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whoa sharers what is going on welcome to
the blog whoa who was up there someone’s up there in a box fort what is going on
whoa world’s tallest box for what is this okay sharers we have a lot going on
today um I’m not sure what is going on with that let’s go see what the Sharer
family’s up dude there’s a lot going on today I don’t know even what it was like
what is going on well there’s graceGgrace what are you
doing I’m gonna Boxfort boat you are grace did you see someone’s up there who
is up in that box for like crane thing I don’t know it’s so high up it’s right in
the Sun I can’t even see who it is sharers I think it might be Papa Jake you
think it’s Papa Jake up there yeah oh that’s righ Sharer we have a bunch of
youtubers at our house right now we even had Papa Jake come we did an epic backyard
box fort slip inside where I’m grace I think we won that competition yeah we
definitely did shows if you haven’t already seen that vlog make sure to go
check it out yeah we definitely won that competition but there’s still more
competitions to come that’s right here today we’re gonna battle Papa Jake in a
box for a boat battle so grace and I are gonna go build a box for it right now
and we’re gonna go see where Papa Jake is and we’re gonna we got to win this
competition grace because it’s Sharers am strong so if you haven’t already did
that subscribe button and join the best end on YouTube oh yeah you ready to get
started building a box for it yeah but it’s not any box for it’s a box fort
Boat, boxfort boat that means it’s got to go in water it’s got survival across the
water they’ve got to go fast battle Papa Jake grace let’s go let’s go get some
box let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go whoa
okay so that means we got to go in here grab some boxes grace where’s the boxes
oh no oops yeah all the boxes look completely
crunched Oh grace this could be a problem
yeah but we’re lucky I think there’s two back here so that we can use Oh perfect
oh yeah grab those grab those gonna be perfect oh yeah these look good okay I’m
not sure Papa Jake and Logan are building but uh for the base we’re gonna
use this awesome boogie board it’s super fast super light and we got this awesome
duct tape red and whites or grace I put everything
together let’s get tape and let’s build this box for both well let’s go see
let’s build it okay so check it out we got the boat structure built looks
pretty good I’m gonna sit in here just like this and I’m gonna get towed across
the water like whoa and go flying across um grace I guess the next step now is
just to decorate and make look even more epic oh yeah let’s do the decoration
Gracie’s snack yeah it’s so hot outside very Chris the quicker we decorate this
the sooner we can get it in the water and we can battle Papa Jake well grace
wait what are you spray painting oh I’m doing the flag to make us go faster oh
yeah of course keep going okay whoa what’s that noise what is that what is
it this is it plane wait hold on who’s going down the
zipline grace what is it whoa no way what whoa I think that’s Logan going
down the zipline whoa whoa was he gonna make you is gonna make it hopefully
let’s go over top the pond whoa what are you guys doing hey we’re just cooling
off you’re just in the world’s tallest box fort it so he’s extremely hot out
here um okay cool what have you guys been up
to uh yeah we just built our box fort a boat yeah like like to raise people yeah
it’s competition oh yes that’s – that’s we were cooling off –
been working really hard on ours I it’s like really fast and it’s oh you can’t
see it but we’re building it okay you almost ready to go in yeah I’m almost
ready for the race okay yeah we’re almost ready we’re gonna go finish
taping it up and then we’ll meet you down the pond cool yeah all right let’s
go grace go okay so the technique to make this box we’re both super strong
it’s gonna hold up against anything is we’re in full
corners in like this we’re gonna pack it with stronger boxes like wait wait wait
Steve no looking no looking our box we’re boat is top secret back up back up
back up Chris way I keep it secret yeah we can’t
let them see our secrets in our trick I see Papa Jake
I see Logan go go let’s get him out of here this is top secret go build your
own box fort boat get out of here get out of here run run run run run you can’t
steal our secrets come on grace thanks we’re winning this we gotta win this
sharers come right now have sex share family we are witness oh yeah let’s do
this come on grace this focus is build this let’s get this boat built let’s do
this let’s win as bars for a boat competition whoo yeah check it out the
box we’re boat is all done we even got a flag now all we got to do is put the
boogie board underneath and somehow attach it so a little bit bigger than
the boogie board but do just like that I think that’ll work let’s see Gracie this
is gonna work I’ll be just like this yeah it looks perfect that’s really good
whoa yeah I think this will be awesome oh yeah cool let’s bring it out to the
pond now let’s go ready three two one lift
oh they’re full the paint might still be dry in let’s go let’s go let’s go to the
pond whoa by the way where do you think you’re where do you think they’re
building the box fort boat I don’t know but on the way down to the pond we’re
gonna look okay keep carrying the boat let’s go let’s go let’s go
keep an eye out sharers keep an eye out keep an eye out for Papa Jake see if
they’re building back in the woods or something I don’t know where they’re
building their box fort a boat but let’s keep an eye out it could be anywhere
okay hang on I’m coming is it over there wait we’re over there by the treehouse
yeah behind the trees hang on let’s look real quick where grace I don’t see it
wait no grace that’s what to the seven slide that’s wood they can’t be using
that no that’s what’s this slip inside oops false alarm whoa okay got the box
from a boat down Grace’s loosen up the wakeboard wench and
hopefully Papa Jake and Logan show up sometime soon as we can battle these
things is that a snake on top of that pan Rhea in the top right corner I’m
moving slowly sure it’s coming right now if you think that’s a snake be careful
graze right there sure I think I’m going to touch it to see if it’s a real snake
or not I just need to find something to poke it with instead of my hand just in
case it’s a real snake or not I think I’m gonna try one of these sticks just
have to find something long whoo this will be perfect okay sheriff’s I’m
gonna poke it oh I’m scared wait what is that
oops sure that’s just a false alarm they’re just the road we gotta set the
wakeboard once again we got to get pulled across as fast as we can I’m
thinking grace Papa Jake and them go we gotta go full throttle
yeah if we’re trying to win this competition we have to go full throttle
hey guys let’s get this thing set up okay sure so here’s the plan we’re gonna
put the box fort on the water got the wakeboard winch handle I’m gonna sit in
it for me we’re gonna peel off and go as fast as we can Gracie’s gonna for full
throttle oh wow okay we got big box fort boat and a little box fort a boat hmm
there’s a little one gonna be speedy fast or is the big one gonna be speedy
fast that’s the question there’s only one way to find out chairs let’s put it
in the water let’s put them to the test okay sharers it looks like Papa Jake and
Logan are up first they got their boat on the water now Logan just has to get
in without the boat tipping over yikes oh dear grace this is gonna be
crazy yeah I’ll make it we’ll see oh dear
will they all right grab the handle for the winch okay
well Logan make it on okay ready I’m ready to go all right grace go run
turn that winch on let’s do it you’re thinking quick boot is sinking whoa
hurry grace get that thing started okay Cher’s Papa Jake and Logan are up in
their box fort boat that’s basically sinking right now is this gonna work I
have no idea what happens I don’t know what’s gonna happen
okay you ready great oh my gosh will this work box fort boat okay sure
their boat completely exploded halfway through now the question it is the share
boat gonna make it all the way across was it gonna explode halfway across like
that I don’t know this winch might have too much power for these boxford boats
grace that was crazy yeah I’m getting a little nervous for
hours okay well there’s only one way to find out
it’s time to do it you ready oh wow this is PapaJake and Logan’s uh completely
destroyed whoa that crash test on water ship destroyed this is crazy oh it’s the
jig what do you think happened oh you know what I think I boxed forward like I
said it’s just it was too fast what are those speeds it’s just yeah
yeah wakeboard wench is crazy I know so I think I think about some more time to
really reinforce it it would have done a little bit better but once we go up to
the top speeds the whole thing just kind of fell apart Wow now I’m hoping mine’s
gonna hold up yeah you’re up next yeah well yours does all right only way to
find out let’s do this let’s do this hey Cher’s I’m up putting the box fort boat
on top floaty device right here I’m gonna sit in the water let’s hope this
starts floating oh yeah okay it’s floating it’s looking good right now the
question is will hold up to Grace’s full throttle speed
all right grace give me the handle let’s do this go down
give me some power okay I’m in the boat check this out we’re ready to go we are
on top of the water box fort a boat challenge here we go I have no idea this
is gonna work we’re pretty good scared me so much power I’m gonna go flying
into the water see how this works all right here we go I’m ready here we go
here we go here we go here we go here we go here we go whoa oh my goodness it’s
crazy Oh – my box fort survive okay sharers that
was one wild box fort a boat race oh you saw PapaJake bow Wow
you saw my boat oh yeah but of course it’s up to you to vote who you think had
the best box fort a boat hashtag Papa Jake if you think theirs was the best
hashtag sheriff Dan we think ours is the best
whoa we got to do some other type of competition okay we can’t just end it at
boats and slip and slides because I think you have a pond and a hill yeah
comment your ideas of what we should do next
yes Sharers Papa Jake versus the Sharer Fam! am Oh what are we gonna do come here
crazy ideas below yeah and until next time you know what to do stay awesome
and share the peace


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