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Bravest Cameras for Wildlife!

Bravest Cameras for Wildlife!

– What?
– Yup. – So, they can actually
purchase the same gear that we have, and make
their own productions? – That’s right. So, who knows, maybe
somebody at home will make the next
big YouTube channel using the Brave
Wilderness camera bundle. What’s going on guys? Mark and Mario here, on
location in Tokyo, Japan. This video is brought
to you by B&H Photo, because today we’re gonna
talk all about our cameras. But, before we do that,
Mario, we’re in Japan. How awesome is this? – [Mario] We sure are. Our Japan production
has been amazing. – We saw all kinds
of cool creatures. We saw multiple
species of snake. We saw some really cool toads. Some frogs. A really weird
looking earthworm, I mean probably one of
the strangest earthworms I’ve ever seen, at least. And, of course, the
Japanese giant hornet. Dun, dun, duh. (yelling) It’s gonna be pretty epic
coming outta this trip as well. But, we couldn’t do any of it if we didn’t have
the proper tools. And, I would say, for you and I, probably one of the
most common questions that we get is, what
kind of camera gear do you use to make the Brave
Wilderness Channel videos? – Several. – Lots of camera’s right?
– Yeah. – What do we use? – Oh, we use various
types of action cameras, like GoPro’s, we use
SLR’s, we use drones. – Yup.
– Right now, that’s one of our hottest– – [Mark] I love
flying the drones. – [Mario] Pieces of gear, yeah. – [Mark] That’s like my
favorite thing to do. – Yeah, the drones you have
some really epic shots. And, of course, we have to have what we call our
A-rigs, or main cameras. Right now it’s the Canon XF400. – [Mark] A lot of
people, I find, are often surprised when
we tell them that we use these small camcorders
as our main rigs. – [Mario] Our production
is very unique. We actually have to
go out into the wild, into the field,
search for animals, and we’re often dealing with
very tough environments. So, we have to actually pick
a camera that is versatile. – And, one of the
most important things about these small
compact cameras, they often call them
the Swiss Army Knives, or I guess that’s
what we call them. – [Mario] Yeah. – The Swiss Army
Knives of cameras, is because they can
really do it all without having to change form. This camera has
something very unique, which is that the lens is fixed. – [Mario] One of the
last things you wanna do is be out in the
field and it’s dusty, or raining, or very
humid, and all of a sudden you’re changing your lenses. – [Mark] Yup. – [Mario] And there’s getting
grime inside of the sensor. That could halt a
production, right? So, you wanna have a camera that’s just basically
ready to go. – And, this camera can actually
do 15 times optical zoom. Which is pretty
crazy, I mean how big of a lens would you need
to do 15 times zoom Mario? – Probably one of those big
white Cannon ones, right. – Like the one we used in
the bald eagle, Alaska video. The lens itself almost
makes it cumbersome to even have it out in
the field, let alone when we’re hiking through
the jungles of Costa Rica, or something like that. That’s what we also like
about these cameras. Not only are they very
powerful, but the form factor. – For me, I really like
this handle, right. It’s very simple and
subtle, but using that you could actually get
right up to the action. Yeah, I sometimes put the
camera really low to the ground, get some creative shots. – Among other
things that it has, from being compact
and lightweight, is the fact that it has a lot
of pro options built inside. So, for instance, it
has pro XLR inputs, which is very critical
to recording great audio. Probably the most important
thing about this camera is the fact that
it shoots 4K 60P. – And, that’s
comparable to some of the really large cinema cameras. That was definitely one of
our main draws to this system. With that 60P, you
could actually shoot some really cool slow
motion sequences. – Yeah, as we all
know, technology is
constantly changing, almost daily, at this point. So, we’re always looking
for the next best tool to use to make great
wildlife videos. – You can always
guarantee in one place to find the latest and greatest. – [Mark] That’s right. – B&H Photo. – My very first
video camera ever, that I purchased in
college, was from B&H Photo. And, I’ve been using B&H
Photo as my primary resource for all things camera
and tools ever since. – I do photography on the side, and my first digital
camera came from B&H. And, ever since, that’s
my number one source for anything photo
or electronic. – Yeah, so let’s trade off. Like, why do you like B&H Photo? – I like B&H Photo
for several reasons. Their pricing, of course,
is, they set the bar. They set the standard
in terms of pricing. I like them because of
their intuitive website. You go onto their
website, and find whatever you’re looking
for, fast, efficient. And, most of the
time there’s actually free shipping as well. What about you Mark? What attracts you to B&H? – I love B&H Photo for all the
things that you said Mario. I also really like
their customer service. Anytime I have an issue,
whether it’s technical, or with the physical
product itself, I can call, I can get a
real person on the phone. And, they always help me out. – And, what’s pretty neat
too about the employees there is that you often get
a feel that they are very enthusiastic
about what they do. They essentially are
filmmakers, or photographers. They actually care
about the craft. And so, they’re very
knowledgeable in that respect. And, you can actually
talk one on one with someone who
shares the same passion in photography or
production as you do. – And, like we said guys,
this is a sponsored video from B&H Photo, we’re super
proud to have their support. It’s very helpful. But, what’s really
cool about today, is now, B&H Photo is going to be supporting you guys as well. If you go to
right now, you can buy the first ever
Brave Wilderness camera bundle. – What?
– Yup. – So, they can actually
purchase the same gear that we have and make
their own productions? – [Mark] That’s right. So, who knows, maybe
somebody at home will make the next
big YouTube channel using the Brave
Wilderness camera bundle. – [Mario] Nice. – Speaking of making
YouTube channels, we’ve got half a day left. – Yeah, it’s still really early. – All right, we should
probably get out there and film some more videos. – Let’s do it. – I’m Mark Vins.
– I’m Mario Aldecoa. – Be brave.
– Stay wild. – We’ll see ya on
the next location. – Let’s do it.
– All right, let’s go. Hey Coyote Pack,
have ya ever wanted to create your own
YouTube channel? If so, definitely check
out B&H Photo and Video where the Brave Wilderness
crew gets all of the equipment needed
for our epic adventures. And, don’t forget, head
to for exclusive deals,
so you can produce your own viral videos today. And, if you liked this video, check out our bald eagle
adventure in Alaska. Where we filmed these
extraordinary birds with one of the largest
lenses we’ve ever used. And, make sure to subscribe, and click the notification bell, so you can join me and the
crew on our next location.

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