that perks like powershot and quick shot become available, allowing
for faster or more powerful journals. Overall, Skyrim does a pretty good job of making
players feel like they are becoming better archers. I enjoy that feeling of progress even
though it would be nice to see the bows themselves react to
differently to different draw. The elder scrolls also brings up two
most iconic archer build the stealth archer. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to replicate the boat
damage you get from being crouched in real life. Perhaps crouching in the game doesn’t
work the same as it does in real life, but another fun aspect of Bose and
Skyrim comes in the form of VR. Well, the enough space to move around using VR
controllers to shoot a bow feels pretty good. Sometimes it’s nowhere close to realistic
and the quick shot perk doesn’t make your arms move faster in real life, but there is something satisfying about
using your arms to pull back and fire even if you do have to use your
imagination. With some practice, you can actually fire arrows more quickly
in VR than you can with a controller and all of a sudden you begin to feel
like a virtual Robinhood of all the different play styles and Skyrim, VR archery is second only
to dual wielding magic. It isn’t perfect and sometimes
aiming can be a chore, but it’s One of the most fun
experiences you’ll ever have. Shooting a bow in a video game naturally as all things in video games, the reality of boats and
archery is distorted and
exaggerated from their power, the authority and speed.
For the most part, this is all part of and enjoyment and
generally fit into the theme of the game. That said a game, I can walk away thinking that archery
is quite easy with anyone being able to pick up a bow and shoot
accurately. Unfortunately, some people stay as armchair arches
and it really shows actually shooting professionally with the bow can take
many years of practice. Unlike hobby, seeing games where precision is
perfect and damage is guaranteed. Well, I hope you enjoyed this. Look at bows and games and what
makes them special. If you did, be sure to share it
with everyone you know, it’s the only way we’ll
grow here on youtube. If you’re interested in more of new
Sensei’s, expert archery content, be sure to check out the description
for a link to his channel. Thanks for watching, and as always,
I’ll see you guys on the next one.

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