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this is insane hey I got here as quick
as I could what’s up okay we have a serious issue we have here is we have an
extremely serious issue what is it do you see what I’m seeing right here on
the screen does this look like to you like a bunch of trees and houses let’s
just refocus not just treat this is our spot where we’ll be camping for the 24
hour Fox sport forest challenge if I rotate here into the
three-dimensional world I can zoom in right there what what is that Turner see
it looks like a con damn right it spotted a box war was not the guy for
water Logan if that pond were to overflow for some reason or like a
barrel of monkeys going down to Niagara Falls so ball what are you saying Jake
to the drawing board if our box were to take on water Logan we would drown we
need a box for capable of sustaining a flood the size of the Niagara you’re
talking about a floating box for it you bet your butt I am
we need a floating box for it that’s right we need a box for it that can
sustain water we had a flotation to the bottom of this box for this baby will
float like a boat hey what doing I gotta take you from
stupidity and we back the promo so bad that please please please don’t we are
back in today we have a challenge because you guys know we are currently
getting ready for the 24-hour box fort for is challenge and that means guys we
are going to be surviving in the forest in our own box for it for a whole 24
hours now guys in order to do this we need 5,000 likes on this video but I
know you guys to do it I know they can do a Logan bag with this belt with the
battle slogan how many times in the last 10 years is that river overflowed
Zera that’s right and that means it’s bound to happen eventually and it could
be when we’re surviving Declan what a beautiful sunny day out here Logan is
too hot bro gotta go listen you know what I gotta go jump in then just jump
in no it’s way too hot for pants right now let’s just take mine off bro what
that’s better we can’t get wet the whole point of this
video is so that we never get wet guys and that’s why we have to make the
world’s first floating box forward now this is kind of what we’ve experienced
if for example be dam were to break the dam down there right let’s just pretend
there’s a dam it’s the damn word break and the river overflowed this is the
water levels we would experience and we have to be able to traverse this see I’m
like a sea captain right in my box across the wave so it
appears we have some sort of raft thing that’s how we’re going to float Jake
says I’ll dig into this bro so we’re starting off here with our raft which
we’re going to build a box on top of this is going to be the base of the box
boys we’re going to have this pre inflated just in case the water levels
rise too high but there it is so I’m thinking beautiful we built the box
we’re here once everything is built we launch it into the water and see if we
can survive all we gotta do is replace it fill it up so we’re going to build it
here guys will be like a dry dock area and then once the whole thing’s built
we’ll watch it in the water okay that is the perfect size that’s the first wall
well I’m through the first wall between your box between the ground right but
for guys I just wanna let you know about my brand new mobile game fast lane it is
so awesome and it’s completely free to play you can download it with the link
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twitter and be in the official Papa Jake army thank you guys so much
check it out right now now think about this box for dick I don’t know if we’ll
hold both of us yeah that’s going to be Roble me it’s going to be like the
Titanic one of us is going to have to die
don’t be huge yeah so far we got the three walls getting ready here but what
we don’t have is a roof right now okay so definitely need to finish the roof we
need to put in the front door I think we’re going to keep the base of it just
like the raft because it works for a nice kind of company like floors here
and check that out a little bit we can even have a little pool to fish through
in case you have to survive this fan that’s it all right that’s too bad all
right guys we have the first half of the roof on it is looking pretty tight so
far this is IV stop holding yet but we are on the process hello not only a
floating box for but also a big one bro Jake the mast not right it’s not fitting
come that is right lower unit it’ll work bro this thing is gonna work man so Flo
I hope she close guys we finally got the roof on this is looking amazing dude but
I think Jake and I are losing it the Sun is so strong forgot what my name was top
up happy Jake Jake not even funny anymore I lost my comic biz top my 35
for the love of God some young beautiful girl and I’ve got my eye on the prize I
don’t want to toot my own horn but if you ever were stranded in the Pacific
Ocean and you had one of these you wouldn’t die this floating box mode
versus Pacific Ocean in the middle of the ocean 17-day actually will let it
will let ourselves out on a fishing boat no security nothing we might die should
we do it 5,000 but yeah Jake looking like a good buck we just need to make a
door there’s no doors in our box for become the expedition vaulted expedition
this thing is ready to go find some new lands on the seat here comes the door
boys okay yo ready for the door check that out
boys boy laughing yo check that out we got slowing the four that’s a gig we
just ran out of tape we just ran out of cardboard the perfect amount of supply
to make our floating box oi yo guys I just had an idea
24-hour floating box for a challenge yo dude cool of energy guys if you want
to do a 24-hour floating box were challenged in the middle of this ocean
then make sure it sound like fun guys looking for five now no no no how many
likes 10,000 15,000 like on video boy do it let’s do it let’s do it guys let’s
get those like and we will do a floating 24-hour box challenge dude I can get
ready oh it’s not ready yet do we have one more thing we got to put on this
baby to make it legit we got a represent we got the Canadian flag you know in
case we wander out into enemy waters or enemy territories we need to make sure
they know who we are we’re friendly not only does it work as a flag to represent
our colors guys we can also use it to protect which way the wind is moving
there it is guys we got it already ah my voice is rest apart it’s time to
launch this boat baby cool Oh Derek okay this is upper chair right easy ten
o’clock what yeah here we go it worked Oh high five dude it works
wicked floating box for alright guys so now I’m on board with the GoPro because
I’m getting in the water now Oh God alright here we go
my next it’s going to be to get inside here so
that I can survive oh that is so sick dude it’s literally glowing down there
and this is of course the entire a box port itself all completely floating now
Mike you get in and survive guys we’ve officially done it here we go I think
I’m just going to jump for it you’re I’m gonna jump for it Logan okay
here we go oh no we didn’t do Google so cool warm here oh thank you this is
insane man she can literally jump out here Gophers swim and come back in I
don’t know if this is real fishing down here in case anything okay what’s going
deep whoa whoa easy there easy easy yo hey we did it boys Oh high five man
that was madman yeah you know watch out for sharks no bro what the shark comes
out that’s true man in general that but yeah I know you can go fishing too like
if we had to survive in this for a couple days guys we could fish down
there yes bottom going around yeah it’s
glowing you’ll run everybody gets through this hole I’m gonna go through
the hole ready all right ready do what you wish I’m like the engine of the ship
now my God my water broke not only fishing
not only light not only cooling off your feet but also the exit portal ready drop
down there in 3 2 1 the Ford guys this is a mansion boys
y’all you want to come chillin Papa Jake box for it put a hashtag box for down
below I know you want to come and join me this is friendly world’s first-ever
floating box port and we’re getting ever closer to our 24-hour box for survival
in the woods if you guys liked this video be sure to hit that subscribe
button take that bell but it and of course
click the like button down below god


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  4. You should have you should have take the box for it to the floaties so if you like me or something it won't flip over it would

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