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Box Fort Zombies CAR Survival! 24 Hour ZOMBIES Nerf War Z ๐Ÿ“ฆ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Box Fort Zombies CAR Survival! 24 Hour ZOMBIES Nerf War Z ๐Ÿ“ฆ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

here we have the ultimate Zombie
Survival van tell me fine finally it’s all here I can finally do
it I can finally create the perfect boxboard building you’ll be obedient
he’ll only build boxes he’ll be the smartest the hardest-working you will
never go a date without a box for being built well it’s gonna take a little
extraction from the zombie virus a small sample from the teeth of a real zombie
and planting it into my cup mixing its right ingredients okay she’s active it’s
activating box man just hold on there very soon we will be turning you into
the greatest box for a pill that you ever live yes
the mixture is complete box man I will now be injecting you with what I believe
to be the one and only source to turn you into the greatest box for builder
ever now you might feel a little discomfort when I first inject it after
which though you should transform all right box man open wide and prepare
to turn into a box Ford building box man how do you feel
vitals are holding strong that’s a good sign do you feel creativity do you feel
like building box sports do you feel like an endless amount of energy like
you could build box force for the next 48 hours boxman boxman I might have just created a new zombie
apocalypse hey what’s going on everyone its Papa Jake and we are back with a
brand new video and it is a beautiful day surviving in the post-apocalyptic
zombie world it is not a beautiful it’s a beautiful day Logan or zombies
surrounding our half there might be zombies surrounding our house but you
know what arguably it was a good thing I accidentally created a zombie virus
we’ve gotten closer we hadn’t left the house bloody in two weeks
got to stay here eating Cheerios it’s been amazing Jake I need to get out of
this house it’s been too long okay gathered zombie trying to attack
our house yes our food rations are low yes our water rations are low and okay
it is kind of annoying taking turns at night to stay on guard but in the end
Logan this is the best thing that’s ever happened to us guys what do you think if
you think it was a good idea I restarted the zombie virus and you like zombies so
that like button down below let’s Joe Logan that’s always our pretty round
with 20,000 likes and I guess while you’re doing that you might as well
subscribe and hit that Bell buddy hashtag school I should not be screaming
when they’re I alerted a zombie okay once I can save an ammo with this okay
you’re on cleanup duty see Jake it’s pretty safe to say I am
NOT a fan of your zombie apocalypse I can’t go out I can’t go to the grocery
store I’m stuck eating frosted flakes that’s all I can eat Jake we don’t have
anything else everything’s closed oh well Logan take that back because not
everything is closed okay the Poppa Jake official store stays open even in a
zombie apocalypse link is always down below if you want to pick up some of the
cool gear that we use in our videos and see Logan I even got some pop Jake merch
which I gotta say has been keeping me pretty comfy while we’ve been surviving
here that’s Jake but what do we do when we run out of food I can’t stay cooped
up in this house forever Jake I’m going crazy I know what you mean you know what I’ve an idea
foaming out here really cleared it about a day ago why are you opening the door what’s
outside check this out Jake where are you taking
me alright have an eye on this baby for a while Logan I knew the day would come
where we have to get out of this house and so I want to show you something I
found see that van so this is left it there I think we could grab that
get it back to our house and we can modify it and turn it into a real
working zombie van then we’re a mobile Logan we can go anywhere really collect
resources take down zombies we are our own people once we get this van Jake
this vans probably locked hot-wired first things first
blow the lock off come on stand back three two one pick it worked oh yeah look at this zombie Wow this is pretty spacious it’s
like extra protection ah all right let’s clear some space
almost got it Wow that was scary how you knew how to do that Jake do you know how
to drive this car she’s almost out of gas but yeah I think we have some gas at
home we can definitely fill it with gas okay now we have to do is drive us back
to the house and we can turn this into our mobile zombie Defense Force fort
that sounds like the best thing you’ve said since you told me you started a
zombie apocalypse yeah if you see some zombies on the way home we can test this
bad boy out you know what I mean all right home sweet home
now we get to start decking this place out so we just did it we fully upgraded
the u-haul into an epic Zombie Survival van no we’ve gotten all of our gear we
grabbed everything from the house because we are officially leaving the
Papa Jake house and going out into the wilderness we’re gonna find a place to
camp search for supplies and most importantly we’re gonna show you guys
what we did back there because it is looking sweet but first things first we
need to find a place to lay low and make sure there’s no zombies there we are on
our way to what we think is a safe location hopefully there’s not too many
zombies or other evil people there we’re in range of that that’s an airdrop
that’s a government airdrop they’ve been dropping supplies for survivors guys
this is the location where we believe there’s an airdrop well it looks like on
the emergency radio the government was letting us know that there be an airdrop
here there could be other people coming here and it’s definitely gonna attract
zombies but we need supplies so right now it’s our only option good news is I
haven’t seen any zombies bad news is I haven’t seen well anything so as far as
we know guys the Supply Drop should be somewhere in those woods now it’s a
little dark so we’re gonna need to bring flashlights and we’re definitely gonna
need to bring our blasters in case you run into zombies but before we go into
there this isn’t a bad time to show off what we did back there Logan here we
have the ultimate zombie survival van check this thing out
dude house running power with the battery yep we’ve got our own running
power we’ve got a med bay over here in case something goes wrong we’ve got
storage for supplies extra gear camouflage in case anyone wants to try
and look in the car they ain’t seeing through these bad boys here don’t really
think that’s how that works how it works for this we got a sleeping
area over here and we were able to bring as many of our nerf supplies as we could
now we are running a little bit low on supplies in terms of ammunition as well
as firepower but Logan I was able to take this bad boy out check it out we’ve
got a real working minigun that we can fire out the back so if things get hot
load this up here I’ll take the car I can drive
like take down zombies as they come at us I even installed a smoke screen for
example we get surrounded by zombies and they’re all around the club and we need
to get out we can activate the smoke screen using this device and it will
create enough smoke to distract the zombies allowing us to get out and take
them down guys it is our off-grid zombie base that can go wherever we want
whenever we want definitely a lot better than the house and hey Logan so far no
zombies have been bothering us but I think we need to go ahead now and head
into the woods and see if we can find this airdrop because we well we don’t
have any food let’s make sure that all of our blasters have ammunition oh yeah
we’re stacking heavy firepower here all right Logan on the load yours up
hopefully the Supply Drop has some extra firepower but honestly right now guys
our main priority is food and water because that is something that we do not
have we’ve got our weapons loaded and now we are ready to go and find that
care package Taekwon stay close keep your eyes out
not only are we worried about zombies but also other people Jake I don’t like
this it’s kind of creepy out broken or anything right watch it behind you okay
right my first rule don’t stay distracted and
I stay distracted Jake you don’t think this airdrop is a
trap right three has been going off like crazy since all this went down
the government’s dropping supplies because well people can’t get to them
and they’re not helping us I’m sure it’s just probably gonna be filled with food
and water maybe some ammunition I’m more worried about where you going take them out I mean I
don’t have much ammunition Jake okay do it the old-fashioned way that worked people wait you see that looks like a
teardrop and we got his ambience you’ve up slow
remember we don’t know who’s watching us in these woods all right come here
zombie all right nice shot let’s hope this thing has ammo or else we’re
clubbing zombies from here on out Jake why they’re solely footprints probably
the zombie I hope you say look out I’ve seen what’s in this that was way too
close for comfort mama okay not bad MRE salt blaster hobo
sniper night vision for the sniper it’s water and shovel okay Jake give me the
water yeah give me the water some good rehydration I got a visual on
what looks like a campsite or something I think I got a zombie over there
zombie moving OH oh yeah he’s down Oh Down Goes that
zombie dude this thing is sick let’s make our way over there there might be
camp or something but son usual have two zombies like that maybe we can find some
more supplies you said you saw camp it’s unusual foot tracks cheek I don’t like
the look of that cheek it looks like there’s some benches if someone might
have a camp here foot traffics here this camp was overrun – whoever finds this
our last supplies are at 55 degrees by 26 by 40 degrees it’s a map they must
have stashed your supplies dude this is a supply stash dude oh we must be our
lucky day first the airdrop and now this I say we
get back to the van with all the supplies we have and we head here and
grab whatever’s left of these guys let’s give the supplies back to the van and
get out of here we go you’ll get the other ones
hey not bad for our first wall not fat at all do you care that we got
zombies looks like we got multiple armies hold on I got an idea Hogan start
the car Hogan lower you get ready to drive okay
let’s all be up front the engine does not work you ask the answer work oh he’s
gonna break you glass is gonna break the glass my hold on hold on I got an idea
just keep trying to get it working I mean you smokescreen on two three well you don’t got much time how’s it
looking just got it good all right we got more zombies coming I
got a plan though keep moving mini goes broke it looks like it’s
jammed I’m gonna use the other weapon you got we’ll come around the side down close all right I’m getting the doors
closed fuzzy close one ah well I was close hopefully this thing’s
worth it oh we just made it to the location but
it looks kind of sketchy well maybe they left it somewhere here I said we parked
the van up here and going on foot whoa a bit of a bumpy ride that was not fun
Jake all right well let’s so we got the location but yeah that definitely looks
a bit sketchy I say you take this I’ll be on sniper overwatch and you go get
the package we get back here we have beautiful dinner in an icebox for babe
why don’t why don’t we go together well cuz Logan you’re gonna need someone on
sniper overwatch what Asami’s come out of the woods and plus I had such a good
shot before I should be the sniper and I’ll go get those supplies I’ll be
covering it from here all right Jake I’ll see you in a bit
it’s done abandon piece of metal there’s lots of abandoned pieces of metal okay
hi guys setting up with a sniper attaching the night vision scope loading
her up I think this is the package why is it so small Jake the trap it was a trap chicas get in the front
house close one honestly probably should have known that was a trap
I mean who just leaves that note say hey here’s our free stuff come get it why
don’t we just so willingly trust that well that’s a learning lesson Logan and
that’s what’s important what’s more important is we still have her food and
we got our van running a little low on gas but we should be able to find some
supplies right now I think we need to find a place to lay low for the night
regroup and find out where we’re heading next light Jake said earlier if you guys
like the zombie series remember to smash that like button please let’s try and
get twenty five thousand lights to destroy the zombies and don’t forget to
join the squad oh can we need all the members began to
help us defeat diesel subscribe hit the bell button and we will see you guys in
the next zombie apocalypse video this has and we’ll see you guys next time

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